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    The New Rx Bar - Chocolate Sea Salt

    My husband love these things and I think it's confusing that Whole30 says no processed protein powders (like egg white protein powder) and no additive (chocolate flavor etc.) HOWEVER the Rx Bar is APPROVED!?? My jaw dropped when I saw that label on the Rx bar. A Lara bar, I can understand.. although it has been chooped up/processed, the Rx bar has artificial flavoring! How is this approved!? It looks like Whole30 is making money from Rx The whole30 changed our lives and 6 other people in our family as well because we bought the book and told everyone. But slapping a Whole30 label on a packaged sugary product is far from natural, whole food eating. Not to mention an isolated processed protien 'product' like egg white protien powder. That's FAR from eating a boiled egg. And doesn't this encourage snacking anyway? The Rx website says As prescribed by Nature. Where in nature do you find chocolate flavor? From the website: 100% NaturalGet the energy you need in eight ingredients or less -- without grains, added sugars, gluten, soy, dairy or any artificial or processed ingredients. Sure you could email them, they'll explain away the 'flavor.' Don't eat this crap. In my opinion, the whole30 programs loses credit by approving an Rx bar. $$$