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    Roll call: November Whole30s!

    Ok I'm in! Did a whole "21" in September but decided that an impromptu holiday and whole30 didn't mix so converted to "whole9 living". But sleep deprivation from sick kids quickly saw me return to some bad habits so I'm in for a full whole30 now! Starting is the hardest bit for me because I know how good I feel after the first week. I'm in NZ so it is halfway through Day 2 for me. I had complications from dental work on Thu so I can't tolerate much more than soup...makes staying away from treats easier! Looking forward to a successful 30 days with everyone!
  2. Cath J

    Day 91....big changes!

    Thank you for posting these photos, they give me just the motivation I need! I look similar to you at day 1....but want to look like you at day 91 I am on day 11 and have mentally prepared for whole90 because I think that is how long it will take to get the results I want and really slay the sugar demon. Your photos prove it is possible...thank you!
  3. Cath J

    Sept 15th start date

    Congratulations on coming to your decision Notyouravrgpaleomama ...sometimes it takes just as much courage to know when to stop as it does to keep going. I am on Day 8 now and starting to feel good. I am starting to sleep better and have a nice little routine going for my meals...omelette for breakfast, roast chicken salad for lunch and then family meal for dinner. I feel like my head is in a good space. I DO want to lose weight (oh how I want to lose weight) but that isn't my major focus. My goal is for the Whole 30 to give me back my energy, sanity and health. I want to have the energy to fit in a regular exercise routine..and that is what will give me the results I want. It is hard to believe I am so UNFIT, I used to be such a fitness fanatic but just really struggled since having kids to get all the boxes ticked. I look forward to being that "weird, fit girl" again who makes exercise a major priority. I have to take it slow though...I seem to crash rather easily at the moment. So for now, I'm just focussed on getting my base back with some walking and pilates. I almost have to hold myself back from anything more intense but I know this is the right way for me. I'll be back in to the intense stuff by Xmas. Hope everyone else is doing well.
  4. Cath J

    Sept 15th start date

    WELCOME Day 4...NOT!!!! Arrggghhh, after a shocking day I just read the "what to expect" article and I fitted it perfectly...I Want to Kill all Things!!!! Wasn't sure what was going on in my head but my patience was so limited today, didn't know if it was the lingering chest infection (woke up to coughing fits with blood....ugh!), the fact that my husband had to go away for a few days for work (chest infection + single parenting....big UGH!), and then to top it off, my period came 10 days early. What is my body trying to do to me? My head sure did its best to convince me to quit but luckily I am sitting in a house with not one non-compliant option (well ok, there is flour etc but I'm not about to bake up a cheat item) and I even poured 3/4 of a bottle of good wine down the sink last Sunday, which was good foresight because right now I think I would have been grabbing for it. But no, my kids are tucked up in bed and I can't even go anywhere so I'm sitting here instead, with a bowl of strawberries, having a whinge to you! Thankfully, according to the timeline this only lasts 2 days. Poor kids, might have to organise a special weekend outing to make up for grumpy mum! Hope everyone else manages to get through this horrible phase ok.
  5. Cath J

    Sept 15th start date

    Thanks ErynRNY....the bronchitis has been a bit of a blessing. I had to stay in bed for the first 3 days (and had no appetite) which was a great way of getting through the initial "detox".
  6. Cath J

    Weight Training for Busy Moms

    FitYummymummys (or is quite good...monthly membership gives you follow along video so variety every month. Because it's focused for mums her strength sessions are simply 15min long but very effective
  7. Cath J

    Sept 15th start date

    Hi Cyndi Lou, welcome! I am just finishing day 2 (nz time means I'm a day ahead!). I have also decided to do this for 90 days. Only made the decision yesterday after listening to a podcast by Melissa where she really drummed home how much psychology plays a role in diet and how to own your individual whole30. It suddenly dawned on me that the reason I failed at my recent attempt at whole 30 was it was too short...both to really kick my demons butt and also to convince myself it was worth it. I told myself at week 3 that I'd made it far enough, one more week wasn't enough to make a big difference! Committing myself to 90 days has completely changed my mindset...rather than counting down the days to finish line, I've just accepted that this is how I eat for now, and somehow that is easier! Good luck for day 2/3 everyone.
  8. Cath J

    Sept 15th start date

    My wee man is almost 15mo (eeek!). He just feeds morning and night now, but no plans to give it up any time soon. My husband was trying to convince me to give up this week just so I could take a cold and flu tablet, but I wasn't going near that idea. He's my last (2 other boys almost 6yo and 4yo) no need to rush anything
  9. Cath J

    Sept 15th start date

    HI All, I started yesterday too (I'm on NZ time!). Have had a slightly odd start though...I have a bad case of bronchitis so have been in bed for 3 days now. Was tempted to put off the start of the Whole30 but I'd mentally prepared for the start to be Sept 15th and besides, I don't have any appetite at all so I'm naturally giving up sugar anyway! The only down side is I could really do with some throat lozenges but my GP warned me to stay away from them anyway because I'm breastfeeding and they can be a bit dubious. The "carb flu" symptoms are going to merge with the "bronchitis" symptoms but that won't be a bad thing anyway. Stayed compliant yesterday though only had 2 small meals, the only issue I may have is if I have to go on Anitbiotics but will deal with that if it happens. Have just put a beef casserole in slow cooker so I have healthy meal ready for tonight. Back to bed for now (yes, it's 9am and I'm heading back to bed!) then will try for an omelette later in the day. Hope everyone else is going well, happy to see so many doing it together and looking forward to support
  10. Cath J

    Protein ideas for breakfast & lunch ?

    HI Cindy, If you love soup, have you tried adding an egg or 2. SO simple...just "poach" it within the soup when the soup is reheating. YUM! Also, I found when I focussed too much on the "eat lots of protein" I found I got really sick of the meat. Then when I read something along the lines of "you should be eating more vegetables than a vegetarian" I realised that the meat was only part of the equation and everything was so much better. Vegies, herbs, spices and yummy fats, became the main feature of the meal and the protein was the "condiment" boosted flavour and certainly helped keep me full but it wasn't so daunting to be focussed on just another piece of steak or chicken. Hope that helps a little, Cath
  11. Cath J

    Pressure Cookers

    I just bought a breville combo slow cooker and pressure cooker combo and absolutely love it. It has a sear function to brown meat before slow/pressure cooking and if I'm short on time I'll give the meal a quick 15min pressure cook before switching to slow cook. It also has a steam function but haven't used it yet. I definitely recommend it
  12. Cath J

    First Whole30 October 19th

    Hello! I'm starting today (oct 19, new Zealand time) too. I've been dabbling in primal/paleo for about a year now but certainly not strictly...I have a 3mo and when pregnant/breastfeeding and hunger hits sometimes the closest food has to do. On the positive though the healthier eating has given me great milk supply so my boy sleeps through the night. I have to go off dairy and gluten to feed him anyway (like my other 2 boys he gets eczema when I eat them) so it's the perfect time to go the full hog and do a whole30. Like you, wine is definitely my weakness so have to find a substitute wind down habit. Good luck for your first weekend, Cath