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  1. KathyV

    red palm oil

    LOL thank you for info- I will google it now!
  2. KathyV

    red palm oil

    is red palm oil allowed?
  3. KathyV

    making mayo

    IT WORKED! I just used 2 egg yolks salt, dry mustard and ACV. It took just under a cup of oil to get it perfect! I had my magic moment too!
  4. KathyV

    making mayo

    Well, I made it yesterday. I used my stick blender, 2 yolks, salt, dry mustard, curcumin, 4oz avocado oil,4oz olive oil, 2 TBS ACV. It started out that I slowly added the oil and things seem to look good as I kept added the oil. I put about half of the oil in and it became thick and my blender was getting warm; so I added the oil more quickly and the emulsification broke. I now have some solid chunks in with liquid I use it for dressing and it has a very rich flavor. All-in-all not bad. Next time I will stop when it get to the thick portion and use it to melt it over my veggies.
  5. KathyV

    making mayo

    yes i just want to use the yolks. I will give it a try and hope for the best! Glad to hear that its the yolk and not the whites that are needed for the emulsification. thanks for everyones help
  6. KathyV

    making mayo

    Has anyone tried to make mayo with just a couple of egg yolks with any success?
  7. KathyV

    Making sure I read it right.

    ladyshady thanks for a quick reply! Yes, in the ingredients in says: 100% Mechanically(expeller)pressed refined High oleic organic Sunflower oil!! I'm good to go!
  8. I thought I read somewhere on this forum that I could make mayo using sunflower/safflower oil. Hope someone can help me out. I would like to try it!
  9. KathyV

    Wow - Simply DELICIOUS sweet potatoes

    I agree! I also used half ghee and half coconut oil it doubles your pleasure! Thanks for sharing your experience!
  10. KathyV

    Profile Image Issues

    Hi StevenJ. I have the warning under my profile and wondered the same thing. Glad to know it's nothing personal in that i posted/did something wrong and I would be kicked-off if I did it again. The funny thing about it was, nobody told me what I did? So I just ignored it.
  11. I just mad some Mayo with one duck egg plus an extra yolk, duck fat and coconut oil along with the salt and ground mustard and fresh lemon juice. It taste fantastic, with a hint of coconut; which I like the taste of.
  12. KathyV

    starchy/non-starchy veggies

    I like to roast up a bunch of different root veggies and keep them in the fridge to add to things. like the idea of roasting them and keeping them in the fridge for future enjoyment.
  13. KathyV

    starchy/non-starchy veggies

    I have cooked plaintains before. I do not do it often. Frying them totally wakes up my sugar dragon, and I am in no mood to fight it. It seems to never go away, all though it comes back to a lesser degree at times; but hard to tell how I will react. Another thing I noticed Meadowlily, is that it appears that cooking the veggies produce more starch/carbs!? Interesting! Cooking must release more of the natural sugars. As long I eat enough of the healthy fats, it keeps me more in control. I will continue to eat the root veggies I just might eat some of them raw or add say a sweet potato to caulif. soup or maybe a parsnip to zucchini soup, ect.... Love ll the infor I am reading! Thanks guys, your the best!
  14. KathyV

    starchy/non-starchy veggies

    Thank you for the run down. The rutabaga surprised me on how low the carbs are esp. raw.
  15. KathyV

    starchy/non-starchy veggies

    love your feed-back Shannon. I am not looking to go all out low-carb. I know when I need to add some in and how long I can do with out, Thanks to the Whole30 which helped me to understand how my body reacts to certain foods. I workout 6 times a week with a little bit of everything. I can go a few days without a lot of carbs and i eats more fats. I find that eating more of the good fats keeps my cravings at bay (the dreaded Sugar Dragon).