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  1. LydiaMill

    Day 29, Bloated, but Happy

    Thank you so much, Robin. I do get quite a lot of high-intensity exercise, so I may need to up the volume of food, though I am so full-feeling all the time, it's hard to imagine. I looked at the article--very informative. And it looks like I may have to give up some loves like coconut... Have stopped eating nuts. Thank you!
  2. LydiaMill

    Day 29, Bloated, but Happy

    Hi Robin! Thanks for getting back to me. What is a FODMAP? I eat about a handful of nuts per day. Will cut them out and see how I feel. Here is a few day's worth of meals--I was writing them for my acupuncturist, anyway: DAY I Breakfast Tea with coconut manna blended in Sauteed in ghee: zucchini, onion, yellow squash, butternut squash, with 2 eggs. Lunch Salad with: dressing (balsamic, amino acids, dijon, olive oil) mixed greens tomato scallions 1/4 avocado smoked salmon (4 oz) Snack Handful cashews Asian Pear Dinner Lean steak (3-4 oz) sauteed spinach and garlic salad of greens, balsamic dressing 2 dates DAY II Brunch/Breakfast Boiled egg Tea with coconut manna blended in fruit salad (papaya, apple, pear, raspberries) Smoked salmon Snack Handful nuts and Asian pear Dinner Beef stew (Beef, carrots, onions) Salad with balsamic and blanched green beans bowl of raspberries DAY III Breakfast Tea with coconut manna veggies sauteed (onion, tomato, spinach) with ground veal Lunch salad and boiled egg Snack Cashews and pear DInner Roast chicken Green salad with balsamic Papaya THANK YOU!
  3. LydiaMill

    Day 29, Bloated, but Happy

    I am on Day 29 and, though I did not weigh myself when I began and do not plan on weighing myself the day-after-tomorrow, on Day 31, I am clearly bigger than when I started. My clothes are tighter and my belly protrudes. I did take pics. When I started, I was about 10-15 pounds heavier than I would like to be, but within normal (5'5" 145-150). I remind myself that my goals for the W30 were to overcome my sugar addiction and figure out what could be causing the bloating and bad digestion (constipation) for the last 3 years. NOT to lose weight...but I have to say, I've battled disappointment and was secretly hoping that this program would slim me down. I am 49, so peri-menopause is part of the equation, for sure. I take progesterone. I have hypo-thyroid and take a low dose of Levoxyl. I exercise 4-5 times a week--various workouts. And have been taking saunas afterwards to get rid of toxins. Also, from age 22 until just a few months ago (27 years!), I took a small dose of antibiotics every time I had intercourse. I have seen many docs and that was the only way I could stay out of the ER at 3 am. I recently found an alternative to antibiotics that seems to be working, but that's another story... On Day 12, I had a massage with a friend who mentioned that acupuncture might address the constipation. I went that next week for acupuncture and have been 2 times total (will continue). She is working to strengthen my kidneys and relieve my constipation. She says she's seen the W30 radically change the clients who have done it. I looked at the W30 Forum and started using Digestive Enzymes, Magnesium, and take a huge dose of probiotics to address the probable candida after so many years of antibiotic use. Oy. Still no relief. I just found some posts that recommend sweet potato and butternut squash for constipation. Coincidentally, other posts mention that veggies with higher carbs are also recommended for hypo-thyroid. I will add more of these and see what happens. I am very clear that going back to starting the day with tea, milk, and honey, and then battling cravings every 2 hours, is not the way to health. To cut out anything that could be contributing to inflammation and hormonal imbalances, can only be good. I plan to continue a modified W30 for...who knows? I love it. I feel great. My skin glows...and most important and profound, is that for the first time since adolescence, I have real balance in my eating. I have no cravings, either physical or emotional. And that is, simply, extraordinary. I am so grateful to this program. I am continuing with faith that going back cannot be better, that this feels just right for me, and that things will/must get better! Will post again around W45! Or W60, or whatever it takes.