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  1. Yes, baking soda is fine.
  2. The Pancake Rule specifically calls out cereal, and oatmeal is a hot cereal. We also really want you to try to make your meals match the meal template, which noatmeal really doesn't. (Find the template and other downloads Here.) Have you considered soup? Something like a butternut squash or sweet potato soup topped with sausage or leftover meat for protein or this chicken soup would meet the template better. Ultimately it's up to you, but there are other warm breakfast options that might serve you better.
  3. I think the taco mix seasoning does make extra, seal it in an air tight container and use it another time season ground meat, chicken, potatoes, or whatever you want to have a taco flavor.
  4. You don't mention water, be sure you're drinking plenty of water, along with eating lots of veggies. Getting some movement in, even just walking, can help, and if you google yoga for constipation there are some stretches or poses that might help. Coffee sometimes helps as well.
  5. I'm not sure about all the ingredients, but just at a quick glance, it has carrageenan which isn't allowed, and then potassium acesulfame is a sweetener that's not allowed. If it was like mouthwash where you spit most of it out, it would be fine, but these you should probably avoid during Whole30.
  6. That first one lists monkfruit extract as an ingredient, which is a sweetener, so that one is definitely not Whole30 compatible. I cannot find an ingredient list for the other, so I'm not sure about it, from that standpoint. So if all the ingredients of something like this are Whole30 compatible, and you're having it occasionally because you want something different and enjoy the taste, great, go for it. Alcohol and alcohol substitutes do sometimes get a little more complicated, as described here. I don't know that that applies for you, just something that could change the answer from, y
  7. If you take a vegetable and cut it into a noodlecshape, it's fine. If you have to dry it to create a flour and then use that to make noodles, that's re-creating pasta and isn't really compatible with Whole30 rules.
  8. You'd need to check the ingredients of the probiotics. If all the ingredients are Whole30 compatible, then you can take tose probiotics.
  9. Baked or steamed fresh ones or canned pumpkin (not pie filling, just plain pumpkin) will work.
  10. You could set aside a separate day for each sweetener, if you want to know specifically how, say, Splenda makes you feel vs monkfruit, or you could just do a day for sweeteners in general if you think you're using small enough amounts of them that it isn't worth separating them out. The main thing with any reintro is, only reintro whatever that day's reintro food is, wait at least two days between reintro days, and don't have the reintroduced items again until you're all done with reintroductions.
  11. Yes, if the ingredients include sugar or sweetener of any kind, you cannot have that food. This isn't the same as the nutrition facts, where it lists grams of stuff -- a salsa could have no sugar or sweetener in the ingredients list and be absolutely fine to have on Whole30, but still show grams of sugar on the nutrition info, because vegetables have naturally occurring sugars, and the nutrition info must account for those.
  12. For any prepared food like this, you need to read the ingredients. If all the ingredients are Whole30 compatible, it's fine to have. I don't know what the ingredients are in Whole Foods' chicken, but I have found compliant rotisserie chicken at other stores, just check the ingredients.
  13. No. You can cut a vegetable into the shape of a noodle, like zoodles from zucchini, or use spaghetti squash that just forms noodle-like strands when cooked, but these use a Whole30-compatible flour to recreate pasta, and that's specifically mentioned in the rules as not allowed. (You can find the rules here:
  14. The process pf making ghee involves cooking the butter until the milk solids separate, and the straining the milk solids off and discarding them. So it starts from milk, and has to list milk as an ingredient, but the most problematic parts of milk have been removed, which is why Whole30 allows it. If you were allergic to milk, you would probably still want to avoid it, but for most people it won't cause any issues.
  15. If you Google whole30 picky eater, you should find some past discussions of this. In general, don't be afraid to try new things. And with vegetables especially, try them prepared in different ways -- some you may prefer raw, some you may like roasted, almost none are really at their best steamed or boiled to the point of mushiness but that's the way many of us grew up eating them (although if that's what you like, that's fine, whatever cooking method results in vegetables you actually eat is a good cooking method). Try new sauces and dips -- many of them are easy to make if you've got an
  16. Yes, unsweetened cocoa powder is okay. Many, many things have naturally occurring sugars and therefore will show grams of sugar in the nutrition facts, which is why we're only looking at the ingredients list.
  17. Some change in bowel movements is normal, but 17 days of diarrhea isn't. You could take something like Imodium if you need to. It's up to you whether to continue or not. You might try a few days of easier to digest foods -- baked potatoes or sweet potatoes with salt and olive or coconut oil or ghee, plain grilled or baked chicken breast, blended soups or broth. Also, drink plenty of water, and peppermint tea (hot or ices) may be soothing.soothing.
  18. Might have been the gin, might have been a bit of a stomach bug, possibly even could've been the parm, although that seems unlikely, it's hard to say. Wait at least two days or until you feel better if it takes longer to do other reintroductions. You could try gin again at some point if it's something you really want to have going forward, or try a different alcohol. Sometimes 30 days without alcohol does make you a little more sensitive to it, but typically that just means feeling tipsy with fewer drinks than before Whole30.
  19. Yes, it is. You can read the rules here:
  20. I'm not sure how much avocado you were eating, or how much milk you used, but one possibility is that you didn't actually add back in the amount of fat the avocado provided. For reference, a cup of whole milk has about 8 grams of fat. A cup of diced avocado has about 22 grams of fat. There is also the fact that liquid food is just not as satisfying as solid food, so even if you made sure you used enough milk (or half and half, or cream) to make up for the calories and fat in the avocado, drinking that portion of your meal versus eating it may just not have kept you satisfied for as long.
  21. You'll basically do the same with chicken and eggs as the other foods you'rereintroducing (you could do yolk and white separately, and if you have access to eggs from a different species, like duck eggs, you could do them on a separate day as well). It doesn't really matter what order you go in, the important part is to allow at least two days between each reintroduced food group (more if you have a reaction that lingers), and don't have a reintroduced food again until you're all done with all the reintros.