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  1. ok - I know we can't have "butter", but can you actually buy clarified butter, or you have to make it from the pastured butter? I came across two kinds of butters in the store that I wondered about, but did not purchase. The first was Organic Valley Pasture Butter, Cultured & Lightly Salted (84% Butter Fat) Second, Minerva Dairy Amish Butter, made from pasteurized cream (84% Butter Fat) (this one does say it contains milk). (though their website doesn't give any info) I have read the butter article on here, but still wasn't sure if you could actually BUY clarified butter. I cannot find ghee in the store, I don't know if I want to order it. Would either one of these butters be acceptable to clarify?
  2. trezkholl0806

    Too much fat?

    Hey guys, couldn't find a post for this so I started one... Anyway, how much is "too much" fat? I'm thinking I might be eating too much. Do you count your cooking oil as the fat for that meal? Or eat extra? Example (breakfast this morning): 3 scrambled eggs (coconut oil in pan) 2 c veggies (coconut oil) 1/2 avocado w/ grape tomatoes Chimichurri drizzled over (made w/ olive oil) Thanks for your help!
  3. trezkholl0806

    Portable Veggies

    The Baba Ghanoush is out of this world!!! (especially with jicama!)
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    Who's made what from Well Fed 2!

    Thanks! I was wondering if/why it wasn't in the cookbook We had a compliant dinner at my non-Whole30 friends' house a couple weeks ago, and I made this, with a wedge salad (make your own) platter.... everybody was fighting over the dressing bowl and trying to get the remains with their cucumber slices. I'm surprised someone didn't start licking the bowl. haha. And - thanks for the suggestion - I am totally going to try drizzling over my plantains tonight. I normally just pan fry the plantains in coconut oil. I bet it would still be good drizzled on top though.
  5. trezkholl0806

    What is the deal? Paleo Wraps

    Don't know why you're having a bad day, but I hope it gets better! Have you tried using lettuce as lettuce wraps? I think its Bibb lettuce or butter lettuce that works well.
  6. trezkholl0806

    Who's made what from Well Fed 2!

    A little disappointed because I wanted to make the Cincinnati Chili, but was googling instead of looking at the cookbook on my phone, and ended up making the Chocolate Chili (for the 2nd time)... Oh well, it's still really yummy We are having it over the Citrus Cauliflower Rice (just okay, but I didn't have onion, so I would try the recipe again), but I used lime & cilantro instead of lemon & parsley. I have also made the Mustard-Garlic Brussels Sprouts (for the 2nd time), and they are delicious. Fiesta Pork Chops - good, Chinese Five-Spice Ribs - good (but needed a little more seasoning, and I didn't care for the dipping sauce), Italian Pork Roast (but with BBQ seasonings listed), Plantain Nachos (but my nachos didn't stick to each other, so I just had plantain chips - still worked with nachos; I just piled everything on top), Casablanca Carrots (OMG TRY THESE). Also, just throwing this out there (not sure if it's in one of the cookbooks), but you HAVE to try this dressing:
  7. trezkholl0806

    Freezing cabbage?

    Speaking of cabbage, the cabbage that I made (it was red), I went by the Roasted Cabbage Roses in Well Fed 2 - and it's DELICIOUS! Definitely work a try (the recipe calls for green, btw).... yum! (eating some now, haha)
  8. trezkholl0806

    Freezing cabbage?

    I haven't done that, but.... I think cabbage stays good for a while in the fridge (uncooked). I bought some, I'm wanting to say a week or two prior, and thought, oh man I didn't cook that yet, I'm sure it's bad. It was fine! I just peeled off the outer edges. hope this helps.
  9. trezkholl0806

    getting lean and overeating

    Janey - it is really hard to lose the connection a lot of us have with the scale and the number it says on it. However, you could stay the exact same weight and lose inches, by working out and building muscle/losing fat. Do not stay fixed on the scale number! Focus on how your clothes are fitting and more importantly, how you feel. Muscle takes up less space in our body than fat, so if you look at 1 lb of fat vs. 1 lb of muscle (Google this to see for yourself), the muscle is half the size.... therefore, it is very important to build muscle and that is what makes your body look smaller and have a more toned/tight look.
  10. Thanks! haha, okay I guess you've got a point... I guess I'm "sort of" a "runner"... anyway, so do you have any suggestions for me as far as - I tend to cramp up in my legs before anything, they burn and hurt and it's so uncomfortable and it makes me want to just stop. I know for sure I have tight IT bands, so I'm really trying to stretch those out already until race day. Anything else?
  11. Happy to find this topic I'm not a "runner", but I am running a 15K in 2 weeks... I know it's not a "long distance run", but I'm curious to know if you avid runners think I should take any of these suggestions with me, just in case I need them?
  12. trezkholl0806

    Hubby hates sweet potatoes!

