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  1. Morning. Up to Day 7. Yesterday was a doozy - irritable, tired, cranky. Ate some potato with dinner and went to bed early. I do like reaching this point in the program - once I’m seven days in I figure I may as well keep going. How is everyone else going?
  2. Welcome! I was getting lonely over here. I’m about to finish Day 4. Didn’t want to Kill All The Things, which surprises me. Hope everyone is going ok, do fill us in?
  3. So pleased you are feeling so well. Keep it up!
  4. Morning All. Just starting Day 3 over here. Was a bit head-achy yesterday but still managed a (short) walk. Enjoying cooking lovely wholesome foods again and sitting down with my SO to eat dinner at a table rather than in front of the TV.
  5. How are we all going? I usually find day one pretty easy although I am looking forward to good sleep kicking in.
  6. Count me in. Looking forward to feeling good in my body again.