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    Struggling with the morning routine

    You all are such a wealth if information! Thank you for all of the great suggestions :-) I ate a mini meal an hour after getting up when hunger struck, but frankly it made me feel ill. It was left over dinner of pork, squash and broc....not easy on the belly at 6 am but even the few bites that I had were well balanced and enough to tide me over. Now I have just finished my first bulletproof coffee and feel more normal than I have in three days, woot! I will have a proper breakfast shortly, I think perhaps this mini meal at 6 followed by a proper breakfast at 8 may be the best approach for me. Also I do sit down an enjoy most of my meals the trouble is getting up at 5 and not haveing the time to sit down and eat until 8...that is part of the challenge. Also despising eggs for breakfast ;-) I greatly appreciate all of the ideas and suggestion!
  2. ChickenNoodle

    Struggling with the morning routine

    I do have a few great hearty soup recipes...ok, off to go digging thru my recipe pile. Right now I have some chicken bones simmering and some pork in the crock. Both good for a breakfast soup!
  3. ChickenNoodle

    Struggling with the morning routine

    Soup does sound so much more appealing....maybe I need to make a pot of soup specifically for breakfast. Chicken tortilla soup with Avo and a squeeze of line sounds like an awesome breakfast :-) But isn't that too much fat for a PWO meal? *edited to clarify Pre work out meal, not post
  4. ChickenNoodle

    Struggling with the morning routine

    Ok, I am listening with an open mind. Sometimes it is hard to shake the 'but I know what works best for me' mindset, so I am really trying here and I do appreciate the feedback. Morning routine can not be changed to include a sit down breakfast,,,unfortunately. In the past when I played with lowering my carb intake I made a real effort to trade out my smoothie several days a week for solid food and it was a real struggle, not only with my timeline but also food, especially eggs and veggies, are just so unappealing that early. Keep the suggestions coming...
  5. I am struggling with my morning routine. Mornings suck with out my coffee but I can get thru that, I am learning to appreciate black coffee. Here is my real challenge: I am not an egg lover and my mornings are too full to make my breakfast before I am starved, I am up at 5 and don't slow down enough to eat until 8. This is a struggle with out coffee/cream/ sugar to tide me over. Plus, 4 mornings I go straight to run after dropping off Dd at school and need to have something in my system. Coffee followed by a string cheese used to work just fine but now that is off the menu. Would it really be that terrible to go against advice here and have my morning (compliant- frozen 2/3c spinach and 1/3c blueberries, coconut milk and 1/4 banana) smoothie along with some sausage or other protein? I can make this early and sip it as I get my kiddos going and or finish it in the car. I am getting the sense that my smoothie would = a fail! but I don't think it should if it is compliant. I understand that breaking old habits is hard for everyone but I don't understand why a morning smoothie is a big no no. It is not the typical "sweet" smoothie, heavy on fruit. Any feedback would be welcome!