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  1. ChickenNoodle

    On Day 12...I did an Ironman

    Congrats! Can't wait to read all about it :-) A shot at Kona is awesome, so proud of you! Great pic too!
  2. ChickenNoodle

    Sugar cravings worse after whole 30

    I went sugar crazy after my w30, but a few weeks later and things have simmered down. I am able to allow in little bits of sugar without going crazy now.
  3. ChickenNoodle

    6 days until Ironman!

    You are going to rock it! I can't wait for your race report :-) Good luck and have a blast!
  4. ChickenNoodle

    A week to prep for travel

    Thanks for the book recommendation, I will definitely get it. Hubby is into endurance but not nutrition :-( I have been into nutrition but not much exercise. Just started walking in Feb, running in April...although I have been doing Masters swim off and on for years. I have been fascinated by nutrition for the last several years, since finding out my kids and hubby are gluten intolerant. Sports nutrition is my more recent passion. I have heard/read what you said about using up the glycogen store and replenishing them before a race. Interesting stuff. We are starting a new tradition this Thanksgiving, a family 5k. We have 4 kids, they will do a run/walk combination but we will start out the day doing something good for our bodies and I am hoping that my older two (22 & 20) get the bug. I am looking forward to reading your race report. Good luck finishing your prep this week.
  5. ChickenNoodle

    Completely off the rails!

    I went off the rails my second week post W30. Sugar sugar sugar! I was really feeling like a failure. Then for some reason it all eased up this last week. I had been premenstrual so that definitely created some sugar cravings, but this last week I have had more control. Each day I become more and more compliant. Maybe (for me) it was a little bit of rebellion, and I was overthinking everything. Go back to eating large, balanced heathy meals. When you have cravings evaluate if you are really hungry. I found that I was not eating enough good balanced meals post W30 and then cravings would hit and they were hard to resist. Now I make sure that I fill up properly at each meal, if I get a craving I am better able to decide if it is a food that I want to allow into my life. It seems to really help. Now 3 weeks post W30, I am feeling more settled and more in control again! Hang in there, keep to the meal plan and you will do fine as you settle into a healthy balance of foods.
  6. ChickenNoodle

    Legumes, anyone?

    I have chosen to add a few items back in regular rotation, an adult beverage on the weekends, cream and sugar in my coffee. We all have our favorites that we miss and want to include, as long as it does not lead to an unhealthy that case, carefully reconsider and evaluate if it is worth it. Legumes are hard on the digestive system. I avoid them mostly because they are quite carby...but in the hierarchy of foods they are low on the totem pole of things I am worried about as I personally have an iron gut. My family has switched to almond butter and won't go back, it is awesome. ..don't have any need/desire for peanut butter.
  7. ChickenNoodle

    Margarine vs butter

    Some people just like to argue :-( There are a few people that you will come across who are open to learning a new way of eating, the vast majority will think you are a nut and either try to prove you wrong or politely ignore what you have to say. Choose your battles wisely.
  8. ChickenNoodle

    A week to prep for travel

    So in the week prior do you increase your carb intake...meaning from naturals healthy carbs, like sweet pots, dried fruit etc? I have been reading Loren Cordain's Paleo Diet for Athletes. He recommends a lot of carbs, from good sources, but still a lot. I am planning to do a tri long course this summer and hopefully a 10 miler and half marathon before then, so I am interested in learning more about endurance specific diets. I'd love any resources, books, websites etc that you can share. Best of luck this weekend, I can't wait to hear how it goes!
  9. ChickenNoodle

    A week to prep for travel

    goSonja...he proudly told us he was lubing us his @ss when we called reality, pretty sure he was about to eat breakfast but it was pretty funny. What is your nutrition plan for the race? I am new to tris but I try to pick up bits and pieces where I can and I am espcially interested because you are obviously nutritionally aware, or you would be on this site. I would love to hear your eating strategy for the days leading up to the race as well as race day itself.
  10. ChickenNoodle

    A week to prep for travel

    I traveled to a tri (my first sprint) the same weekend as Kona. I brought a few Lara bars, macadamias, rasins, and dried apricots. I also packed a can of coconut milk for my morning coffee, as well as little individual containers of coconut oil and ghee, also to dump into my coffee. Also packed coconut water and individual packets of almond butter (Justin's brand I think) easy to squeeze onto an apple. In our newly renovated airport, I found a place with an awesome salad bar, so I packed up a container of raw veg with grilled chicken to take on the flight. Best of luck, I really enjoyed reading your Kona story. We had a friend there competing as well, a group of 40 of us all skyped him at 4:30 am Kona time on race day. So exciting!
  11. ChickenNoodle

    A week to prep for travel

    I just read your blog post about Kona, awesome job! Huge congrats :-)
  12. ChickenNoodle

    A week to prep for travel

    Are you racing?
  13. ChickenNoodle

    Help...Extra Spaghetti Squash

    Add shredded carrots (I micro them for two minutes to soften), a whisked egg, salt, pepper, any other onion, diced chiles...make into little patties and pan fry in coconut oil. Yummy
  14. ChickenNoodle

    Trying to eat better with kids - this is HARD

    I suggest doing a big cook up of things over the weekend. On Saturdays I prepare a loose menu and shop then on Sunday I hard boil eggs, roast up some meats(usually cook ground beef, roast pork and chicken), par boil some veggies etc. it really helps to manage the week days which are super busy. I also make lunches the afternoon/evening before. Actually I package up a weeks worth of nuts/dried fruit, chips (yes, a small snack sized bag with chips does go to shoot me) any pantry type foods. Makes it easy to just grab the packets from the pantry and cold prepped food from the frig. Usually all I have to do is slice aplples and lunches are done. Of course breakfast is trickier. You can whip up a frittata or paleo pancakes, or make paleo waffles on the weekend and freeze, or muffins, or crust less quiche.....lots of options but planning and prepping ahead is a HUGE help.
  15. ChickenNoodle

    Starting Whole30 during marathon training?

    Congrats! Sounds like it was a tough one....great job for sticking it out!