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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in Sooo many questions before I start on the 19th..   
    No, those foods are not allowed. I haven't used Real Plans myself, so I don't know exactly what setting you need to check, but it is not just a Whole30 meal planner, it is a meal planner with a Whole30 option. You need to figure out where in the settings you choose what types of recipes you want it to show you, and choose Whole30. If you aren't sure how to do that, you'll probably need to contact Real Plan's customer service or check out their help or FAQ pages, because they are a separate entity from Whole30.
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from BabyBear in Cranberries - yes or no   
    Cranberries are fine. I had never heard of cranberry beans, but a quick Google shows there are such things, and those are not ok.
    "The borlotti bean is a variety of common bean first bred in Colombia as the cargamanto. It is also known as the cranberry bean, Roman bean, romano bean, saluggia bean, gadhra bean or rosecoco bean. The bean is a medium to large tan or hazelnut-colored bean splashed or streaked with red, magenta or black"
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from BabyBear in Is the Whole30 safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women?   
    "Defer" means postpone, but "defer to" means to allow someone else to choose.  Check out the definition from Merriam Webster: to 
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Jennifer Jensen in Whole30 -- pain and inflammation   
    It's ultimately up to you, but I think you'll probably get better results if you can eliminate nightshades first, and when you're feeling better, then start reintroductions. It will probably take cutting out nightshades for at least a few days before you feel better, if they're what is causing the problem. If you reintroduce something while you're still in pain, and it turns out that one of the side effects that reintroduced item causes for you is joint pain, you won't necessarily notice that pain because of the pain you're already in. 
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from laura_juggles in More vegetables?   
    Honey and other sweeteners are not allowed on Whole30, so it is very unlikely you're going to find a Whole30 compatible honey mustard. 
    @Healthgrabyou have made several posts suggesting items that are not compatible with Whole30. We definitely want people to participate in the forums, but they are very specifically Whole30 forums. As such, you should familiarize yourself with the rules, and make suggestions that fit those rules. You can find the rules and other information here: 
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from GodsSparrow in Treenut and Sunflower Seed Allergy   
    Yes. Nuts and seeds and the oils made from them are fats, so you would use other forms of fat instead. If you can have coconut, that would include coconut oil, coconut milk/cream, or coconut butter or flakes. If not, there are olives and olive oil, avocados and avocado oil, and ghee or clarified butter, as well as any oil-based dips or sauces that are made with ingredients that you can have that are also Whole30 compatible. 
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Emily-G in Is Spero Sunflower Cream Cheese Whole30 compliant?   
    It seems to be ok. It would be a fat, and since its primary ingredient is the sunflower seeds, treat it like other seeds and nuts, try to limit how much you have. And as with anything, if you find it to be a food without brakes or something you find yourself eating mindlessly, that would be a sign that it's something you might want to avoid during your Whole30.
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Jennifer Jensen in Sudden Hunger - What in the world?   
    This makes sense. Also be sure you're drinking enough water, as headaches can also be from dehydration. 
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Jennifer Jensen in Sudden Hunger - What in the world?   
    First, some days we are just hungrier than other days, and there is nothing wrong with that. Stress, sleep, exercise, and hormones all can contribute to that.
    Second, the meals you've listed here seem a little light. According to the meal template, you want a serving of protein at least the size of the palm of your hand -- that's length, width, and height -- or if eggs are your only protein, have as many whole eggs as you can hold in one hand, which is likely 3 or 4. So, one egg is probably a third of a serving of protein, and two pieces of turkey lunch meat is maybe a fourth or a third of a serving, depending on how thick it's cut. For that meal, add another egg or two, or more lunch meat, or a combination of the two.
    How much chicken is in your half cup of chicken salad? Everyone makes chicken salad a little different, so it's hard to know how much protein is actually in that serving, but be sure there's truly a serving of chicken. Adding vegetables or mayo or grapes or whatever to chicken salad is great, but it can make it harder to tell how much chicken you're actually getting. 
    Be sure you're getting a serving or two of fat in each meal as well. Vegetables are great, you need lots of them, but the fat and protein are what will really help keep you satisfied between meals.
    I also wonder about your three dried cranberries and six raisins. You really don't need to count them. You don't want to overdo them, so don't necessarily throw whole handfuls in each meal, but three dried cranberries would honestly just make me sad. It's okay to just put some, without counting them.
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from LadyM in Revving up for an October Whole30 - with chronic illness & Covid sliding   
    Hi, T. You might check out the Join the Whole30 section of the forum ( to find groups of people starting now or near whatever date you decide to start, or you can start a thread there to find more people. If you do start a thread, putting the date you plan to start in the title makes it easier for people to find.
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Jennifer Jensen in First time Whole30 starting 9/15   
    I don't think this is the real Whole30 version of It Starts With Food. Whole30 is not and has never been a weight loss program, and anything you find that touts things like "101 Secrets for Weight Loss Success" is just not in keeping with the program.
    I highly recommend you find a copy of the real ISWF ( has links to purchase, or talk to your librarians about getting the real one). 
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in No luck   
    First, you shouldn't be weighing yourself, it's right there in the rules. This is a 30 day program, not a 13-day one. We want you to focus on doing the whole30, not second guessing what you're doing because the scale isn't showing the results you want.
    For best results, make all your meals meet the meal template (available here: -- your chia seed concoction is not doing you any favors.
