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  1. The organic ones appear to be fine. Always read labels and be sure that the container you actually have in your hands is one that is Whole30 compatible.
  2. Yes, you can. Make sure you're getting enough protein, fat, and vegetables in during your meals -- don't skip those things in order to have fruit. And if you have a sweet tooth and would like to change your habits around having or craving sweets, you'd want to really consider whether this is the best way to do that.
  3. I am not going to try to give you recipes, because I don't know enough about authentic Indian foods to do that, but what I would suggest is looking at the foods you cook every day anyway, and seeing what you can do to make them Whole30 compatible. Most spices are fine on Whole30, just watch if you buy premade spice mixes that they don't have sugar or msg or anything off-plan in them. If there's a particular kind of dish you usually make, if you google Whole30 plus the name of that dish, someone somewhere has probably at leat attempted to remake it, so even if their version doesn't ultimately w
  4. If some days you're more bloated and some days less, it might be worth tracking your food and recording how bloated you feel, to see if there's any pattern. Common things that could make people bloated include: eating a lot of nuts or seeds, eating a lot of raw vegetables, eating a lot of cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale) whether cooked or raw, and drinking carbonated beverages. There are other things that can as well, obviously, but these are pretty common ones, so if you know you've been doing these things, you could try cutting back on them and see if it hel
  5. This is fine. For Whole30 purposes, just go by the ingredient list, not the nutrition info.
  6. Cans of tuna, salmon, chicken, etc. Frozen burger patties. Frozen or canned vegetables. Eggs. You say you meal plan, but sometimes things don't work out -- have you considered doing a once a week cookup? Takes more time initially, but then during the week, you mostly just reheat. Here's a description of how it could work: If that's not a good option, I'd still recommend always cooking extra. It doesn't take that much longer to make a couple of extra servings or sometimes even to double recipes, then that food ca
  7. This doesn't seem normal. Some digestive upset is not unusual, but this sounds much worse than that. Talking to a doctor is probably not a bad idea. So, totally not medical advice, but just a few things that may help him feel better. First, be sure he's drinking plenty of water, because diarrhea can lead to dehydration. It's also important that he get enough salt, to help with electrolytes. It's okay for him to take medicine for the diarrhea if he needs to, something like Imodium or similar anti-diarrheal medication. Is there anything that he's started eating during Whole
  8. You would have to look at the ingredients. If all the ingredients are ok, it's fine. If there are ingredients you're unsure of, ask about specific ingredients here or Google Whole30 plus that ingredient and see if there are past discussions in the forum about it.
  9. If you're eating the same foods, and the same amounts of food, there are a few other things to consider. If you menstruate, the amount of food you need at different times in your cycle can change. Specifically, the week or so before your period you'll probably be more hungry than usual, and may need to eat more food in general, and more starchy vegetables in particular. Your activity levels could have changed, either in the form of exercise, or just generally being more active in life, for instance doing more yard work, deep cleaning your home, or just getting out of the house and g
  10. There are plenty of options that don't involve the things you've mentioned. There's a shopping list here, it's not completely exhaustive (there are tons of vegetables out there, no list could include them all): Maybe print it and mark 9ff the things you don't eat, and see how many options are still left. As for recipes, I'm not sure where you're looking, but while there are recipes for tuna salad or chili, there are plenty of other options. How about something like this: Or this: https://tasty-yummie
  11. Licorice root is allowed, but you ate definitely right that if it's keeping your sweet tooth going, you should skip it during your Whole30.
  12. The rules specifically say no commercially prepared chips of any kind, and no recreating baked goods, junk food, or other "treats" with compliant ingredients. So, no, these chips aren't really Whole30 compatible.
  13. Yes, tuna in sunflower oil is fine also.
  14. In general, the website is more up to date than the books, unless you've found a really old article that predates publication of one of the books. In this case, the website is definitely the newer info than ISWF, which was the very first book, so you can go ahead and use the high-oleic seed oils.
  15. You can certainly do a Whole30 with just eggs and chicken as protein options, and you may be able to find canned tuna, salmon, or other fish. You can probably find some canned vegetables too, and some fresh ones do ok without refrigeration for several days. You could probably make this work, if that's what you decide to do. However, it's probably not going to be easy, so consider how much stress you might be adding to your life, and whether that makes sense for you right now. It might be easier to look at the options available to you and decide that each day, you're going to choose the be
  16. Yes, it's fine. Just fyi, if you google Whole30 + whatever ingredient you're curious about, you'll almost always find previous discussions from this forum about the ingredient. It's sometimes faster than waiting for someone to see your question and answer you.
  17. I looked at one flavor of this and saw at least one non-Whole30 ingredient (soy -- there may be others but I stopped looking when I saw this one). In general, you should just eat your vegetables, not try to make some kind of smoothie from powdered vegetable replacements -- you can read Whole30's stance on smoothies in the Can I Have list here:
  18. These things are all fine, assuming they don't include any other ingredients (i.e., prepared mustards could have wine, roasted nuts or seeds could use soybean oil, etc.)
  19. No, there are no official Whole30 apps.
  20. Whey is dairy and isn't allowed on Whole30.
  21. There is no official Whole30 app. Whatever app you have is not in any way made or endorsed by Whole30. There are several downloads available here that you'll want to check out, so you can more easily determine what is and isn't Whole30 compatible: Specifically, the rules, the Sneaky Sugar list, and the Common Additives Cheat Sheet can help you with ingredients. The others are also helpful, but those are the ones that deal with this specific question. I don't know of any spouts for the bottles. I would think someone somewhere must make a universal
  22. You can eat as much as you need to, there's no limit. We recommend following the meal template for each meal, you can download that here: Generally, try to make your meals large enough that you can go 4-5 hours between meals.
  23. This is not normal. You probably should talk to a doctor to be sure it isn't something serious.