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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from leigh8210 in Reintroducing Preworkout   
    You'd probably go by ingredients, assuming that there's only one non-whole30 ingredient. Added sugar is okay, if there's only one other, like pea protein or whey. If it has multiple non-whole30 ingredients from different categories, you would probably save it for last, paying attention to how you react to those particular categories. If you react very strongly to one of the ingredients, you'll probably also react to the pre-workout, so you may not want to reintroduce it anyway. 
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Birdie7117 in Just want to be triple sure   
    Yes, it's fine. 
    Many foods have naturally occurring sugars, which have to be listed on the nutrition info panel -- that's what the 14 grams of sugar listed is from. Whole30 isn't worried about naturally occurring sugars, only added sugars and sweeteners, which would have to be listed as ingredients. 
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Jay168 in Is suja immuntiy defense boost ok?   
    This is ok. It's just fruit juice with added probiotics. Like any fruit juice, we wouldn't really recommend drinking a lot of it (see the Can I Have list for the stance on fruit juice: 
    Keep in mind, there are no foods that miraculously prevent you from getting a virus. Eat healthy, get enough sleep, limit stress, exercise a bit, wash your hands often (and then use lotion to prevent over-drying your skin if necessary), and avoid unnecessary contact with other people -- these things will be much more helpful than drinking juice.
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Blondejax1234 in Salad dressing   
    You should try to have legumes at each meal today, just whatever would be a normal serving for you. That could be more peanuts, or some hummus, or some beans or peas, or some soy sauce. The only reason you might not want a serving at each meal is if after one serving you immediately had some kind of reaction and didn't feel you needed any more evidence to know that it's something you want to avoid.
    The Italian dressing would depend on what non-whole30 ingredients are in it. If it's all compliant except for soybean oil, it would be perfect for legume reintroduction. If it's got dairy or some other non-whole30, non-legume ingredient, then you'd save it for the day you do the reintro for that ingredient, or if it's multiple non-whole30 ingredients from different groups, then you'd wait til you're done reintroducing everything. 
    Sugar/sweeteners can be difficult to avoid. They sometimes are in things you want to use for reintroductions, and that's mostly fine, although it might be worth doing a separate day for sugar-free sweeteners like equal or sugar alcohols because they can cause digestive issues for some people. A little sugar in your peanut butter on legume reintro day is not a problem. 
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from JulieKenny in Clarification of days in between reintroduction days   
    The official recommendation is two days. 
    There are no official whole30 Facebook groups, so when something is said in a fb group that differs from what you read in the whole30 books or the official website, go with the books or website. 
    Having said that, if you feel that adding more days between reintroductions might be helpful for you, you can certainly do that. You could ask the administrator of the group to link you to sources for that information, and if those sources seem credible to you, you might choose to follow them, and that is fine. But the official stance is two days between.
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from BabyBear in Fruit Consumption   
    The meal template, including the recommended servings of fruit, is just a recommendation, not a rule. You could eat nothing but fruit for 30 days and technically would have done a whole30, though we obviously wouldn't recommend that.
    If you feel good, and you're meeting whatever goals you have, you can just keep going. If you feel like you're using fruit to avoid eating vegetables, or because you're craving sweets, or you feel like the fruit might be messing with your blood sugar, maybe you'd want to think about cutting back for a while and see if it makes a difference. 
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Greg65 in Greg's Log, notes on progress. 3/1/2020   
    Rules are here: Check out the meal template and other helpful information here:
    After the initial 30 days, it is recommended that you do reintroductions, described here:
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from JCar in Mood swings   
    I remember feeling like this during a couple of the whole30s I've done. My best guess at the time was that I have always been an emotional eater, and with whole30 I was not able to distract myself from my feelings with food and actually had to acknowledge them and let them run their course. That is totally not scientific, it was something someone else mentioned and when I thought about it, it made sense to me. If it doesn't seem to apply in your case, just ignore it.
    Food-wise, having at least a serving of starchy vegetables each day can help with some mood issues, and people who are prone to depression or anxiety sometimes find they need more than one serving a day. Oily fish like salmon can help too. 
    Obviously if these emotions feel overwhelming to you, or they last more than a day or two, you should probably check in with your doctor. 
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Azul Marino in Natural flavoring   
    Natural flavors are allowed, though you are certainly welcome to choose not to have them if that's important to you.
    I would assume the corn mentioned on the salsa is probably from the vinegar if there's not actually corn listed as an ingredient. Any vinegar except malt vinegar (because it contains gluten) is ok on whole30. Salsa is not really difficult to find compliant versions of, you could check some other brands to see if you could find one that uses vinegar from other sources if you're concerned about it.
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from BabyBear in Allergies & antihistimines   
    If you need the medicine to function, take it. I'm not sure if there are compliant versions of these available, your best bet would probably be to ask a pharmacist what options are available, but again, if you can't find a compliant version, take the medicine anyway. You don't need to be miserable. 
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Sumisbeat in Some notes about using the forum   
    Hello everyone and welcome to the Whole30 forums.
    We welcome everyone to join the forum and have discussions about Whole30 -- just please be sure you follow the rules. 
