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  1. KimmyW

    Starting Whole 30 on Oct. 1st! Anyone else?

    Thanks amberino. Words of wisdom again. I re-read (carefully) the days you referenced, and you're probably right - I think I'm experiencing a combination of days 15 and 21 (maybe from day 15 TO day 21 LOL). I'm yet to experience Tiger Blood, so hopefully it will kick in soon. I do tend to train every day because 1) I love it, 2) it's a great stress relief, and 3) it's a break from home/work responsibilities. I took myself off to a yoga class today instead Thanks for your support - I might spend some quality time this weekend planning out some great new recipes for next week and doing a shop & food prep. xoxo
  2. KimmyW

    Starting Whole 30 on Oct. 1st! Anyone else?

    Day 19 for me. Still travelling along OK - have had a couple of episodes of "I am SO over this" because I was tired and couldn't be bothered cooking (again!) or wanting to just vegetate in front of the TV with a packet of lolly bananas. I think at the root of this is that I started the W30 hoping that it would resolve some of my inflammatory issues, and I've noticed no improvement at all. Starting to think that my digestive system is fine and I don't have intolerance issues, and my problem is something different (can anyone say 'overtraining'?). And because I've started to think this way, and started losing hope, some 'unhealthy' options are looking more and more attractive. Sorry for the downer post; I hate downer posts, but I'm just realistically telling you how I'm feeling along my journey.
  3. KimmyW

    Starting Whole 30 on Oct. 1st! Anyone else?

    AAAAARRRRGGHHHH!!!!! Food cravings! Day 16 here and for the first time I am CRAVING things. Popcorn, sugary anything, a nice cold diet coke or alcoholic beverage. I have been so balanced and awesome the last 15 days, but today is just driving me mental. Distract distract distract. It's not that I'm hungry - I feel a bit lethargic today and it's driving me to desire mindless comfort eating
  4. KimmyW

    Grass Fed Beef from Australia

    I'm an Australian and I was having a lovely chat to the butcher this morning about sources of meat in Australia, and he said with only a few exceptions most of our beef is grass fed. He said they might be fed grain right at the end when they go to market, but it's not common to get purely grain-fed cattle here. Yay for Australia! Pork on the other hand doesn't seem as reliable. And trying to find bacon that hasn't been cured with sugar? Virtually impossible! I did buy a pork belly today and I'm going to try making my own bacon.
  5. soup for breakfast. And be really excited the night before, looking forward to eating soup for breakfast!
  6. Wow Fenderbender that's AWESOME. Sounds like a hard training session and you KILLED Fran! I've never backed Fran up with Narf; sounds nasty!
  7. KimmyW

    Starting Whole 30 on Oct. 1st! Anyone else?

    Wow Trixie923 that's great to cut from 6 cans a day to nothing (ok Izze soda - not sure what that is?). I'm on day 14 and no 'magic' for me yet either - but my inflammation injuries are driving me to succeed. I live in hope that the Whole 30 will help me. I'm still really enjoying my W30 and finding the food great and the side effects tolerable. Was chatting to my family about it this morning, which has left me frustrated (wondering why I bother sharing - but it's hard not to when something excites you).
  8. My sister said to me this morning "I have an issue with cutting out whole food groups from my diet." *eye roll* Sometimes I think it's just easier to reassure them they I am perfectly happy with my nutrition and health plan, and I hope they are happy with theirs.
  9. KimmyW

    Starting Whole 30 on Oct. 1st! Anyone else?

    Yay forum is back! And I had to re-register because I disappeared somehow Anyway here in Australia, and having started on 30 Sept, I'm on day 12, and doing well. We had a warm day a few days ago and I walked past the fridge in the afternoon thinking "ohhh a diet coke would be so good right now" but kept walking. Definitely need to explore options for cold drinks on warm days - I love water and drink litres of it every day, but something different would be nice occasionally. I've felt like my tummy is slimmer (all bloating gone) although day 10 and 11 it wasn't as slim as day 8. Hoping this is just the changes to digestive enzymes as the timeline suggests. All my injuries/inflammation is the same though - no magic there yet, but I live in hope! Last night I had pork tenderloins and made my own unsweetened applesauce to go with it, and I was looking at it thinking: "Oh I could put this in a ramekin dish with some coconut flakes, almond meal, walnuts and coconut oil and it would be like an apple crumble. And as much as I know that that's not allowed (eat an apple instead!!) the thought has planted itself firmly in my head. I also had a dream a couple of nights ago that I was eating chocolate covered marshmallows, and then I remembered that I was doing W30 and I was spitting them out yelling "Oh no! They're not paleo!!" LOL