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About Me

Just an average busy girl who is a workaholic and loves photography.  Any type of photography...just ask, I have worked in every industry related to it, I have always wanted to be a photographer!  I work as an ophthalmic photographer and seeing how sick people are has lead me to make some serious lifestyle changes.  Nothing like working in healthcare that will scare the pants right off of you!


I have always been active and sometimes more than others.  My work has lead me down a path of living to work and I am slowing getting back to working to live.  I love to travel and have a great childlike enthusiasm which helps keep me optimistic in most situations.  Thank goodness for that!


I am rather sarcastic but am an amazing motivator for many, I have a way with being extremely supportive.  So if you need a cheerleader, I'm your girl!  And no, I wasn't a cheerleader.  I played sports and lots of them.


Looking forward to taking charge of my life and making it what I want!