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  1. WunderHase

    Whole30 Plank in November?

    There are ways to make it more challenging, but I'm not sure if using your hands instead of elbows would be the best way to do that. As for the challenge itself, I'm sorry I'm going to have to remove myself from the list, as I'll no longer be participating in these forums. I do wish you all the best of luck though! With planks and everything else! :-)
  2. WunderHase

    Potato = Startover?

    First of all, to the original post: happy birthday, and this would be a great opportunity for you to override a habit of rewarding oneself with food. There are more valuable presents to give oneself (than a potato) and one is to realize that you have the power over food, not the other way around. Each time you make such a decision, it puts a crack in the old patterns and reinforces your own empowerment. Secondly: Wow. Shunned by a whole community for making a judgment call regarding one's own body? With all due respect, that's cult-talk, and I don't understand why these specific diets always turn into those. I can be totally honest about the fact that since I didn't follow the three meals per day rule, I can not say that I've done Whole30. I didn't do it. I ate whole foods and apart from couple of mistakes I stayed compliant, but I still didn't do Whole30. That's why I haven't written about any success story, even if I did lose a bunch of weight and inches and lost all cravings. It would not be right. I also wrote a disclaimer in my blog pointing out that even though it says "Whole30 documentation" in the title, my meal frequency and amount was not what Whole30 is supposed to look like and that I failed to follow it. I was going to try it later again for couple of weeks at least. However, now I'm just completely turned off by this whole thing, and quite honestly don't even want to be a visitor in such a community. So, I wish you all the best. This kind of thing is just not for me.
  3. WunderHase

    This is not the post I had hoped to make...

    Also, even if the changes are slow, they are still changes and will cumulate over time. The next month and year will come and go no matter what we do, so we might as well just try to do something. I spent years thinking that I should lose some weight, but every time I did the calculations of how long it would take to get me where I wanted to be, I got upset and decided to continue as I had before instead. For years. If I would've just started and continued, even at a slower pace, that problem would've been solved ages ago! So much time wasted just because I wanted to see results immediately, not next year. Don't be like me! :-)
  4. WunderHase

    This is not the post I had hoped to make...

    I'm going to have to leave for work soon, but I just really quickly wanted to respond that like Physibeth said, if you've already been eating a certain kind of diet before, the 6lbs you've lost is more likely from fat and not the water weight a lot of other people are losing. Shows like Biggest Loser and the *first* week or month successes of certain diets when people lose a lot of water weight are completely twisting our concept of what is realistic. 6lbs of body fat in 30 days without feeling hungry is actually a very reasonable expectation. Also, weight loss (or fat loss) is never linear and we can't directly influence it. We can only directly influence what we eat and how active we are. Our bodies will try to adjust accordingly, but that adjustment isn't necessarily going to be in favor of losing fat. There is no way you wouldn't be able to lose the weight you want to lose, so the voice is wrong. "There are no unrealistic goals. Only unrealistic timelines."
  5. WunderHase

    Dairy reintro

    The only thing I noticed after eating dairy was that I felt more full. Since it wasn't an uncomfortable feeling, I'm assuming I didn't get a bad reaction. I honestly don't know either what kind of reaction I should've gotten if dairy didn't suit me.
  6. WunderHase

    No appetite

    Been there. I didn't really do anything about it, since I wasn't truly active (and hence wasn't in dire need of energy), but it is a tricky situation. For some reason, the only things I could imagine eating during those times are raw carrots and raw red bell peppers. Anyhoo, I think praxisproject is right about the starchy veggies. It's better to do something about it and eat those things, even if you don't feel like it, as it'll only get worse with time. The less you eat, the less you feel like eating and the less you'll have energy to do anything about it.
  7. WunderHase

