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    volleyball, biking, basketball, UK football tailgating and basketball, running, strong self-esteem
  1. audmeighan


    Hi all! Hubs and I are doing our second W30 January 1st and then recommitting to Paleo for the rest of our lives. We live in downtown Lexington, KY and can't wait to get back to walking and biking all over our li'l community!
  2. audmeighan

    Starting Tuesday, May 27th

    I'm here! I fell off the wagon but am working to get back to basic Whole 30 soon. My main problem is finding new recipes I like--I've gotten tired of the ones I love, but I don't like any of the new ones I've tried. I need a boost!
  3. audmeighan

    Starting Tuesday, May 27th

    I'm still here! Day 8 for me and hubs made theclothesmakethegirl's Bora Bora Fireballs with Sunshine Sauce (, so I've been eating those a lot. That may be my favorite clean recipe despite the fact that it's extremely labor intensive. I love this thread because everyone is sharing their challenges while staying so positive! Thanks for the energy, y'all!
  4. audmeighan

    Starting Tuesday, May 27th

    Thanks for all the check-ins and positivity here everyone! Hubs and I are on day 5 and going strong--was a little tired this morning, but I'm super-motivated now. I miss wine on these gorgeous early summer days, though..... Good work, y'all!!!
  5. audmeighan

    1st time..starting May graveyards.

    How's it going? Hubs and I are starting Day 5 today and other than being extremely tired, we're doing okay. Feeling much "cleaner" and already fitting into our clothes better...
  6. audmeighan

    1st time..starting May graveyards.

    I'm doing my second Whole 30 starting May 27th, so keep in touch if you need support. My last experience was amazing and I'm only mad because I fell off the wagon 6 months later. Good luck!
  7. audmeighan

    Starting Tuesday, May 27th

    I'm starting my second Whole 30 Tuesday as well. I'm really hoping to use this forum for support more this time because I fell off the wagon hard last year. I feel horrible and can barely get out of bed every morning, so I'm ready for superclean eating and getting back on the paleo track! Good luck, y'all!
  8. audmeighan

    closet sugar addict

    I know exactly what you are talking about. I have done the same thing and it's usually at work where I don't want people to see. I guess obviously, that is because I know it's bad for me and I'm trying to hide the negative behavior. As for underlying causes, mine seems to be related to work. I find myself unhappy in regular jobs and I will retreat to eating to avoid tasks I don't want to do and/or to fill time when work is slow. After my Whole 30 last year, I found that my body just didn't accept these foods anymore--as in, they no longer had that I-must-devour-all-dozen-doughnuts-before-anyone-sees effect. And, if I did cave and take a bite, it actually tasted bad and usually gave me at least a pang of stomach pain. Since then, I've gotten really off track and am sneaking candy, soft drinks, and any number of treats people bring to work as a coping mechanism for anxiety, boredom and frustration. I don't know what advice to give, but hope it helps to know that you're not alone, at least. My plan is to do another Whole 30 as soon as I can muster the will power....
  9. audmeighan

    So whats the scoop on tunafish?

    My husband says tuna steaks or ahi tuna are "tuna" but "the stuff in the can" is "tunafish." He has some disdain for the canned stuff....
  10. audmeighan

    Want to help me solve a mystery?

    Did you find anything out? This might sound weird, but I actually got sick once from a salt & pepper blend used at a restaurant. My best friend who has an iron gut tried it and also got sick. So, I'm leaning toward the spices on this one.....
  11. I'm on day 4 and having the same problem. My menu is similar to yours and I've been thinking maybe I need to up my veggie intake. Sorry I don't have the answer but, for what it's worth, I feel your pain!