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  1. By day 10, any "carb flu" type symptoms should be gone, or at least getting less noticeable. People are often surprised how much food you can and should be eating on Whole30, so if you think you may be undereating, that's a good place to start. Make sure each meal matches the meal template, with a palm-sized portion or two of protein, a thumb-sized portion or two of fat (or a heaping handful of olives or coconut flakes, or half to a whole avocado, or a small handful of nuts or seeds), and then 2 or more cups of vegetables. The fat should be in addition to any oil you cook in, and yo
  2. It's not unusual to feel pretty tired for the first week or so, so it might be nothing to worry about. Make sure your meals match the meal template (Download it here:, drink plenty of water, and if you still feel like this in a few days, come back and list a day or two of typical meals and we can see if it looks like there's anything you might need to change.
  3. Those two ingredients are fine. I am very surprised you found a syrup with no honey or sugar or sugarcane or maple syrup or other sweeteners, none of which would be Whole30 compatible.
  4. No commercially prepared chips are allowed on Whole30.
  5. As long as all the ingredients are Whole30 compatible, dried fruits are fine. Watch for sulfites and sweeteners in particular, they're common in dried fruits, depending on the type of fruits.
  6. Soy is not compatible with Whole30 rules, so you'll have to skip that sauce during your Whole30. Crackers fall under the no re-creating baked goods rule, so no crackers are compatible with Whole30 regardless of their ingredients.
  7. Phosphoric acid is allowed, but is not a great choice (see A post from Melissa herself on the subject). So, you can have it, but there are probably better options especially if this is something you have a lot.
  8. It's pretty normal for you to eat a lot while breastfeeding. Make sure you're including fat at each meal, more than just the oil you cook in, and starchy vegetables at least once a day (but more than that is fine, if you find they help you feel satisfied).
  9. As long as all the ingredients are Whole30 compatible, it's fine.
  10. What are the ingredients? If all the ingredients are compatible with Whole30, they're fine.
  11. It's helpful to stop thinking you need some special "breakfast food" in the morning. Any food that works for any other meal can work for breakfast too. Soup is nice if it's cold where you are. I like a butternut squash soup, and then I'll have whatever leftover meat I have as protein, either on the side or shredded and mixed in the soup. Or have a baked sweet potato topped with some homemade breakfast sausage -- look for AIP whole30 sausage recipes to avoid the usual pepper flakes and cayenne in most sausage. For more non-traditional breakfast ideas (not all will meet your ingredient requireme
  12. If it says it does contain soy, yes, you'll need to avoid it during Whole30. If it just says it may contain soy it's ok to have.
  13. I'm not certain what cream flavoring is, but this looks like their Cream of Earl Grey, and according to the website that's vegan (as denoted by the v in a circle symbol, explained here: That would mean it isn't actually cream or dairy of any kind. Based on this, I think it's ok, but you could message them and double check that the tea is vegan and doesn't contain any dairy. They may or may not actually say what the cream flavoring is, they may say it's proprietary, but you could ask.
  14. It contains molasses, so no.
  15. For any foods you want to use during Whole30, you'll need to read the ingredients and check that they're all compatible with Whole30 rules. I didn't check all of their seasonings but the one bacon seasoning I checked contained maltodextrin and sugar, neither of which are Whole30 compatible, so that one is definitely out for Whole30.
  16. Vanilla extract is fine, following this rule change:
  17. Any bacon that only contains Whole30 compatible ingredients is fine to have on your Whole30 -- check the labels of what's available in your local stores. The most common non-whole30 ingredient for bacon is typically sugar or sweetener, so definitely look for that. Pederson's is one brand in the US that offers Whole30 compatible bacon, but there are others. Whole30 Approved is a particular program, you can read about it here -- there are brands of bacon that are Whole30 Approved, you can look at that link to find them, but there are also brands that are compatible with Whole30 based on th
  18. Might be Whole30, might be that you have a mild cold or flu. Either way, drink plenty of fluid, try to eat something if you feel up to it, and get some rest. Hope you feel better soon!
  19. Whole30 encourages not counting calories, instead focusing on the meal template (download it here:, eating to fullness, and eating when hungry. If you need to double check that you're getting enough calories, you can always plug foods into online calorie trackers. We would encourage you not to necessarily do this all the time, but rather to check occasionally to make sure you stay on track. If you need to be sure to get enough calories, you're going to want to ensure you include a serving or more of starchy vegetables each day, like potatoes, swee
  20. For some people, if they go too low carb, they may notice increased depression or anxiety. Be sure you're eating starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes, potatoes, and other root vegetables like carrots, turnips, parsnips, rutabaga, etc., winter squashes like acorn or butternut squash or pumpkin. This is also a time of year when many are dealing with seasonal depression, so this might also be contributing. Definitely talk to your doctor if this continues.
  21. Lorna is right about it being a behavior thing. Whole30 wants you to examine not just what you're eating, but why. Stress eating is something many people deal with, and it's easy to go from stress eating regular chips, to stress eating chips with Whole30 compatible ingredients, without really thinking about the behavior. Saying you have to actually make the chips adds an extra step, and you're more likely to stop and say, do I really want these? Do I want to put in the work for these? And if they're just a side that goes well with your meal, fine, but if you're between meals and not hungry you
  22. I've never weighed one, I would just pick the kind of average size ones from the bin at the store, not the very biggest or very smallest. If that's how they're specifying, as opposed to a cup of cooked sweet potato, it's probably not going to make too big a difference in the end result 9f the recipe.