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  1. 1 hour ago, SchrodingersCat said:

    I love Whole30 sleep - I actually end up sore from not moving for so long!!

    Love the fitness goals - I'm going to give myself a week then start setting some mild exercise goals.

    Giving up the wine is a biggie for me, too - it really hates me, no matter how much I love it!!


    I actually found W30 sleep kind of scary.  Not waking up all night?  But now. I'd like to experience that again.

  2. Just began a Whole30 this morning so Day 1 for me.  Already having to ditch a dinner outting suggested by my loopy sister who, knowing I was going to do a W30 this month, suggested dinner out at an Italian restaurant which has nothing on the menu that looks close to compliant.

    Anyway, I just need to step down on my alcohol and grains.  I have some joint pain I'd like to see if I can address via the w30.  Certainly stress management (I mentioned my loopy sister, right?).  Obviously weight, energy and sleep.