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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Lauraco in How important is the timing of when you eat?   
    At each meal, have one or two of the fat servings listed on the template, so yes, you could have 1-2 handfuls of each of those each day if you want as your fat servings. 
    Fat helps keep you satisfied. It's how you go 4-5 hours between meals without snacking.
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from ultrarunnergirl in Reintroduction & Coffee Creamers   
    Have you done whole30 and reintroductions before? If not, you should do the reintroductions before you decide. Do dairy reintroductions, and also at some point do a day where you use the coconut milk with carrageenan. Then you can take into consideration any reactions you have, and if you don't have reactions to either, you can choose based on which you prefer the taste of.
    This page has links to reintroduction instructions and other post-whole30 information:
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Foodmorning in First timer starting February 11. Any Spanish speakers joining me?   
    You would be surprised how you can adapt to eating savory meals in the morning, but you have to be willing to try. Maybe start with soup -- a chicken and vegetable soup, or a creamy butternut squash soup that you add some seasoned ground beef or diced chicken to. Or eat eggs every day -- when you're tired of plain old scrambled, fried, or boiled ones, try having pad thai ( or these: or look for a whole30 shakshuka recipe.
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from WillowGirl in ITCHING FEET   
    If it continues, maybe talk to a doctor to find out how to treat it. Other than an allergic reaction to something, there's nothing that should be causing this. 
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Jill9802 in Turned off from food   
    Are you seeing someone to help with the ED? You may want to touch base with them, or with another trusted doctor or counselor type person in your life.
    Whole30 is meant to make you healthier. If it is not doing that for you, which it sounds like it isn't, this may not be a good time for you to try it, or it may just not be the right program for you to do at all. 
    This has a little more about trying to do whole30 when you have a history of ED:
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from we_colewoods in What about the Rotisserie Chicken from Nuggets Market?   
    This is fine.
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Jill9802 in First round, day 1 February 4, 2019. Day by day.   
    If you like your vegetables really soft, that is fine, cook them that way. Whatever way you will eat them is great.
    Usually we tell people to start with about a fist-sized serving of starchy vegetable each day. If you sometimes have more, that's fine, just be sure you're having other vegetables too. If you've already planned this week's meals and mostly have starchy vegetables, that's okay, go with what you have, and next time you meal plan/grocery shop, you can add different ones.
    As far as fat sources, it's good to have a variety over time, but if you have the same one multiple times in a day, that's okay.
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Jill9802 in First round, day 1 February 4, 2019. Day by day.   
    Yes, the template is for each meal.
    For vegetables, many of them work well roasted, it caramelizes them and brings out any natural sweetness they have. Try broccoli or cauliflower especially. Zucchini doesn't have a huge amount of flavor on its own, so it is great to mix in with other things. I scramble it with eggs sometimes, but it's great spiralized and topped with a meat sauce or chili. Cauliflower "rice" is an easy way to add vegetables, cook it and then plate your meat or other vegetables over it like you would with rice. Or try this recipe: (you can sub different dried fruit or nuts, use what you have or can find easily.) Many people think they don't like vegetables, but in reality they've mostly had them boiled to the point they're soggy, or canned ones with some margarine on (my mom's specialty when i was growing up), or just generally not well seasoned or cooked quite right, and it makes a huge difference, so be open to trying new things.
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from chadd in Can I have herb ox granulated chicken bouillon?   
    No, this isn't compliant.
    Corn anything is enough to make it not compliant. Maltodextrin is a sweetener. I don't remember what the others are off the top of my head, but for any ingredient you're not sure of, googling Whole30 plus that ingredient usually gets you past discussions here in the forum.  There are also some downloads about additives and other names for sweeteners here:
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from lahendri in Red Lobster Whole30 Compliant Dishes?   