    chicken broth/beef broth

    I know that this doesn't answer the original question, but I decided to stop using buillon cubes in cooking during the Whole30. Even though I didn't make any broth myself, just using salt and spices was pretty much the same as the buillon cubes. ...and as I was going to say that using vinegar could add to the flavor as well, I rechecked the book and my vinegars and son of a mother! Sulfites. Well, I'm not going to restart now as I'm already in reintro phase... Crap. Oh well.
  8. Kind of hard to say for certain, as other factors can contribute as well. Or rather, the wrong kind of food can be the final nail in the coffin when you're already stressed and feeling miserable. I can notice though that some symptoms arise if I consume too much of something (mainly processed foods). Inflammation is one. Skin doesn't look or feel right. I don't get acne, but something is just off. Sometimes a bit of itchiness. Feeling bloated. Well not just feeling, actually being bloated from all the water retention. Feeling tired and feeling like the answer to getting more energetic is to eat more of the same food that caused the tiredness in the first place. Generally being addicted to a food or drink that doesn't even taste good (I'm still convinced they put something in Pepsi Max that shouldn't be there; it's the only soft drink that has ever caused me addiction and I hated the taste). This then leads to overconsumption, which is when the problems start for me. Moderation seems to be impossible with certain processed foods.
  9. WunderHase

    Whole30 Plank in November?

    You know what, I'll join your challenge as well :-) I was thinking that I already have an exercise plan, but there's no harm in adding this to it. Especially as I can do it at home. I've had some lower back problems and this would be great for it. I actually really suck at holding planks (but I know I do them right, as a physical therapist has checked me doing it), so this would really be a challenge for me. I'll aim for the times listed, taking breaks if I have to.
  10. Of course thinking that you'd do something in a certain way for the rest of your life seems too much, because it is too much :-) You would be attempting to control something that's not in your control. What you could do though, is have like miniature strict rules for yourself. So for example, you would have a clear plan on what to eat and drink before and after going out to minimize the damage. Or always drink a glass of water in between drinks. Just have some plans so that you don't have to wing it when someone asks you out for drinks. Or if you'll eat foods you think you shouldn't, do a strict recovery period right after. Just don't go from one extreme to another. Don't punish yourself. Going for a run in a hangover is not reasonable. It's stupid :-) Countering one silly action with another will not help. It just makes you silly. I just read this one interview of a very successful business man and he said that he always has a backup plan. I thought to myself "Bloody hell. I've never had those! Perhaps it's time to start..." If I'd know what to do even when I'm tired (or drunk), then things might go more smoothly!
  11. WunderHase

    Whole30 Plank in November?

    Sharyn, you can hit the target time if you take a short break when you feel like you can't hold it anymore and then continue until you hit the target in total time. For example, if you can only hold it for 45 seconds, then take a 45 second break and continue. Do another 30 seconds and have a 30 second break, and so on until the total time in plank position reaches 270 seconds. That way you'll know that you've reached a tangible goal other than just doing it. I'm pretty sure it's also still quite effective :-) Besides, if you can hold that position easily for a long time, you're doing it wrong! :-)
  12. WunderHase

    Mourning the loss of my love affair with food.

    I remember this one experience I had with food. I had just gotten some fresh chantarelles and I stir fried them with some onions in butter and added cream to turn it into a sauce. It was so rich and flavorful that every bite was just pure extacy. The thing was though, with such a flavorful dish, you can't devour it and finish a plate in five minutes. I had to stop after every mouthful to experience the intensity of it. That's the sort of love affair I want to have and that's how I want to express my own love through cooking. Pure flavors that dance on your palate and make you take a deep breath and sigh. Processed foods or other foods that are eaten in bulk just aren't the same. Then again, neither are more healthy options that are bland. I'm sure that those who are allergic can create flavorful paleo type dishes. Like a decent medium rare steak with a sprig of thyme and a bit of quality salt and pepper with a side dish of roasted root vegetables (with a teensy bit of honey, if possible) or a green salad with good quality olive oil and balsamico. Good quality ingredients means that less can be more. There are so many options with the different basic flavors (sweet, sour, salty, etc.) and textures. I got this one book I just love, called The Flavor Bible. It's basically just a big index of what flavors go well together. For example, let's say you've got some halibut. The index for that says that it's in season in spring-summer, the weight of the flavor is medium, volume is quiet and there is a list of different techniques that are used to prepare it (bake, braise, broil, etc.) The flavors that go well with it are in three (sometimes four) tiers, based on the amount of expert recommendations. Best would be lemon, garlic, shallots, wine, etc. Then there's chives, fennel, mushrooms etc. And then we have aioli, couscous, walnuts, etc. Actually, just looking at it now for the sake of writing this introduction, I just fell in love with that book all over again! I guess what I'm saying is that the love affair with food doesn't have to be the kind where you wait for it to give you something and then it becomes abusive. You can express your own love towards yourself and others through preparing dishes that leave you feeling nurtured, seducted, loved and energized. Not comatose and gassy :-) P.S. I just realized after writing all that, that I've forgotten to treat myself like that. I got so focused on just finishing the thirty days that I forgot to truly live most of the time during it. Silly me. P.P.S. I love liver when it's well made :-) A traditional way over here is with a bit of bacon and lingonberries and mashed potatos.
  13. WunderHase

