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  1. I like adding just a teaspoon or so of raw apple cider vinegar to 32 oz of a little flavor and health benefits too. I am not a water drinker and this really helps!
  2. OrganicMom

    coconut water?

    Well, I guess I can understand using it for replacing electrolytes only and not overusing it. I don't see it as "fruit juice"... but of course I know it contains natural sugar and carbs and should be monitored... my dh likes it. I don't like it all by itself and only use the raw for the occasional addition to a green smoothie for the nutrients... and I do mean occasional. He would drink it daily if I let him...the raw is super expensive! We just can't afford it so this gives me another reason to tell him to back off a bit. But he does need those electrolytes as it sweats a ton when he works out...
  3. OrganicMom

    coconut water?

    Im surprised at the no coconut water. Does this apply to raw coconut water by harmless harvest too? Why? Even as an occasional treat?