    For sugar, you would have to talk to someone at the restaurant and ask for the actual ingredients. Many foods contain naturally occurring sugar, so they would show some in the nutritional information -- for instance, if you look at a can of diced tomatoes or tomato paste, even if the ingredients are just tomatoes or tomatoes and salt, there will be sugar in the nutritional information section, because tomatoes naturally contain sugar, and this would be fine for whole30. On the other hand, you may find a package of bacon where the nutritional information says 0 grams of sugar, but the ingredients list sugar -- that would not be okay for whole30 because there is added sugar, regardless of the 0 grams listed.
    It is likely that if you can talk to someone at the restaurant you'll be going to that there will be options you can have, for instance they may have steaks or some fish that are not marinated in anything that can be dry grilled or grilled using olive oil. They can probably make you a salad and a dry baked potato that you could have, you might want to take some ghee or olive oil in a container to add, and you could ask for lemon slices or vinegar and oil for the salad. But you'll need to talk to them to confirm this. 
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in Day 28 and feeling...over it   
    This is a pretty normal thing. You start feeling like, 28 days is good enough, right? Just hang in there, be sure you're eating enough -- this is also a time when you might be having some food boredom so you might unintentionally be eating less. Fix yourself a meal that you know you like, or try a new recipe you've really been wanting to try. Take care of yourself, and remember you're nearly done, so just keep going.
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in Detox February - NEW   
    Remember that one of the rules is to not weigh yourself during your whole30. That rule is just as important as the other rules.
    (Rules are here if you want to review them:
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in Detox February - NEW   
    Remember that one of the rules is to not weigh yourself during your whole30. That rule is just as important as the other rules.
    (Rules are here if you want to review them:
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in Detox February - NEW   
    Remember that one of the rules is to not weigh yourself during your whole30. That rule is just as important as the other rules.
    (Rules are here if you want to review them:
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in Detox February - NEW   
    Remember that one of the rules is to not weigh yourself during your whole30. That rule is just as important as the other rules.
    (Rules are here if you want to review them:
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in The Great Ghee Debate   
    For more about ghee and why it's allowed on Whole30, check out this article: 
    I'd also add that the reason many people would consider ghee unhealthy is simply that it is a fat. These are the people who would be shocked to learn that Whole30ers often eat a whole avocado every day, sometimes more. There are starting to be more reports out there that show that fat isn't necessarily bad, but many people still believe that eating fat is what makes you fat.  
    I personally find that I'm happier if I don't discuss what I choose to eat with many people. If this person is someone whose opinion you respect, that's one thing -- hopefully the article I linked gives you a starting place for discussion -- but if it's someone whose opinion on healthy vs unhealthy foods is probably not going to influence your decisions about what you eat, you might want to try not to mention too much about it, or if they ask come up with a simple (polite) response like, I'm trying this for 30 days to see if it helps (insert whatever issues you hope to address with your Whole30) -- if I decide to continue eating this way indefinitely, I'll certainly keep that in mind, but for 30 days, I don't think it's going to hurt me. (Evidenced by the fact that the SuperSize Me guy recovered from 30 days of fast food meals -- I think it's safe to say you'll have no problem getting over 30 days of protein, fat, and vegetables, even if some part of it turns out not to be the right choice for you.) Or just smile and say, thank you for your concern, and then change the subject. 
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Comfysocks in Gastric Bypass Surgery   
    There have definitely been people who have done Whole30 after weight loss surgery -- google Whole30 weight loss surgery to pull up old discussions if you want to read more, or someone may pop in here with more information.
    In general, there's no reason why you shouldn't do a Whole30 if you can eat meat, vegetables, and healthy fats, although you will probably have to ignore the usual instruction to eat three meals a day, no snacks, as you probably can't eat as much at one meal as someone who hasn't had the surgery. If that's the case for you, you'll need to make sure that, however many meals you need to eat a day, they consist of a mix of protein, vegetable, and fat, with occasional servings of fruit with your meal. You'll also want to ensure that over the course of a day, you eat at least the equivalent of three minimum-sized template meals (one template meal would be 1-2 palm-sized servings of protein, 1-2 thumb-sized servings of fat, and 2-3 cups of vegetables). 
