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    You all are such a wealth if information! Thank you for all of the great suggestions :-)
    I ate a mini meal an hour after getting up when hunger struck, but frankly it made me feel ill. It was left over dinner of pork, squash and broc....not easy on the belly at 6 am but even the few bites that I had were well balanced and enough to tide me over.
    Now I have just finished my first bulletproof coffee and feel more normal than I have in three days, woot! I will have a proper breakfast shortly, I think perhaps this mini meal at 6 followed by a proper breakfast at 8 may be the best approach for me.
    Also I do sit down an enjoy most of my meals the trouble is getting up at 5 and not haveing the time to sit down and eat until 8...that is part of the challenge. Also despising eggs for breakfast ;-)
    I greatly appreciate all of the ideas and suggestion!
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    PreWO should be fat and protein, but it sounds like you'd be working out later? You could maybe have both meal 1 and a preWO.
    There are plenty of things that could be eaten on the run if that's what you need to do (although I second the suggestion to sit down to eat - coming from someone who used to eat on the run constantly, making the effort to sit down and eat mindfully has many benefits!)
    Meatballs, chicken nuggets, lamb cutlets, fish cakes/balls could be eaten cold. Take some vegie sticks and a dip (mayo based, avo based) or some nuts and you're set!
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    PaleOMG has a wonderful puréed carrot ginger soup. It's is quite lovely, warm, comforting and delish! I can't link the recipe because I am tech challenged, but a google search "paleo carrot ginger soup" will bring right there.
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    I'm curious - does the shredded sweet potato oxidize from sitting around in the fridge?  Even if it does, I'd imagine it doesn't affect the taste, just the appearance. 
    I struggle with the morning routine, too. I'm already up quite early (~5:30), and from there it's a mad dash** of getting showered, coifed, made up, unloading dishwasher, making breakfasts and lunches (2 kids, 1 husband, me), getting dressed, giving hugs and kisses and running out the door.  It's not ideal, but I usually have a few bites of breakfast with my coffee and then the rest of my breakfast once I get to my office. 
    ** "mad dash" might make it sound like I'm quick at this.  Don't be fooled.  It takes me about 2 hours to do all that and get out of the house.  Then it's about a 40 minute commute.  So, waiting until I get to work would be way too long to go without food from wake-up time. 
    Now, I could make this all easier on myself by doing more the night before, but there's plenty to be done then, too.
    It may sound like it, but I'm not really complaining.  A lot of what takes up my time is preparing fresh food for my family and myself, and that's a really good thing.  Now, if I had a housekeeper to deal with the dishes and laundry and stuff, that would be cool ;-)
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    Some sort of butternut squash or sweet potato soup might work for breakfast.  My favorite recipe has coconut milk and cashews, so that might be too much fat for PWO, but you could play around to see if you can figure out a recipe that you like.  I really like mine cold and warm.