    Starting Whole 30 on Oct. 1st! Anyone else?

    OK, going back to the casein & lactose thing, I think I might've shot myself in the foot with the idea of reintroducing them separately. My schedule for today changed, so I had to improvise and instead of bread I'm doing dairy today and had some quark for breakfast. It's very high in protein, but it's not lactose free. Hard cheese would be high in casein and close to lactose free (if not completely). And I'm now realizing that I would've had some of that as well in the fridge. Doh! Oh well. I guess I'm just reintroducing dairy in general today :-)
  14. WunderHase

    Starting Whole 30 on Oct. 1st! Anyone else?

    First day of reintro for me today and I got to take my measurements! I seemed to have lost 14lbs and two inches from chest, waist and hips and three inches from belly. Granted, I was really bloated from all the processed foods that I had been eating. Still, to put it in context, I'm 5'8" and starting weight was 188lbs and measurements 42-35-42, which are now 174lbs and 40-33-40. My scale actually also shows a 3.8% drop in body fat and 3% increase in water, but I'm inclined not to take those measurements so seriously. Actually, I'm inclined to not take any of those measurements so seriously. What bugs me is that I have done this before, so why am I in this situation again? That's what I would like to fix and I think I've got some of that worked out during this experience. I mean, losing weight is not a big deal for me anymore now that I know how it's done (and that's part of the problem). I still don't want to do this again next year... I mean the weight loss thing. I'm all for doing Whole30 again. OK, perhaps Whole14. My attention span seems to be enough only for two weeks :-) I need to upload the last pics to my food log and write something about not truly following the protocol. I mean if someone would look at what I've been eating, they would get a totally wrong picture of Whole30 (there were days I ate just once). It's not that I tried to "outsmart" the program. I think the program is very smart and doesn't need to be tweaked. It's just that I got so bored and lazy :-) I also did get hungry in a way that I would've gladly eaten some steamed fish and broccoli...if someone else would've prepared it for me! I actually love cooking, but I seem to hate having to prepare three meals per day just for myself. So, that was my bad and I don't consider myself as someone who would've successfully completed Whole30. Anyway, the only reason I started to take photos was for my niece who lives on processed foods and I worry about her. I thought that if I could give some kind of example on what sort of foods she could eat instead, she might become interested. I don't intend to convert her into anything, just want her to make healthier choices most of the time. I was thinking last night that if I would do Whole14 in the near future, I'd be better prepared and actually cook a bit more and post photos of the cooking process. That might be even more helpful to her. Or someone else.
  15. WunderHase

    Starting Whole 30 on Oct. 1st! Anyone else?

    I don't know which one it would have more of (looks like casein, but I couldn't confirm it), but in either case it's still just trace amounts. However, if you are really sensitive to lactose or casein, then even that little amount can cause problems, which is why we use clarified butter during Whole30. I learned to love clarified butter for it's great cooking abilities, but then I already had much love for butter anyway :-) Butter has great fatty acid profile (it's very neutral compared to vegetable oils, including olive oil) and if it's from a cow that's been eating well, then it also has a good amount of CLA (amongst other things). The very same thing that's being sold in capsule form for dieters for it's fat burning abilities. EDIT: This list might be helpful: http://paleohacks.com/questions/16195/lactose-casein-amounts-in-dairy-derived-products.html