    If you're not sure you want to make an account, feel free to browse as much as you want while you decide, but please know that if you want to post on the forum, you do need to make an account. You will also need an account to report posts that you feel don't meet the forum rules as well as to send private messages to members and mods.  Signing up is free and easy to do; you don't even have to tell us your real name if you don't want to, just make sure whatever name you choose complies with the forum rules linked above.
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from steff_s in day 11 and feeling sad   
    This is not really normal. You may want to talk to your doctor, just so they can help you keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't get worse. If you have a counselor,  talk to them as well.
    Definitely be sure you're eating at least one fist-sized serving of starchy vegetables each day, and people prone to anxiety or depression often find they need two or three servings most days.
    Also, be sure you're having healthy fats at each meal, a serving or two in addition to any oil you cook in. 
    Non-food things that might help include getting out in the sunshine every day, getting some movement every day (this could be going for a walk, stretching or yoga, dancing around the house), interacting with other people, and getting good sleep.
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from LO867 in Coffee questions   
    Both are suggestions. We recommend coffee with or after breakfast rather than before because it can be an appetite suppressant. It's recommended not to have it after noon because it can affect your sleep. You are free to ignore those recommendations. 
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from lizziehall in Doctor says no milk including ghee   
    Coconut, olive, or avocado oil are probably the most-used oils, and any of them should work in place of ghee, though they each have different flavors, so it may take some trying different things to see what you like best. 
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from undagrounds0und in Whole30 approved Great Value meal, but contains milk?   
    This is fine for whole30. It has the warning because it contains ghee, which is made from butter. Whole30 allows ghee because the process of making it removes what are thought to be the most problematic parts of the butter, but companies still have to state it contains milk, because if someone is allergic to milk, they could still have a reaction. 
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Avery04 in On the verge of quitting...   
    For now, make the best meal you can with what you have on hand. If you have some kind of starchy vegetable, include that, and be sure you've got some fat in it too. When you can get to the store, then you can have that comfort meal, so you've got something to look forward to.
    Once you've eaten, think about why you want to cheat. Is there some kind of stressors in your life you need to address? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating enough, and the right mix of things? Is it just that you've done this before and aren't as motivated this time around (which is pretty common)? Try to figure out why you feel this way, so you can decide how to fix it.
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Antspatola91 in Sir Kensington   
    This is fine. Do pay attention if you buy more in the future, I think they have multiple types of mayo and not all were compliant last time I looked.
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from ladyshanny in High morning blood glucose   
    No one here is a doctor. We can't give you any kind of medical advice.
    A change in diet is going to affect blood sugar levels, but three days isn't necessarily long enough to say whether it's going to continue at this level or change over time as your body adjusts. I would suggest maybe calling your doctor and telling them what's going on and see if they are concerned enough to change something now or if you're ok to just wait until you go in next week.
    Obviously though if this is really affecting how you feel and whether you're able to carry on with your day, go to a doctor or urgent care or something now.
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from CrystalSanderson in Egg allergy   
    Can she eat chicken, beef, pork, or turkey? You could make breakfast sausage out of ground meat, there are quite a few recipes out there (I personally don't like fennel, which is an ingredient in a lot of sausage recipes -- it's a fairly strong licorice type flavor, so if that's a flavor she might not like, you can leave it out of recipes or find ones that don't include it). You could include this or diced grilled or baked chicken or seasoned ground beef in a breakfast hash with sweet potatoes, broccoli, and pretty much any vegetables you all like.
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from lizziehall in January Whole30 Log   
    Could be. Bloating is definitely pretty common around this time. Cooked rather than raw vegetables, limiting nuts/nut butters, and drinking plenty of water should help.
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Gail123 in Medication   
    You should always continue to take medication that your doctor has told you to take even if the ingredients are not 100% Whole30 compliant. 
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from KristinaMain in Egg Cups   
    Yes, this is compliant. There are all kinds of recipes for them if you want ideas for what to put in them, they're sometimes called egg muffins. You can also do a similar thing as an egg bake or a frittata and just slice it into servings.
    For reheating, you could do it in a microwave (wrap/cover in a damp paper towel to prevent it drying if you like) or in a toaster oven or regular oven. They're usually not bad cold, either, if you're really in a hurry one morning. 
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Bennett in Can I have H.E.B Orignial Rotisserie Chicken?   
    Those ingredients are fine.
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from jlm3pc in Bulletproof Collagen Protein   
    If there's no ingredients list, I'm guessing it is just collagen powder, in which case it would be fine. You could always double check with the company to be sure, but if there were flavors or sweeteners or other stuff added, they'd have to be listed. 
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    ShannonM816 got a reaction from Niya in Re-starting tomorrow Jan 4 2020   
    What a sweet bunny! I'm sorry for your loss. Give yourself some grace right now, emotional eating is a hard habit to break. You may still find yourself reaching for food due to grief and stress, if you realize you're doing that, try to stop and do something else instead -- journal, do something artistic or creative, meditate, go for a walk, exercise, or even just sit with your grief, allow yourself to cry or yell or whatever. But if you don't realize that's what's going on at first, don't beat yourself up about it.