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    I'm on day two and have been eating a date with my protein each time I feel hypoglycemic. I have Graves' disease and sometimes, I get hypoglycemic (shaking, sweats, foggy head) and within 10 min of eating a date and protein (whole30 approved beef jerky stick) I feel better. What I really need to do though is keep ahead of myself so I don't feel that way. I figure I'm only on day 2 so I need a couple of days to get things together. I am doing mini meals from now on because of this...and because I am breastfeeding twins, so I think that I need more frequent meals to keep up. I'm just trying to stay inside the guidelines and eat only approved which I find is the easy part. The hard part for me is timing, especially finding the time to eat before it's too late and I'm shaking. It's a juggling act.
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    Thank you for this! I worked a rogue night shift this week (between day 2 and day 3 of my W30) and was having some guilt twinges regarding my every 2 hour egg/meat/coconut milk/veggie 'muffin' - but it allowed me to get through the night without having graham crackers and peanut butter (an ICU staff nutritional staple!). It's not what I do on a normal day, but I survived my shift with my W30 intact so it was a victory. I think we are very hard on ourselves sometimes. I was actually feeling GUILTY about the 'egg muffings' because I felt I was 'snacking'. Then I remembered that we hear a lot about context here. And in that moment (or those 12 hours) I was doing what I had to do to maintain my W30. And I felt better. Yay me!!