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  1. Some foods can cause a delayed reaction, but it's hard to know whether that's what's going on here, or which of the non-Whole30 foods might be to blame. Your Thursday meal included at least alcohol and dairy, possibly sugar, maybe soy depending on what was in the BBQ sauce, and then there's whatever was in the paleo puffs and muesli. I would suggest going back to Whole30 until you feel better, then doing more careful reintroductions, with one food type at a time, and maybe waiting three days instead of two before reintroducing the next food, especially for wine/alcohol and dairy, in case
  2. If you're hungry, you may need to eat more. Make sure each meal meets the meal template, which you can download here: When eggs are the only protein in a meal, have as many whole eggs as you can hold in one hand, which is likely 3-4 for most people. Be sure you add a serving or two of fat at each meal, generally in addition to any oil you cook in, since some of that may be left behind in the pan and not actually be eaten. Aim for 2-3 cups of vegetables at each meal, more if you're having loosely packed raw leafy greens like a salad. If you're hungry betw
  3. It will depend on the particular recipe, since cook times could be different for different types of meat, but yes, you can sometimes substitute whatever you prefer. There are tons of recipes that don't use seafood though, so if you're not comfortable changing recipes you can definitely just find other recipes.
  4. These are ok, what matters is the ingredient list, not the nutrition information. One note though, there is no official Whole30 app, so there is no guarantee that any app is 100% accurate, so always be sure to check the ingredients on any product rather than just accepting what an app tells you.
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    You should double check ingredients even for supplements that are recommended in any of the books, but ISWF in particular is several years old now, and companies can change their formulas.
  6. What are the ingredients? The only way to know if something is Whole30 compatible is to check the ingredients. If they're sweetened with anything, they're not ok, if they're like LaCroix, where it's just carbonated water and flavors, they're fine. Caffeine alone would not make something off limits either, it would depend on other ingredients.
  7. Be sure you're eating enough, adding fat to your meals, having at least one serving of starchy vegetable a day, and drinking plenty of water. This should pass in a day or two.
  8. No one here is a doctor, and food allergies are not something to take lightly, even if they're currently presenting as skin issues -- it's always possible that they could turn into a more serious anaphylactic reaction. You should definitely talk to a doctor about this, especially if you've ruled out things like new soap, detergent, lotion, makeup, etc. There are certain things that if you're allergic to them, you're more likely to be or become allergic to other things, it's called cross-reactivity. For mangoes, it looks like this is true for cashews, and also possibly for latex and a list
  9. Yes. As with any food, if you buy canned or frozen double check for other non-Whole30 ingredients, but water chestnuts themselves are fine.
  10. Ideally, yes, everything would get its own day, but it can be difficult to find things with no sugar, so sometimes you may have gluten + sugar, and then you may have some trouble figuring out what reactions are caused by which item. If you didn't have noticeable reactions to sugar, and the products you try are very low in sugar, it's probably safe to assume any reactions you do have are related more to the other ingredient than the sugar.
  11. Try eating more. When eggs are your only protein in a meal, have as many whole eggs as you can hold in your hand -- that's probably 3-4 for most people. Add some fat to breakfast, in addition to the oil you cook in, as some of that can be left in the pan and isn't actually consumed -- dip your potatoes in mayo or ranch, or have some avocado. Is that two slices of the sandwich sliced turkey? You want your serving of protein to be at least the size of the palm of your hand, length, width, and height, so two slices is probably not enough. Ideally you stay satisfied from your meals 4-5 h
  12. What do your meals look? Are you salting your food? Drinking plenty of water? Eating enough? It's hard to say what might be going on without knowing more about what you're doing.
  13. I'm not sure where you're seeing that the gnocchi is Whole30 compatible, but it isn't. No pasta is.
  14. The Zatarains you listed is fine. I'm not sure what the ingredients are in the other, so I can't say if it's ok or not.
  15. Even date paste is really not encouraged in coffee. Some people find it easier to give up coffee for 30 days than drink it not sweetened. Others find that they do get used to it unsweetened, but it does take a while. There are some ways to reduce the bitterness of coffee -- try different kinds, some are less bitter than others. Adding a pinch of salt to your coffe grounds is supposed to help reduce bitterness. Some people find adding cinnamon helps. Cold brewing can help.
  16. Yes, all potatoes are allowed, though no commercially prepared chips or fries -- you can read about the change to allow regular potatoes here:
  17. If you're asking if it's medically ok, you really need to talk to his doctor. This forum is specifically for discussing the Whole30, a 30-day elimination diet. The only thing we could tell you about protein shakes and bars is if particular ones are compatible with the rules of this program based on their ingredients.
  18. Crackers fall under the no baked goods rule, like bread or tortillas, so regardless of ingredients, they aren't Whole30 compatible.
  19. Before you weigh -- or if you don't see this until after, then do this asap -- go to this page and get the NSV Checklist, sit down with it, and check off every one that applies to you, and definitely list any that you don't see mentioned. Remember these non-scale victories regardless 9f what happens with the scale. Whole30 is not a weight loss diet. Some people lose, some don't. But that'll not what we want you to focus on. We are told by society that if we lose weight, that makes us healthier. Whole30 wants you to look at it the other way -- if you get
  20. If you google something like Whole30 gallbladder or whole30 without a gallbladder, you should find some past discussions of this. I don't know that they'll have specific recipes, but maybe more about how people modify to accommodate any issues they have. What would a typical meal look like for you now that doesn't cause any problems? Maybe some of your typical foods can just be modified to work with Whole30, rather than trying to find new things.
  21. Crackers fall under baked goods from compliant ingredients, so they aren't whole30 compatible regardless of ingredients. No commercially prepared chips are allowed, so the snacklins are out. The barnana bites are ok, though they're going to be like Larabars, technically ok, but not necessarily your best choice, as they're going to be as close to a candy bar as you can get on Whole30 and would be very easy to overeat.
  22. It looks like the unsweetened original and unsweetened vanilla would be fine, check the ingredients on the others, some definitely have sugar.
  23. Any time you find a list like that about any brand, always check ingredients for yourself and compare them to the rules and resources from -- like the Can I Have list (here: or the downloads available here: People misunderstand the rules, or misinterpret them. Or it could be that the recipe for that flavor changed and it used to have something that made it not Whole30, but now it is.
  24. Xanthan gum is compatible with Whole30 rules. For future reference, if you google Whole30 plus whatever ingredient you're wondering about, you'll almost always find past discussions that will answer your question, and it's typically faster than waiting for someone to answer here in the forum. (Just fyi, Whole30 Approved is a very specific program that relates to brands -- a single ingredient is not ever technically Whole30 Approved.)