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  1. Tonya

    Your Whole30 Island

    eggs Leafy greens (is that cheating? I had kale and spinach separately, but ran out of items...) whole chicken broccoli sweet potatoes apples avocados coconut oil seasonings (salt, pepper, onion powder, chili powder, cumin) mayonnaise
  2. I have fallen in love with homemade mayo - I put it on my eggs in the morning, mix it with avocado and protein at lunch, and add garlic and seasonings to it for my vegetables at night. Seriously, this stuff has taken the place of cheese for me. Is it okay to eat it at every meal? I really don't think I'm in any danger of going back to cheese or sour cream since I've found this stuff. I'm eating one container/week (1 egg, 1 cup olive oil), a little more if I've made a batch of chicken or tuna salad with it.
  3. So I weighed myself last night. I wasn't going to do it because that darn piece of plastic and metal has such a way with my emotions. It had been buried at the bottom of the bathroom closet, but my husband brought it out a few days ago for himself. It has been sitting in the bathroom taunting me, and I finally gave in. I've lost 21 pounds!! I can't believe it. Now I have to stay off of it for at least 6 more weeks. I'm going to have to bury it back in the closet. All day, I've been reminding myself that this journey so far has been so much more than 21 pounds. On an SAD diet at my current weight, I was suffering from significant joint pain, scalp eczema and poor sleep. It's not about the weight, it's about the health, and darn it I feel healthy!! It also got me thinking about "water weight." When I saw the number, my first thought was, "well half of that is water weight" - those automatic thoughts are such killers! But as I continued to think about it, maybe it is water weight and I'm ok with that. I've been drinking my fluids, so I'm not dehydrated and I now know that when there is inflammation the body swells and retains fluid as a way to engage the healing process. So if I've lost "water weight" it means that my body is healing and is no longer systemically inflamed. I know this is true also because of the wellness I feel. So it's really a good thing to lose water weight, not something to downplay or feel like a failure about. I'm still not getting on that scale again for at least 6 more weeks.
  4. Wow, Laurie, that is scary. You were where you were supposed to be at that time, able to provide him a measure of comfort and company while waiting for the rescue. What an important and profound observation, Cottagequeen. I need to remember that. In my world, I'm getting tired of the snow, and ice, and school delays and closings. I work within stringent timelines, which don't stop just because the weather is bad. But it's tough to get the work done when students aren't in school...a lot of stress with work right now. Soon, it will be spring and warm and sunny, and my timelines will be more manageable. I just need to find a way to enjoy the present moments and not wait for the future. Lovely yoga class last night. All is right with the world right after yoga. Unfortunately, that doesn't last very long!
  5. Everytime I accidently turn on the blender rather than detach the blade end, I think, "these things are really dangerous!". So sorry about your finger, Grannie-heal fast! Today's meals- M1-eggs, spinach, mushrooms in coconut oil, bacon M2-sausage sweet potato/butternut squash/spinach hash M3-cajun blackened turkey cutlets, broccoli with homemade aioli Bodyweight, barbell, treadmill sprints workout after work tonight. I had so much energy!
  6. Tonya

    Cottagequeen's CQI

    What a great story and so courageous for you to share it with us. Whole 30/Whole 9 is powerful stuff, and your story helped me remember that.
  7. I get that willpower is bs, and that you have to make a decision/committment before the moment of temptation. But, I also think there is a stronger element related to being well-nourished and healthy in order to stick with your commitment. It is rare in my life that I haven't said that I would make only healthy choices at xyz event, only to get there and be unable to stick to my decision. Or if I did stick to it, it was hard and I was miserable. Now, being well-nourished, I don't have to try too hard to resist. I didn't even know those soft pretzels were in the kitchen at work, but I was not really tempted by them. They smelled good and my co-workers were enjoying them, but I didn't feel deprived. I think that speaks to being well-nourished more than it does to my decision to eat better. Yay, Cottage, glad your sister is onboard! M1-bacon and banana. Sunday breakfasts seem to always be lacking. Maybe I need a special recipe. M2-chicken salad with radishes. Need to make mayo first. M3-beef stew in crockpot over cauliflower The farmers market was disappointing veggie-wise. They had radishes, kohlrabi, carrots, squash, and turnips. I can eat the kohlrabi and turnips raw, but I only eat them when they come in a csa share as I'm not a big fan. All greens were frostbitten, so not available. I got some squash, carrots, and radishes and my week's worth of meat and eggs, so not a complete loss.
  8. Love reading about how you all encounter temptation, but are able to remind yourself of why you won't eat it. Gives me motivation to keep on trucking. A whole tray of soft pretzels with cheese and mustard dips was my temptation yesterday - my co-workers were standing around eating them while I was trying to heat my lunch. A bit awkward - I was more concerned about their reactions than the pretzels themselves. It was really no big deal.
  9. Fermented salsa? i have not heard of that before. Today's meals: M1-the rest of yesterday's frittata M2-more BBQ chicken with olives, spinach, and cauliflower M3-broiled haddock mixed with salsa and avocado and maybe broccoli? I seriously need to add some new vegetables. Hopefully, the farmer's market will have some beets and cabbage this weekend. I usually get there too late, and they are sold out. Something else Whole 30 has helped me with - I have saved so much money with packing my lunch everyday. I used to buy take-out nearly everyday. Food I made at home tastes so much better, and I often get questions about what I'm eating.
  10. Hello all- A quick meal update for today, to keep myself on track. M1-A cherry spinach fritatta - eggs, coconut milk, coconut oil, spinach, frozen cherries, salt. Yum! I couldn't bring myself to eat the roasted garlic sausages with this, so had an extra big helping of the fritatta. M2-shredded BBQ chicken with spinach and olives. After eating this a few times, it really isn't all that bbq-y. Maybe need more peppers? It's only tomato sauce, vinegar and a few seasonings. Tastes good, but I think I'll add some chili powder and black pepper to my next bowl. M3-Steak, sweet potato, broccoli. Ended up eating leftovers (the BBQ chicken) last night. Feeling too cold and lazy to cook.
  11. Tonya