    In other words, if what you can comfortably eat at a meal is 1/2 a palm-sized serving of protein, 1/2 a thumb sized serving of fat, and 1-2 cups of vegetables, you'd need to eat six times a day to be sure you met at least the minimum amount of food you need. Make sense? If you can eat more, that's fine too, I'm just basing that on the fact that most people who do have wls usually can't eat full-sized meals at one time, but as an adult human being, you still need to be sure you get enough food throughout the day.
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Fotoladyvb in Day 20! Issuing alcohol and Stevia drops   
    Anything you reintroduce, you have it one day, then go back to whole30 for at least two days, and then reintroduce the next item. Even if you have no noticeable reaction to a particular item, you continue to leave it out for the rest of the reintroduction period.
    Here's more about what to do once you've finished whole30:
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from AR3825 in Your food’s food, and barley   
    It is important what your food has been fed and how it has been treated, but Whole30 doesn't actually prohibit you from eating grain-fed foods. We encourage you to get the highest quality proteins you can, based on your budget and what is available to you. For some people, it is not possible to get grass fed or pastured meat sources, and that is okay, they can still do a whole30 with the meat that they have access to. That is probably what Laura meant by it not being a concern.
    It sounds like you have found a really good source. The fact that they have been fed barley is fine. 
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Lorna from Canada in What would you do?   
    I think you did the right thing, as far as not wanting to hurt her feelings, although if this becomes a regular thing, you'll probably have to talk to her about it. 
    If they were something you had an interest in trying after your whole30, you could've frozen them for later, but if you weren't likely to eat them then either, that would be a waste of freezer space and you'd probably end up throwing them out anyway. 
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in Starting January 27th . Anyone else want to start an accountability team   
    We can't really say how big you palm or your fist is, so we can't tell you how much to eat.
    Hold your hand out in front of you and make a fist, and look at it. Is your fist the size of one pear? Three pears? If you're not sure, go get a pear, set it next to your fist, and look at it. I suspect that your closed fist is not the same size as three pears, unless you're the size of Andre the Giant. Or if you've found some tiny little mini pears. It is probably about the size of one average size pear. It's probably not exactly the same size, but roughly that size. We don't need you to carve the pear down to exactly the right size or anything,  just a rough estimate is fine. Have a serving or two of fruit each day if you want to -- you never have to have fruit if you don't want it -- and when you have fruit have it with a meal, not on its own.
    For the rest of the template, same idea -- estimate based on the size of your hand, don't worry if sometimes it's a little more or a little less. Have lots of vegetables, have a serving of protein at least the length, width, and height of the palm of your hand (or if eggs are your only protein in a meal, have as many whole eggs as you can hold in one hand, probably 3-4), and then add a serving or two of fat from those listed on the template, generally in addition to oil you cook in. You'll know you're getting everything about right if you can go 4-5 hours between meals pretty easily. 
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Jeany in Instant Pot Recipes????   
    Most of the recipes over at Nom Nom Paleo are either Whole30 or easily modified to be, and she's got lots of Instant Pot recipes: 
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    ShannonM816 reacted to cutterlm in Post Reintroduction Fear   
    Thank you Shannon!  On your recommendation, I have just started Food Freedom Forever (which is on Amazon kindle Unlimited!!)  
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Lainey18 in Finding myself   
    Hi, @Lainey18 -- hang in there, you'll get through these cravings. Do something nice for yourself, whether that's reading a favorite book or magazine, working on a hobby you love, pampering yourself with a bubble bath or your favorite lotion, or whatever works for you. Changing habits is not easy, but it is worth it, and you are worth the effort it takes to be healthier.
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from TaraR in Sautéed onions   
    In general, onions are okay, no matter how you cook them, but double check the ingredients on the Pam because many nonstick sprays contain soy lecithin or other ingredients that are not okay. You can find some downloads here that address some of the ingredients that you might see on labels:
    As far as searching, the easiest way is to use Google and search for whole30 plus whatever you're looking for, or whole30 forum plus whatever you're looking for. Typically this will bring up replies on the forum or from the official site among the first few results.