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  1. NazzaB

    Sourcing food in Australia

    I've been looking through the Well Fed recipes and she uses them a lot for sauces and in recipes! I feel like I need them! But without knowing what it tastes like I don't know how to substitute. Ah well.
  2. NazzaB

    Sourcing food in Australia

    What's people's take on coconut aminos? Is it even worth it? I only use soy sauce on sushi really... I do add it to stir frys sometimes but I can go without. I do love sashimi and not having any soy sauce to dip it in is a tragedy. Do they taste similar?
  3. Sounds like a plan! Thank you
  4. I second this question. I have a birthday on the 1st of Nov (finishing my W30 on 30 Oct). I really would like to have a couple of drinks. I am happy to still keep to my W30 eating and forgo all the non-compliant food but just wondering if drinking will throw my reintro completely out of whack? I guess it depends what kind of alcohol it is. Should I drink wine or spirits so as not to consume wheat if I'm not testing that yet?
  5. NazzaB

    Sourcing food in Australia

    Ugh amazing! I was so disappointed that Coyo had Xylitol in it. Although I eat it like a naughty treat so it's probably not a bad thing to go without for a few weeks.