    If you need to eat between meals -- and especially since you're biking your son to and from camp, you probably do -- make it a combo of protein, fat, and vegetables, or at least two of the three. Ditch the Larabars. If you need easy to grab snacks, keep chopped vegetables, hard boiled eggs, olives, containers of dressing or guac (make your own, or Tessemae's dressings makes some salad dressing pouches and Wholly Guacamole makes a couple of varieties of guac in single serve cups that are Whole30 compatible) on hand.
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    ShannonM816 reacted to bronsondw2 in Flower Child - Vegetable Salad with Soybeans???   
    Hello, an update (and good news!)  I received the following in an email back from the company: 
    "Thanks also for your great observation about the allergens listed for the Chopped Vegetable Salad! After consulting with our culinary team and our nutritionist, we determined that the listed soy allergy for the salad without dressing was, in fact, an error. The salad used to contain edamame on an older version of the menu, but no longer does. We are working right now on getting the website updated to reflect this."
    Shannon, this seems spot on with your original hypothesis - but makes me breathe a lot easier!  Clock remains at 13 is good :)
    Thanks again!!
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    ShannonM816 reacted to immortalkid in Gluten-Free Flour (Eat the 80)   
    Thanks, Shannon! I reached out to them and they stated: 
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Dara750 in Craving Creamy Texture   
    If it's really a texture thing, it might be useful to include a variety of textures in your meals, not necessarily in every single meal, but over time to have some different things that are creamy or crunchy or whatever. So for creamy, try soups or mashed avocado or mayo or mayo-based dressings or mashed potatoes/sweet potatoes/root vegetables.  Crunchy could be adding a handful of nuts to a meal, or some celery or jicama or even apple.
    Drinking a half cup of cashew milk wouldn't necessarily be bad, but I'm not sure it's going to be quite the same as dairy milk, so it might not really help with that craving. 
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Kynard in Preemptive measures for nausea   
    This is something I have not heard of before. When you have tried in the past, have you eaten starchy vegetables (potato, sweet potato, beets, carrots, parsnips, turnips, rutabaga, plantains, or winter squashes like butternut, acorn, or kabocha)? If not, that might help as it might be more about carbs than grains. 
    Or, have you tried gradually reducing your grain intake over time before doing whole30, kind of weaning yourself off of them instead of just stopping them? 
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    ShannonM816 reacted to ladyshanny in Challenge questions for signing up   
    Oh, interesting! I'll talk to our IT team about this!
    @ShannonM816 - I've got this one!
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Hannah B in This is a nightmare....   
    This is not normal. Sometimes people feel a bit tired or have a little headache, but chills, foggy head, and exhaustion to the point you can't function is not something that normally happens on whole30. 
    Is it possible you've picked up some kind of illness? That seems the most likely thing to explain these symptoms. 
    Food-wise, make sure you're eating enough (1-2 palm-sized portions of protein, 1-2 thumb-sized portions of fat or half to a whole avocado or a large handful of olives or other fats listed on the template, and lots of vegetables -- including at least one serving of starchy vegetables each day for most people). Be sure you salt your food and drink plenty of water. 
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    ShannonM816 reacted to SchrodingersCat in Difficulty preparing Meals   
    I recently subbed quinoa with cauli rice, but only cooked it part way - it was for Tabbouleh and it was really nice.
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Mikaliki in Nausea, acid, and Indigestion- food suggestions?   
    Broth, potato or sweet potato, chicken with simple seasonings, scrambled eggs, peppermint or ginger tea.
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Marie-Joelle in Do I need to include all the fat in all the meal?   
    You probably want a serving or two in addition to the oil you cook in, because some of what you cook in stays in the pan and you don't actually eat it, and if you cook multiple servings at a time, you're probably not ending up with a full serving of fat by the time you divide the food up.
    Having fat with each meal will help keep you satisfied longer between meals, so if you find you're hungry an hour or two after eating, you might look at adding a little more fat, especially if you know you had plent of vegetables and protein with the meal.
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Marie-Joelle in Can I have frozen chopped beef (steak haché)?   
    Yes, as long as there's no ingredients in it that wouldn't be allowed on whole30, you can have beef in whatever form you want.
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Ester, The Queen in Vegan Mozzarella   
    You're not allowed to make pizza crust, it's specifically called out in the rules ( There are options like meatza (™-meatza-pie-and-the-vancouver-olympics/) or frittatas made with pizza toppings if you're just wanting the flavors of pizza.
    As far as the cheese, here's the official word:  
    Nut “Cheese”: Read your labels, use with caution
    Technically, almond “ricotta” or cashew “cheese” dips are allowed on the program, as long as their ingredients are compliant. But as with Larabars or nut butters, USE YOUR BEST JUDGMENT. If you have an unhealthy emotional relationship with cheese, use cheese as a comfort food, or find cheese is a trigger food for other cravings (like wine or crackers), it’s absolutely for the best that you leave these recreations out of your Whole30. It’s only 30 days.
    This is from the Can I Have list ( and while it says nut cheese, I think it applies regardless of what compliant ingredients your cheese substitute is made of.
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Ariany L in is it allowed to eat pine nuts?   
    Pine nuts are fine. 
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from scoobydooby1969 in Clarification on the Fast Track intro...   
    Yes, once you've done reintroductions you can eat whatever you want.