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  1. Yes. Just like with the original Whole30, canola oil is permitted, but is not recommended, and when possible, you should try to choose healthier cooking oils, but especially in settings where you can't necessarily control what oil is being used, it's fine. You can read a little more about this here: and the book It Starts With Food goes into more detail, if you want more info.
  2. If you want to do a true Whole30, you have to pick one or the other, you can't combine them. However, we do not want you to just continuously do Whole30s, we want you to do reintroductions and figure out what works for you, and then to live your food freedom, which might be something that looks a lot like Whole30 plus beans.
  3. Olives are a fat source. There are other fats you can use instead, like avocado, mayonnaise, coconut or coconut milk, nuts and seeds, oils or oil-based sauces. You definitely don't need toneat tons of olives.
  4. We would need more information to be able to give you any advice. You say you're eating whole foods, but what do your servings look like? Are you going by the meal template? (You can download it here: Are you eating enough? Adding fat at each meal? Eating starchy vegetables like potato, sweet potato, carrots, winter squashes like butternut or acorn squash? The other thing to consider is that with existing medical issues, it can be harder to get the really amaxing results some people experience. Getting those results may take longer.
  5. Some people don't have those symptoms, some have only mild versions of them, and some have a really awful time for the first few days of their Whole30. We can't always predict who will experience what. All of these experiences are fine, it doesn't mean you've done anything wrong, and it doesn't mean this isn't working for you. You've just been lucky to not experience some of the worst symptoms some people do. Keep on doing what you're doing.
  6. Some varieties are, some are not. You'll need to look at the ingredients for the ones you're looking at.
  7. You would need to find out the ingredients. I've seen some pickled ginger with added sugar, so those versions would definitely not be allowed, but I'm sure there are different versions with different ingredients.
  8. A jicama "taco shell" is a slice of jicama. It’s not shredded and combined with water and oil and reformed into a tortilla-like thing, it's just a slice of a vegetable. The coconut wraps dry out the coconut into a coconut flour, then make tortillas from that.
  9. No. You can find the rules here:
  10. The rule is no sugar or sweetener in the ingredients. It is possible to find smoked salmon that meets this standard, or to skip it for your Whole30.
  11. Protein powder is going to depend on the ingredients. No soy, no sweeteners, no other non-compatible ingredients. Alcohol-free beer still usually has barley which is a grain, so those are not allowed.
  12. Everyone is different and needs different amounts of food, so she might need more than you do. She might also not have been adding fat to her meals, if it was served separately, because many people grew up hearing that fat is bad for you and have a hard time allowing themselves to eat it. Have her look at the meal template, and stress that it is the minimum amount of food she would need, but that it is absolutely OK to have larger servings if she needs to. (You can download the meal template here:
  13. Try this link:
  14. No. Check out the rules here:
  15. There are some listed here: -- look under restaurants and meal delivery.
  16. I don't think there's any specific guidance for this. You might consider doing reintroductions of the things you'll be having during a pb Whole30 that you didn't in your regular Whole30, just to get a feel for how you'll react and make sure none of them cause any issues for you.
  17. Yes. Extracts are allowed now, here's the article explaining why:
  18. It's fine. The negligible amounts of sugar are from lemon juice concentrate and from coconut amino, and those are both fine to have.
  19. It's going to be hard to find pre-made smoothies that don't have any sweeteners. You can find a few protein powders to make your own, they'll be egg-based or pea protein based, I'm not sure of brand names. You might also need to look at how your meals are composed. The meal template (available here: is a good starting point, but it is a minimum, you are definitely welcome to eat more. You can eat two or more palm-sized servings of protein. Do focus on more calorie-dense foods. So, for vegetables, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and other root v
  20. This is actually fine to have on Whole30. You should be looking at the actual ingredients list, not the nutrition facts. There is no sugar or other sweeteners listed in the ingredients, at least not on their website. If your particular bottle lists sugar or maple syrup or other sweeteners in the ingredients, then that could be a problem, and might mean there was a change in their recipe or a mistake in their labeling that would need to be checked into, but as long as the ingredients follow Whole30 rules, it's fine to have.
  21. Can I ask why you don't do 30 days on Whole30, and then your reintroductions? You could be completely done with reintroductions by the time you go to the game, and then this wouldn't be a cheat day, it would just be you practicing your food freedom, having a hot dog and beer on a special occasion because it's totally worth it to you. Info about reintroduction: Info about food freedom (the beginning is about the book by that name, but there's links to additional resources at the bottom of the page):
  22. I like to dip roasted vegetables in it. If you don't think plain mayo sounds good for that, combine the mayo with some compliant pesto, or some herbs to make a ranch-like dip, or some hot sauce and horseradish for something like a remoulade. Or google Whole30 mayo-based sauces and I'm sure you'll find other options. You can also put it on fish or chicken before baking. Deviled eggs could be an option too.