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  1. You'll need to check the ingredients for any product you want to use to make sure they follow Whole30 rules (here: If there are particular ingredients you're not sure about, you can google Whole30 plus that ingredient and probably find past discussions about it here in the forum. There are also a couple of downloads here that discuss additives and other names for sugar/sweetener: Additionally, this article addresses Whole30's stance on supplements:
  2. For any product you want to consume during Whole30, you need to read the ingredients and see if the product follows the Whole30 rules (here: If there are ingredients you're not sure about, there are a couple of pdf downloads here that may help: -- specifically, the common additives cheat sheet and the guide to sneaky sugars, or you can try googling whole30 plus whatever ingredient you're not sure about and typically you'll find previous discussions of it from here in the forum. If you're still unable to find a
  3. I would work on that first meal, trying to get in protein and veggies instead of just fat and fruit. You could make something like this ahead of time and either reheat or eat it cold: Or soup can be a good option for breakfast. Then, if you do need to eat between meals, try having leftovers, or a hard boiled egg with mayo or ranch dressing and maybe some carrots or celery. Something with some protein, some fat, and maybe some vegetables.
  4. This is fine. You can read how the FDA defines added sugar here: Whole30 rules are that it really only matters what is actually listed on the ingredients list.
  5. I'm not sure if @Jihannais checking on the forum much lately, but from my experience, olive oils -- either the light or evoo -- can vary in taste between brands, so that change may be what made the difference. Or maybe it's not so much the brand, but somehow the new one was already starting to get a little rancid, like if it weren't stored well or were exposed to high temperatures. Personally I use this method for making mayo:, using lemon juice, and sometimes adding some mustard powder, maybe 1/4 tsp or so.
  6. Whole30 doesn't really have an official stance on this. If you wait three days, or more if you're still feeling any ill effects from any of what you've eaten, and then do reintroductions, you'll get some information about how you react to certain foods. We can't really say if you'll have the same reactions as you would've had if you did a full 30 days of Whole30.
  7. @Kalaj Flameyes, the Real Plans app/website is in some sense official, in that they've worked with Whole30 to develop recipes that meet Whole30 guidelines. It is still not owned or operated by Whole30, it is a completely separate entity that has non-Whole30 options as well as Whole30 compatible options, so if you do decide to use it, be sure you only look at the Whole30 options while you're doing Whole30. RealPlans is not the kind of app that scans barcodes and tells you if a product is Whole30 compatible, and there are no official Whole30 apps that do that. RealPlans is a meal planning a
  8. It is ok, it looks like it's another name for tapioca starch.
  9. You'll have to read ingredients for any product you are buying. Even if someone answers your question with their favorite brands, read the labels, because companies change formulations over time and sometimes even in different regions will use different ingredients.
  10. Almond extract is ok ( Remember that Larabars are allowed, but not really recommended. They are as close as you can get to a candy bar on Whole30, and can really keep cravings for sweets strong. If you find yourself craving them or having one every day, you might want to rethink having them around.
  11. The question i would have is the lemon part -- obviously real lemons and fresh squeezed lemon juice are fine, but if the lemon juice is from packets, it's hard to find those without sulfites. So basically, like everything else, you really need to see the ingredients. And obviously this is assuming it's not sweetened.
  12. Ideally, your meals will keep you satisfied for 4-5 hours, so most people find they don't need many snacks between meals. Apple and almond butter could be ok, but if you have a sweet tooth at all it might be better to have something other than fruit. An egg or some leftover meat with some raw vegetables, vegetables with ranch dressing, a handful of olives, something like that. Protein for Whole30 tends to be eggs, meat/poultry, or fish or seafood. Peas are allowed now, and they have some protein, and nuts have some protein, but neither are necessarily complete protein, they don't have al
  13. You can slice fresh jicama very thinly and use that, or lettuce leaves or other greens. Or put everything into hollowed out zucchini or bell pepper or tomatoes or whatever vegetable you like. Coconut wraps aren't usually just thinly sliced coconut, they're wraps made with coconut flour, water, and other ingredients. Those would not be Whole30 compatible.
  14. Some foods can cause a delayed reaction, but it's hard to know whether that's what's going on here, or which of the non-Whole30 foods might be to blame. Your Thursday meal included at least alcohol and dairy, possibly sugar, maybe soy depending on what was in the BBQ sauce, and then there's whatever was in the paleo puffs and muesli. I would suggest going back to Whole30 until you feel better, then doing more careful reintroductions, with one food type at a time, and maybe waiting three days instead of two before reintroducing the next food, especially for wine/alcohol and dairy, in case
  15. If you're hungry, you may need to eat more. Make sure each meal meets the meal template, which you can download here: When eggs are the only protein in a meal, have as many whole eggs as you can hold in one hand, which is likely 3-4 for most people. Be sure you add a serving or two of fat at each meal, generally in addition to any oil you cook in, since some of that may be left behind in the pan and not actually be eaten. Aim for 2-3 cups of vegetables at each meal, more if you're having loosely packed raw leafy greens like a salad. If you're hungry betw
  16. It will depend on the particular recipe, since cook times could be different for different types of meat, but yes, you can sometimes substitute whatever you prefer. There are tons of recipes that don't use seafood though, so if you're not comfortable changing recipes you can definitely just find other recipes.
  17. These are ok, what matters is the ingredient list, not the nutrition information. One note though, there is no official Whole30 app, so there is no guarantee that any app is 100% accurate, so always be sure to check the ingredients on any product rather than just accepting what an app tells you.
  18. ShannonM816


    You should double check ingredients even for supplements that are recommended in any of the books, but ISWF in particular is several years old now, and companies can change their formulas.
  19. What are the ingredients? The only way to know if something is Whole30 compatible is to check the ingredients. If they're sweetened with anything, they're not ok, if they're like LaCroix, where it's just carbonated water and flavors, they're fine. Caffeine alone would not make something off limits either, it would depend on other ingredients.
  20. Be sure you're eating enough, adding fat to your meals, having at least one serving of starchy vegetable a day, and drinking plenty of water. This should pass in a day or two.
  21. No one here is a doctor, and food allergies are not something to take lightly, even if they're currently presenting as skin issues -- it's always possible that they could turn into a more serious anaphylactic reaction. You should definitely talk to a doctor about this, especially if you've ruled out things like new soap, detergent, lotion, makeup, etc. There are certain things that if you're allergic to them, you're more likely to be or become allergic to other things, it's called cross-reactivity. For mangoes, it looks like this is true for cashews, and also possibly for latex and a list
  22. Yes. As with any food, if you buy canned or frozen double check for other non-Whole30 ingredients, but water chestnuts themselves are fine.
  23. Ideally, yes, everything would get its own day, but it can be difficult to find things with no sugar, so sometimes you may have gluten + sugar, and then you may have some trouble figuring out what reactions are caused by which item. If you didn't have noticeable reactions to sugar, and the products you try are very low in sugar, it's probably safe to assume any reactions you do have are related more to the other ingredient than the sugar.
  24. Try eating more. When eggs are your only protein in a meal, have as many whole eggs as you can hold in your hand -- that's probably 3-4 for most people. Add some fat to breakfast, in addition to the oil you cook in, as some of that can be left in the pan and isn't actually consumed -- dip your potatoes in mayo or ranch, or have some avocado. Is that two slices of the sandwich sliced turkey? You want your serving of protein to be at least the size of the palm of your hand, length, width, and height, so two slices is probably not enough. Ideally you stay satisfied from your meals 4-5 h
  25. What do your meals look? Are you salting your food? Drinking plenty of water? Eating enough? It's hard to say what might be going on without knowing more about what you're doing.