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  1. And...HAPPY 30th to you, in case I miss acknowledging it on Thursday!!!
  2. I should correct the claim of losing almost 10 lbs in 2 1/2 weeks to more like 3 weeks, BTW.
  3. Stubby & Kaylakala, Please don't tell anyone but I stepped...on...my...scale...last...week. (shhhh!) I dropped almost 10 lbs in about 2 1/2 weeks. I'm not keeping the relationship open (with my scale) but I just HAD TO KNOW. So, I am more determined than ever on this diet. Being low carb and dropping the dairy and artificial sweeteners just had to make a difference, and so far it has. I think, more than anything, that in the kitchen I was picking on "no-no's" more than I thought. I have been religious on this Whole30 thing and I suggest to Kaylakala to stick to it, too. You will do great, I'm sure. I've been treating the sweet potatoes and berries as a weekend treat. Even then, I'm cautious, but have something to look forward to through the week. I do love sweet potatoes and they make up for no dairy in my book. I'm going to stick to this diet until December (and will ramp up the exercise :-) ) for more weight loss. Although, I am going to have to add back a bit of cream and A DOT of stevia in my morning tea. (It's the British in me!) [email protected]
  4. Will do, Minianotti! I'm eating higher-carb veggies in moderation and waiting to see how this goes. I'm on day 11 and can't say that I see or feel any weight loss benifits yet (I know, I know...this isn't only about weight loss) but I am being super good and waiting for "the change." I've read that between days 7-11 is when progress begins to show. Until then, I do feel great in over all well-being. I'll take that as my reward for "good behavior" for now. Thanks! [email protected]
  5. Amberino & Denham, Thanks for your replies! I'm definitely "weight-loss" fixated here and realize my need to relax and let it happen, at its own speed. You asked how much I have to lose. Well, I'd be happy to lose 15, joyful to lose 30. This isn't, as you said, all about loss, though. I do veiw myself already fairly "healthy." I don't eat sugar or processed foods, live on a farm and have a HUGE organic vegetable & herb garden (and EAT them, too!). I eat only grass-fed beef and venison from my husband's winter hunting trips, etc. But I am terrified of carbohydrates.I had come to the conclusion that I'm a low-carb "lifer." Weight Watcher type diets don't do me any good. No one will hear me complain, though, if I can manage a bit more carbs on this plan. In my heart, I do love them. :-) I will confess that I have a goal; I need to fit into a particular outfit for a music performance in December. So, that's to blame for my anxiety about how far I will be at the end of 30 days. I'll take your advice, along with a deep breath & ...chill. Thanks again, [email protected]
  6. [email protected] Whole30-vs-Low Carbing? I have lost and kept weight off through the years on the Atkins diet. I already broke my addiction issues with sweets, grains, starchy veggies, etc. So, my question here is...should I continue to avoid the higher carb veggies that are allowed on Whole30? I am changing over to this diet hoping that eliminating dairy and artificial sweeteners (I only used 2-3 stevia/xylitol packets a day) will get me back to losing. I just turned 40 and found that my usual diet routine wasn't working anymore. I came to an absolute standstill. But, I do not want to come to the end of these 30 days eating sweet potatoes & such and find out I should have continued to avoid them, given my starting point. Any help here is GREATLY appreciated!