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    Hi, Jessica! I am following your posts with interest because I too have Graves (moderately controlled with methimazole) and reactive hypoglycemia (since I was 10). I have come to believe that the two are linked, and when my Graves is flaring, my hypoglycemia is much worse (makes sense, hyperthyroid jacks up your metabolism, thus, you burn through your food energy faster). During and for the 18 months after my pregnancy, by the way, my Graves was RAGING. Now, I am not breastfeeding two kiddos (go Mom!) so my experience will be different than yours for now, but what I can tell you (I'm on Day 29) was the best thing I noticed about the Whole 30 is that my blood sugar/hunger evened out QUICKLY, maybe by the 5th day? Before Whole 30, I always experienced the frequent-meals-but-still-get-the-shakes/hangry fluctuations, and although I always tried to eat a higher protein diet with many mini meals (higher protein has helped to some degree with the hypoglycemia), I was also eating a good bit of grain, processed carbs, and SUGAR SUGAR SUGAR. Definitely get up to two palms of protein if you can, and add in another meal. Your Graves may also be speeding up your metabolism, and that with the b.f. means your calorie needs are much higher than the average person. If there's any way you can stock up on foods that are a good mix of protein and fat that you can grab quickly, that will be a much better bet than eating the fruit. I recently made some paleo meatloaf muffins that can be microwaved in 30-45 seconds (and they freeze nicely); those are a good grab it when you are hypoglycemic and have no time! Here's a link: Not sure if there are AIP forbidden ingredients in there, but you could tinker. You could also grab cooked chicken, or any meat, really, plus a fast fat (coconut butter, which I don't love, but sometimes it's food as medicine??) I know you are obviously busy (!!) but would love to keep in touch and compare notes and see how things are going. If I can be of any help, please let me know!
  2. melcrawf

    Sleepy still after 28days

    Hey, Mom 2A&M! Reading this thread a month later and wondering how you are doing? I have some of the same issues you do (lack of restful sleep, sensitive gut) and was wondering if it got any better later on in your Whole 30? I am on Day 28, and I have to say, I never got the energy that others talked of (and had a serious Kill All The Things period between Days 23-27). I am toying with extending to 45 or even 60 days to see if I get there, or if this just isn't why I am tired all the time (and achy etc.) Hope you are well!
  3. Thanks, Tom, this is helpful. The book was a tad vague about the reintroduction phase -- it was not clear to me if you do (for example) dairy at each meal for one day, and then revert to Whole30 and observe for 2-3 days, or if you were to do dairy at all meals for all 3-4 days. It sounds like just one day, and then observing for 2-3 days before either trying it again, or moving on to another reintroduction? I am having a hard time at Day 27 (from Day 23 til now). -- I am officially doing "Kill All The Things" at a very different point than it happens for most, apparently!
  4. Photo Mom, I hope you are doing better! I am also a fibro person, with Graves Disease. I am on Day 26 of my first Whole 30, and days 23-26 have been the worst so far. I am super achy, tired, bitchy, and sick sick sick of the food. I am disappointed, because I have always been a veggie lover, and now I am dreading them. Wondering if you've had any improvements since you started again? Rooting for you!! Melissa
  5. Cavegirl, research the effects of goitrogens (i.e. cruciferous veg) on thyroid hormone production -- assuming some portion of your thyroid is still functioning, cruciferous veg can slow down the ability of the thyroid to convert iodine to thyroid hormone. Also, are you using iodized salt? If you are using all sea salt, you may be iodine deficient. (I have Graves that is partially controlled with methimazole -- my doc prefers this approach because the nuclear medicine guys almost always overdo it and wipe out too much of the thyroid, and severe hypo is very hard to regulate/bring to balance). So sorry this has happened to you, it can make you feel so crappy. Happy to commiserate any time! Here's a link to some info about the veg:
  6. This is very interesting. I have a small case of this, and my son has it worse (for him, it is itchy). Can I ask where you find a dry brush?