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    KathyV reacted to littleg in Brands of coconut milk that are compliant?   
    I only buy AroyD (I think it tastes the best).  I used to just keep it in the can once opened (didn't know better) but now keep it in a mason jar with a plastic lid.  Target sells plastic lids for wide mouth and regular ball jars.  It keeps 5 days or so for me this way vs going bad in 2 in the can.
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    KathyV reacted to maryana in Brands of coconut milk that are compliant?   
    Can I have the Silk Unsweetened coconut milk?
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    KathyV reacted to laura_juggles in Salmon AND eggs???   
    It's also easier on the budget. It's a lot less expensive to get good quality eggs (like a dozen for $5 vs $8 for one palm sized portion of salmon). So you can still get some great salmon and enjoy the benefits of the fish while being friendlier to your wallet. 
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    KathyV reacted to ladyshanny in Failed Mayo 101   
    That seems like a lot of oil, actually.  How much lime did you use? Try throwing another egg yolk in the failed mayo and blending again with your stick blender.
    My recipe is 1.25 cups oil, one egg, 2 tbsp acid (I love lime!), dry mustard and salt.  
    Edited to add: If you don't want to try and save it, blend in some fresh herbs like dill, parsley, cilantro, garlic, onion powder etc and make a ranch dressing!  Or mix in some Frank's Red Hot and drizzle it over cooked meats as a sort of buffalo sauce.
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    KathyV got a reaction from Raven in Bulletproof brand products: worth it?   
    I buy the  Collagen Protein Powder , Cacao Tea  and the coffee.  I like the Protein better than the GreatLakes brand. I feel it mixes better and has less of a taste and looks to be more fresh.  The tea is just roasted cacao beans and the coffee is suppose to be less acidic and has a great taste.  I have the coffee only in the morning on the weekends (and sometimes I put some cacao tea in my coffee just to change it up).  
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    KathyV reacted to KJ! in Avocado oil for mayo?   
    Just thought I'd mention that my mayo with the Chosen Foods avocado oil turned out fabulous. I made it stick-blender style, with 2 egg yolks, 1T lemon juice, 1T apple cider vinegar, 1t himalayan salt, 1/4t dry mustard powder, and a cup and a half of oil. This is my first go at homemade mayo and I'm in heaven
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    KathyV reacted to Natalie Morse in Avocado oil for mayo?   
    Hi All! 
    I'm the Marketing Director at Chosen Foods and wanted to add a few points to this conversation. 
    Chosen Foods oil is FIRST cold pressed - as opposed to being expeller pressed. Usually oils intended for refinery are expeller or chemically extracted. Expelling oil produces heat, and chemicals are obviously not what we want. Cold pressing our oil before it is refined eliminates one round of the oil being exposed to heat, which helps protect the fatty acids and nutrients in the oil.
    After being cold pressed, our oil is refined using a proprietary low heat steam vaporization to extract the impurities. Even naturally refined oils are typically heated to well above 500F during processing - ours never goes about 350F. The gentle extraction from the steam actually preserves many of the beneficial nutrients that are found in the virgin variety. Our process preserves 60-80% of the vitamin E and 95% of the beta-sitisterols. The chlorophyll is removed, as are any waxes, gums, sediments and other free fatty acids - all which reduce the smoke point and increase the oxidative potential of the virgin counterpart.
    Personally, homemade mayo is a must for my family. I haven't bought a jar at the store in years. Until I began working at Chosen Foods, I used olive oil but the flavor was never quite right. Even though our avocado oil is not virgin, I've seen all the tests - i know the nutrients that are still in the product, I know the peroxide value, I understand the science behind the process and I've seen all the same tests done on every single virgin avocado oil on the market. One of the great things about Chosen Foods is that they are willing to share all that data with consumers too - so if anyone would care to see nutrient testing I'm happy to share, or help explain things further.
    It really is the only thing I will use for mayo - virgin oils are too strong in flavor and too expensive, my favorite saturated fats don't work for mayo and knowing what I do now about the oil industry, I don't trust another refined oil but Chosen Foods.  
    If anyone wants more info I'm happy to talk! Feel free to email me at [email protected]
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    KathyV reacted to laura_juggles in Why is honey not approved when fruit is?   
    It's amazing how your palate changes to appreciate subtle savory flavors when you're not bombarded by sweet
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    KathyV got a reaction from Winhow in Quest Bars and Shakeology?   
     would it be ok to cut up an Epic Bars into a salad for some extra protein?
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    KathyV reacted to LisaLulu in I found sugar free bacon at costco!   