    Waiting for the Shoe (of junk food) to Drop

    Allie, I could have written your post. My most recent Whole 30, which was the first time I did it right, was so easy. Like you, I keep waiting for the unbearable cravings to kick in. I did have some wobbles this weekend related to eating out, and I've been able to get myself back on track. Again, so easy! How can this be? This sense of peace with food is such an uncustomary feeling. I don't think it's related to anxiety, it's just like being in a really loud environment for several hours, then all of a sudden it's quiet. All my life food has been an issue, suddenly it's not. It will just take some getting used to. Like Kirkor said, it's the new normal. It will take a while to adjust. I do think it's important to realize that a slip back to old habits does not mean failure, it's just an opportunity to learn how to handle the situation that led to the slip. I'm going to keep telling myself and eventually really believe it. We have seen the light and realize that we don't have to be under the spell of food! Congratulations to you on reaching this point - may we both continue to realize how easy this is!
  12. I'm wearing my cozy socks today - it's cold in my office! So, I ended up eating a piece of meatloaf yesterday afternoon, then wasn't hungry at dinner time. I did eat a little chicken and spinach about an hour and a half before bedtime. Maybe my body is trying to make up calories that I lacked over the weekend? I'm not sure I'm in a place yet, though, where I can rely on my body to tell me what it wants when. Probably just boredom. I had some great momentum going - I hit a rock on the road and wobbled a bit, but I'm feeling that I am balanced enough to regain control and carry on rather than fall off the bike! Laurie-I'm right there with you with posting my meals - it helps me stay organized and encourages me to think ahead. Plus, I love reading about the wonderful variety of vegetables you eat. I really need to start considering each meal as a meal, rather than breakfast, etc. Maybe if I label them as such here, that will help me to begin to think that way. Today's meals: M1-3 eggs and spinach in coconut oil, compliant sausages. My sausages are from the grocery story this week, as being away for the weekend I missed the opportunity to shop at the farmer's market. I'm eating Aidells chicken sausage. The only one they had that was compliant was the roasted garlic flavor. Ugh-I really need to be thinking of this as meal 1 then breakfast with the roasted garlic! M2-the rest of yesterday's onion soup with a huge handful of spinach added to it. The soup has fat in it, but I also have some almonds in case I'm not satisfied enough. Hmmm...I'm also thinking that I don't have protein here. I didn't pack very well this morning. M3-steak, sweet potato, broccoli. If I'm still hungry, I'll have a M4 of coconut milk, spinach, frozen cherries smoothie
  13. Oh so good to be eating home-cooked food! I'm feeling snacky today, probably because it's a snow day. B-chicken, cauliflower, sweet potato all mashed together with coconut milk. L-onion soup made from olive oil, onions, and bone broth. Ham and mustard. Snack-apple slices, warmed with cashews and flaked coconut. I may eat another bowl of soup shortly. I need to get busy with something so I stop the boredom cravings. D-in the crockpot. Chicken with homemade bbq sauce (tomato sauce, vinegar, garlic, spices). Shred and serve over broccoli.
  14. So much to catch up on over the weekend! I am really glad to be home after a weekend away. Problems with taking a get-away on Whole 30: 1. Nearly impossible to subsist on restautant food on a budget when the rest of the family has no interest or care about whole 30 2. Restaurants do not provide enough food if you aren't eating most carbs Friday night's dinner on the road was a struggle-me: "We are not eating at Arby's". Hubby: "We are not taking an hour break for dinner" So we compromised with Friendly's, which was almost an hour :/ salad with avocado, bacon, and turkey tips (which were coated in a seasoning. Not available plain). Saturday's in hotel breakfast-3 hardboiled eggs in Tabasco sauce. I don't even know if that's compliant, but best choice available to make eggs edible. Lunch-philly cheesesteak joint- steak over veggies, but not enough veggies or meat to fill me up! Plus, I didn't even ask what oil they used. Dinner-Chipotle in mall food court. Chicken bowl. I don't even want to know about oils, I was so hungry. I did take a trail mix with me of cashews, raisins and unsweetened coconut flakes which I enjoyed in the hotel room while everyone else enjoyed cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory. I was fine with that, not interested in the richness, but I was still hungry! Sunday-we went to breakfast since the hotel's was so bad. I was so excited to go to a place that used local ingredients. I ordered an Anaheim scramble, eggs, bacon, veggies, avocado and cheese. I completely missed the cheese on the menu. So I did a trial of dairy instead of sending it back. Lunch was a pitiful garden salad with chicken strips. I was so glad to be home for dinner! I'm paying for it with an upset stomach (I think the cheese). Back to full force Whole 30 today. Things I learned: Work on my assertivness with both family and restaurant staff. Pack more snacks and foods to supplement my meals. On a positive, we walked all day on Saturday and half on Sunday, so lots of low level exercise.