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  1. There is a whole new plant-based version of Whole30 for people who don't eat any animal products: https://whole30.com/plant-based/ -- note that on this version you wouldn't eat eggs or any kind of animal product. I suggest you read up on it and see if it would work for you. We have also had people who do a regular Whole30 using eggs as their only protein source, so that is possible as well, if you're really, really into eggs.
  2. It's fine. As long as all the ingredients are Whole30 compatible, you can eat as much as you need to, and ideally your meals will keep you satisfied 4-5 hours at a time. It's great you've found something that is working for you and makes it easy.
  3. From what I found online, low sodium V8 is fine. Do double check the ingredients for yourself, occasionally there are regional differences in products, or recipes change, so you want to be sure the particular one you have is really ok. If there's an ingredient you're unsure of, try googling Whole30 plus that ingredient, you should get past discussions here on the forum or official info from Whole30.com among the top results. If you can't find any information, definitely come back and post here and we'll help find an answer for you. Also, if you didn't make the broth yourself, be sure you check ingredients for it as well, it's surprising what kinds of non-whole30 ingredients show up in some brands.
  4. Ultimately you can only be responsible for yourself. He's an adult who can decide for himself what he eats, if he wants to do Whole30, you can explain that you think incorporating more fat may help him feel more satisfied with meals, and he can decide what he wants to do with that information. If he decides this is not for him, he can still be supportive of you, by eating what you fix for shared meals, even if he supplements that with non-whole30 foods, by keeping the things you find most tempting out of the house, and by not pressuring you to eat things you don't want to eat. As far as adding fat, maybe do skin-on chicken (This is a good recipe), add sauces or dressings over meats and vegetables (could be ranch dressing, chimichurri sauce, Whole30 compatible pesto sauce, even salad dressings), roasted vegetables instead of steamed. You might be able to sneak eggs in in things like vegetable fritters, where egg just binds the ingredients together and isn't noticeable.
  5. There are soy sauces that don't have wheat, so you could look for one of those if you're really wanting soy sauce. Otherwise, since the one you have has both soy and wheat, you would wait until you've done separate reintroductions for both soy and wheat, and if you didn't have reactions to either, then you could incorporate soy sauce into your food freedom plan going forward. Obviously if you react strongly to either soy or wheat, you would probably not want to use that soy sauce going forward.
  6. You may get some responses here, but you might want to try the Costco website -- it's probably faster, and I think you can probably narrow it down to what's available at your nearest Costco. You can also search for Whole30 Costco shopping list using Google or another search engine and find lists other people have put together. As far as I know, there's no official Whole30 list like this, these will just be what other people have found useful, so definitely double check all the ingredients for everything, as people can make mistakes, or if the list is older, manufacturers can change recipes, so what was fine at one point, may not be anymore.
  7. It's not unusual for it to separate a little as it sits in the fridge, and it should come back together pretty easily. I've never seen it separate while I was eating it, though. That does seem odd. I'm not really sure why it's doing that or how to prevent it. When you make it, are you using an immersion/ stick blender, or whisking by hand, or something else? If you're whisking by hand, maybe it's not completely emulsified? (I think it would be harder for this to happen with an immersion blender or mixer, but I might be wrong.) You also want to be sure you don't add too much oil, and this depends on the size of the eggs you're using, so if your eggs are a little smaller, you may not use the entire amount of oil the recipe calls for.
  8. I'm not sure exactly how long they'll last, but some of the camping/hiking discussions on the forum might have ideas -- this one mentions some freeze dried meals: Hopefully some other people will chime in with ideas.
  9. Olives are a fat source. There are other fats you can use instead, like avocado, mayonnaise, coconut or coconut milk, nuts and seeds, oils or oil-based sauces. You definitely don't need toneat tons of olives.
  10. We would need more information to be able to give you any advice. You say you're eating whole foods, but what do your servings look like? Are you going by the meal template? (You can download it here: https://whole30.com/pdf-downloads/). Are you eating enough? Adding fat at each meal? Eating starchy vegetables like potato, sweet potato, carrots, winter squashes like butternut or acorn squash? The other thing to consider is that with existing medical issues, it can be harder to get the really amaxing results some people experience. Getting those results may take longer.
  11. Can I ask why you don't do 30 days on Whole30, and then your reintroductions? You could be completely done with reintroductions by the time you go to the game, and then this wouldn't be a cheat day, it would just be you practicing your food freedom, having a hot dog and beer on a special occasion because it's totally worth it to you. Info about reintroduction: https://whole30.com/reintroduction/#reintrobasics Info about food freedom (the beginning is about the book by that name, but there's links to additional resources at the bottom of the page): https://whole30.com/my-food-freedom/
  12. No, because it does have sweeteners in it.
  13. This looks fine to have on Whole30, and Whole30 does not say anything about when you can have food or beverages, so yes, you can have this before bed if you want.
  14. The only "pasta" that is allowed on either the original or the plant-based Whole30 would be vegetables cut into pasta-like shapes. So, butternut squash cut into "noodles" using a spiralizer or mandolin. I'm not sure exactly what recipe you're talking about but if it involved pasta made from a mix of vegetables and some type of flour to form noodles, it is not compatible with Whole30. Plant-based Whole30 contains protein sources that are not allowed on the original Whole30, like soy and other legumes, because people who choose not to eat any animal-based items would not have enough protein options without those options. The original Whole30 still exists, and if you eat animal-based protein you can still do the original version. The plant-based Whole30 is a completely different program. The Abbot's Butcher products that are allowed on the plant-based Whole30 meet the rules like no carrageenan and no gluten. Many of the meat substitute options available from other brands -- and even one of this brand's products -- do not meet these standards. These products give plant-based Whole30ers another option for a protein source. No one has to use them, even while doing a plant-based Whole30, it is just another option to make meal prep and planning a little easier.
  15. @simmiethese are fine to have during your plant-based Whole30.
  16. @steubnerthe tvp is definitely out, the rules specifically say no textured vegetable protein or soy flour. (PB Whole30 rules are here: https://whole30.com/plant-based/program-rules/.) @simmieI'm going to try to ask people who know more about this than I do, because I'm not 100% sure and I don't want to give you the wrong answer.
  17. Are you drinking plenty of water? Salting your food? Eating enough?
  18. Yes, making your own banana chips is fine.
  19. It contains molasses, so no.
  20. Dextrose is definitely not ok on Whole30. I'm not sure what happened here, if there's a mistake in the labeling or a misunderstanding of the rules or what, but definitely avoid any meals that say they have dextrose if you choose to go ahead and order from them.
  21. This is a situation where smoothies could be fine. I'm not sure of any particular pre-made kind that would be Whole30 compatible, but you could make them yourself. Try not to use too much fruit, try to include leafy greens, canned pumpkin, or cooked sweet potato. You could also do soups. Blend them up and they should be drinkable. This will probably be an easier way to get protein and vegetables. Maybe scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes or other vegetables cooked very soft and mashed? Definitely find out from your dentist or orthodontist if this is normal. Hopefully if it is, it's something that won't last very long.
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