    I never thought to look before because even Americans have so much trouble finding the stuff but today I was walking down the isle and 'no sugar' caught my eye on a package so I checked it out and they had a compliant version! And it was only about $4.50 a package! They called it 'water cured' I think.
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    KathyV reacted to ArtFossil in bbq sauce and ranch trouble   
    Or use a stick blender. You dump everything in together in a jar and 2 minutes later you have mayo. 
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    KathyV reacted to Raven in bbq sauce and ranch trouble   
    Tessemae's mayo is compliant, but it's cheaper to make your own.  
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    KathyV reacted to jkh0710 in bbq sauce and ranch trouble   
    Annie's Naturals Organic Dijon Mustard is compliant. I've gotten it at Whole Foods, Kroger, and ordered Amazon before. 
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    KathyV reacted to ShannonM816 in Meatloaf question   
    Yes, potatoes are fine, and yes, you could cook some and smash them up and mix it with your meatloaf. Sweet potatoes would also work -- I've actually made these meatballs and instead of chopping the sweet potatoes, mashed them to add in, and they were really tasty. Not exactly meatloaf but the same basic idea.
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    KathyV reacted to kirkor in Warning!   

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    KathyV reacted to MeadowLily in Gained weight!   
    The Whole 30 is a diagnostic tool. It wasn't created as a "diet" per se and because many talk about the "side effects of weight loss" on Day 31,  that can be confusing. We don't post our weight or get on the scale for 30 days, but on day 31, we get on the scale, post measurements and weight loss.
    So I made a choice not to do that. I followed the wisdom of Tom Denham, who has written many great posts how to go about finding weight stability and your equilibrium with food. Read through every positive post he's written and you will find your way. In a few brief words, he tells all.  About good fats and cholesterol, everything you need to know about weight stability.  I found my solutions.  
    He's a great mentor.  The best. 
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    KathyV reacted to MeadowLily in Gained weight!   
    All of  Mr. Denham's W30 posts are right here on this forum, 4 years of them. Valuable info and encouragement is here for all to read.  They encourage me every single day.
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    KathyV reacted to Melissa Hartwig in Quest Bars and Shakeology?   
    Actually, YES, this is totally fine for the Whole30, as long as the Epic Bar or Bite is compliant. I have used them as "bacon bit" style texture on salads or in soups, and in a pinch while traveling, have added them to my salad as the only source of protein.
    The idea of using these bars as emergency food only is a RECOMMENDATION, not a rule. If you want to crumble a grass-fed, organic, low-sugar Epic Bar as extra protein in your salad, go for it.  -Melissa 
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    KathyV reacted to Augie in KETwhOle30   
    I'm glad you started this topic. I'm doing no fruits, no nuts, no squash, no roots because they are all too irritating for my stomach. I am doing a lot of green veggies and I'm not counting carbs, so maybe I won't be in ketosis, but I am going to follow this thread. Your posts are very motivating!
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    KathyV reacted to MeadowLily in Camel Milk   
    Did you want to use it in your coffee? I don't know how you'd go about that. Risky Business.
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    KathyV reacted to Babsie95 in getting derailed by morning coffee.   
    Strangely I would substitute a warm cup of bone broth for my coffee on my last whole 30. I am a hard core cream and sugar drinker too so I was surprised that the warm savory bone broth worked for me...just a thought
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    KathyV reacted to Rebe_J in Help me tweak my breakfast   
    I have roasted Brussels sprouts with my eggs nearly every morning. I enjoy the flavor combination of ground beef w/onion and mushroom, roasted sweet potato, and B.sprouts.  I top this with 2-3 fried eggs. I vary the seasoning; turmeric is especially good.
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    KathyV reacted to Tom Denham in Help me tweak my breakfast   
    I am a big fan of canned green beans. Last night I pan fried a catfish fillet and when it was almost done, added a can of green beans to heat as the fish finished cooking. You could add half a can of green beans when you are browning chicken sausage. 
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    KathyV reacted to ladyshanny in Help me tweak my breakfast   
    Roast a tray of veggies and put them aside just for yourself. Roasted veggies reheat beautifully.  My favourite combo is baby potato, carrot, brocoli, red onion, green beans and mushrooms. Roast at high heat (445-450F) for about 25-30 minutes, cool and then put them into a container in the fridge that is off limits to everyone but you?
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    KathyV reacted to mlowery1 in Uses for Basic Mayo   
    Mix it with minced garlic and dip any green roasted veggies in it, brussels, cabbage steaks, asparagus. I also make lots of egg salad with it and shrimp salad.