    I made a great breakfast this past Saturday - homemade beef sausage with apples (Google - Goodbye Jimmy Deans), rutabaga and sweet potato hash (shredded both of these in equal parts, diced onion sauteed in coconut oil, s&p, lots of garlic powder, onion powder) and scrambled eggs...... He gobbled it down! (WINNING!)
  13. So my husband has finally decided to try a Whole30 - YAY! I'm so proud. Anyway, I'm having a tough time trying to make sure he's eating enough carbs.... he HATES sweet potatoes. Everything about them. Texture, flavor, color, smell, etc etc (everrrryyything). He doesn't like squash. He doesn't like pumpkin. I don't know what to do. Any suggestions? I don't know if I can "hide" sweet potatoes by making a hash, or if anyone has any other suggestions or recipes? I'd reeeeally appreciate it. We just started this week (me on Monday, he on Tuesday), and I've been feeding him carrots like he's a dang rabbit.
  14. trezkholl0806

    Hubby hates sweet potatoes!

    I'm going to try making a hash Saturday morning using shredded sweet potato, rutabaga, diced fuji apples, and homemade breakfast sausage... We will see if using the breakfast sausage and some garlic powder will offset the sweet potato.
  15. trezkholl0806

    Hubby hates sweet potatoes!

    He hates meatloaf I thought about trying to make some meatballs and add grated sweet potato... I remember you and I talked about that breakfast casserole before and I loved it! I thought rutabaga was a good source of carbs, but then I thought I looked it up and it's really low actually? He doesn't like plantains either... I swear, it's like I'm feeding a large man-baby. lol.
  16. trezkholl0806

    Compliant Pre-Natals?

    My friend just started her first Whole30 today and I'm trying to help her out so this is for her - her doctor recommended taking Vitafusion gummy prenatal vitamins - they are free of wheat, milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts and shellfish - however, they do contain glucose syrup and sucrose. I was wondering if it would be okay for her to continue these since they are free from all of these things, I know sugar is not ideal, but the reason we eliminate is to get rid of the sugar dragon.
  17. trezkholl0806

    Meal review- full at lunch, enough veggies?

    Sorry - I see you said you added some cashews to your meal, but maybe it wasn't enough. I think the suggested serving for nuts is a handful?
  18. trezkholl0806

    Meal review- full at lunch, enough veggies?

    2-3 cups of veggies with each meal is suggested, so it sounds like you were doing good with the spaghetti squash & broccoli/zucchini. IF you were hungry in between lunch and dinner, then it's suggested that you have a mini-meal of protein/healthy fats. Are you getting in your healthy fats? Make sure you don't skimp on these because I've found that if I don't eat enough of them or skip them, I get really hungry in between my meals.
  19. trezkholl0806

    Who's made what from Well Fed 2!

    Made the Italian Pork Roast with the BBQ seasonings last night and it was very moist, though I think I should've drained the juice off it first before shredding in the crockpot because now it's mushy and watery, and doesn't seem seasoned at all :/ I also made the BBQ sauce. I thought it was pretty good, very tangy and you can definitely taste the ACV; might cut back on that just a tad next time.
  20. trezkholl0806

    Who's made what from Well Fed 2!

    The chocolate chili is really good I plan on making the Cincinnati Chili this week!
  21. trezkholl0806

    Who's made what from Well Fed 2!

    I'm planning on making the Italian Pork Roast, but with the BBQ seasonings and the BBQ sauce to go along with that, this week... also planning on making the Cincinnati Chili and will have it with Applegate hot dogs
  22. trezkholl0806

    Who's made what from Well Fed 2!

    Just bought Well Fed 2, so I've only made 2 things so far, but it was the Plantain Nachos (which were good, but I obviously can't follow directions because I didn't overlap the plantains enough so I just had individual little chips). Worked out okay though, because I just piled some onto a plate, topped with the taco meat and toppings. One thing though, while the taco meat had great flavor, it gave me heartburn a little bit. Also made the pork chops, don't remember the name, fiesta? Anyway, they had alot of flavor!
  23. trezkholl0806

    Dinner Party Ideas

    I HATE cooked carrots, but these cumin roasted carrots were SO GOOD! I couldn't stop eating them