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  1. At this point, you're not really doing a Whole30, you're doing your own thing, which is great, we want you to use Whole30 as a part of figuring out what works for you, rather than just following rules forever. But it does mean that this is largely up to you. Did you have any noticeable reaction to the oats? How strictly are you doing the no gluten thing -- my understanding is that oats themselves are gluten free even when they aren't certified as such, but the non-certified ones may have some cross-contamination from being processed on equipment that is also used to process things that contain
  2. Black-eyed peas are specifically mentioned as not allowed in the rules (, and I think purple hull peas are more closely related to them than to the peas that are allowed, so they probably aren't. Maybe save them for your legume reintroduction day.
  3. It might be. It might be that you've gone much lower in carbs than you're used to, and some people feel anxious or depressed when they do that. Be sure you're eating enough in general, but definitely try for at least one serving each day of starchy vegetables such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, root vegetables like beets, carrots, parsnips, or rutabaga, or winter squashes like butternut, acorn, or kabocha squash. Sometimes people also find that they've been using food as a coping mechanism, eating to avoid dealing with issues, and during Whole30 they can’t do that anymore. If you feel like
  4. This has been addressed before, and for Whole30 purposes, all rice is off limits: Incidentally, white potatoes are now allowed:
  5. The meal template is a recommendation, not a rule. You only need to start over if you eat something that is against the rules. You could technically eat nothing but bananas and you'd have done a Whole30, although that is definitely not something we'd recommend. So if the best you can do for breakfast occasionally is a Larabar and some celery, that's fine. If this is an everyday thing, you might want to consider other options, but you don't have to.
  6. Obviously no one can guarantee exactly what results you'll see from a Whole30, but it could still help with inflammation even without taking on a full blown AIP. It could also be sort of a stepping stone, so if you do a regular Whole30 and decide it might be worth doing AIP, it may be less daunting than going from your regular diet straight to AIP. What I would recommend if you think you may need to do AIP is try to incorporate some AIP recipes into your Whole30, so that you hopefully find some AIP recipes and herbs/spices that you like or even just so you get an idea of good sources for
  7. All you need to worry about for Whole30 is the ingredient list. The "processed on shared equipment" or "may contain" warnings are mostly for people who have allergies and must avoid even small amounts of allergens.
  8. No, when you marinate some of the marinade soaks into the meat, so there's no way to remove it all.
  9. Yes. Many of these types of questions can be answered by googling Whole30 plus the ingredient in question, or by checking out the Can I Have list:
  10. You're probably going to get more responses if you post a new topic of your own, rather than posting in someone else's personal log. I'd suggest this part of the forum: -- just go there and click Start New Topic. As for your issue, if you think it might be from too much citrus, the obvious answer is to cut out citrus for a few days and see what happens. If it's actually histamines, you may want to read up on histamine intolerance. There's a decent introduction here:
  11. Are you drinking plenty of water? Salting your food? Eating enough?
  12. Yes, any oil that is Whole30 compatible is fine to use as a fat source.
  13. Obviously the taste will be different, but I think for most things they should be interchangeable.
  14. Yes, as long as it's just coffee with no non-whole30 ingredients it's fine, and as far as I can tell, that's what these are.
  15. I'm definitely not an expert on this, I'd say you should talk with a doctor about your concerns, but if they aren't listening, I'm not sure what to tell you about that. Doing a Whole30, even without changing your birth control, could provide some relief from the issues you're experiencing, so if you currently need to use birth control and switching types isn't an option right now, go ahead and do a Whole30 and see what happens. If you currently don't need to be on birth control, or are in a position to change types, for instance to a non-hormonal IUD, then it may make sense to talk to you
  16. Read the ingredients lists. That's how you know if something is Whole30 compatible, from the ingredients. The first one contains sugar. Sugar is not compatible with Whole30 rules, so that one isn't going to work for your Whole30. The other one seems to be okay, the ingredients are all fine. So you can have it during your Whole30.
  17. The only way to know is to know the ingredients. You'd need more than just a general oil, vinegar, and spices -- what type of oil? Is there soybean oil? Are they sure there's no sweetener of any kind. They should be able to provide some sort of ingredient information, because there ate people with allergies who would need to know.
  18. Yes, this is correct, if you're consuming a portion or two of fat (even sometimes a little more is fine, if a meal just works out to have a bit more), you don't need to add more. The not counting cooking fat is mostly for those dishes where oil is mostly left behind in the pan, or where you're cooking multiple servings and once you divide it up you're not getting a full serving of fat. The main way to know if you're eating enough is that you'll be able to 4-5 hours between meals pretty easily. If you're feeling hungry before that point, you may need bigger meals or more fat in the meal, or if
  19. Yes, making your own banana chips is fine.
  20. If thejuice was just juice, no sweeteners or other non-compatible ingredients, you didn't go off plan. Not drinking juice is a general recommendation, but it's not a rule. If something in the juice was not Whole30 compatible, then you decide what to do from here. You can start over, 9r you can keep going and on day 30 evaluate if you want to add more days to get a full 30 days. What you should do if you continue on or try again in the future is make sure you have something on hand in case this happens again so you don't have to have something non-whole30. That could be juice, or frui
  21. What are the ingredients? Are they all Whole30 compatible? If they are, then yes, if not, then no.
  22. Yes, these ingredients are all fine to have.