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    trezkholl0806 reacted to Kellie L in First Timer-January 6th   
    Hi All,
    Excited to be starting the Whole 30 AIP January 6th.  I am a 34 year old RN from Wisconsin and have been struggling with a host a vague complaints for the last several years.  I was officially labeled "probable MS" this summer after showing multiple brain lesions on my MRI which fueled in depth research, reading, stressing and mass information overload.  I've read Wheat Belly, Minding my Mitochondria and the MS Diet for Women which all share a general theme (diet matters, eliminate wheat and processed foods) but vary in the specifics.  As a result, I have made significant dietary changes since September 2013 but am having a hard time choosing a specific program to follow (which makes establishing boundries impossible) and lack the knowledge/patience/understanding to formulate my own at this time.  The Whole 30 is appealing because of the support and clear outline provided as well as the short time frame to start.  I need to meet a goal to fuel my success and think this is just what I need:)
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to jent103 in Where can I get coconut aminos & sugar free stock in NZ???   
    trez - I think canola oil is okay if necessary at restaurants but generally discouarged, so I'm not sure what the official rule is on this situation, but the ingredients vary so much I'd really go to your local store and check it out. I don't remember the Imagine beef broth near me having canola in it (though it was noncompliant for some other reason, probably added sugar).
    I've used chicken stock for recipes calling for beef stock a lot - unless it's something like a beef vegetable soup (where it would be really obvious), it usually works fine. Chocolate chili, for example!
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    I found from Pinterest that the nasty oily, grimey stuff that gets on the stove and especially the vent above the stove, should be cleaned with oil - oil will remove oil... it works amazingly. I use vegetable oil just for this since I don't cook with it anymore. It comes off so easily. But on the actual stovetop, I use sometimes Clorox cleaning wipes or vinegar that I put in a spray bottle.
    Just learned about the lemons in vinegar solution and bought a bunch of lemons to use to make this.
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to EatTrainClean in Nifty tip! Storing/saving leftover canned coconut milk...   
    This is awesome. Perhaps it comes from being male, but I am TERRIBLE at thinking of ways to maximize food storage and innovative ways to do new things with food. My meat and spinach is literally grouped into one GIANT container, which while great for easily making meals, leaves much to be desired as far as aesthetics and variety.
    Do you have any recipes that might involve coconut milk ice cubes?
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to jillian in Nifty tip! Storing/saving leftover canned coconut milk...   
    I don't use coconut milk that often - and when I do I never end up using the entire can. So this time around I froze the rest of the coconut milk in an ice cube tray - each cube was approximately 1/8 cup of coconut milk. Once frozen, I put all the coconut milk ice cubes into a tupperware and back into the freezer for future use. Yay!
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    I cook most meals in animal fat and it makes a right mess all over the cooker and wall behind, occasionally I use avocado oil, or I might add olive oil to a salad dressing but I've not felt like eating salad as it's the middle of winter, and I'd rather have some cooked green leafy veg. Plus I found if I don't use quite a bit of fat in my cooking, then I have zero energy to do anything (then really nothing is going to get cleaned!). I'm trying to ignore the state of my kitchen right now, I think I'm going to have to go in there and blitz the place later, especially as I have a guest coming this week. I should probably also clean out the oven, since I think the fat splashes in the oven too when I'm roasting things, and this seems to set off my smoke alarm when I don't shut the kitchen door - there isn't any food burning when it goes off, so must just need cleaning! I'm also just incredibly good at making a mess when I cook anything  At least I have my own place, so nobody to moan at me when it's a mess
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to Rebelle Engineer in Gelatin   
    I think I shall be making fruit jelly when I'm not doing the w30 program, as for me personally I don't really see this as such a bad option for the following reason... I am normally extremely physically active - I work as a circus artist, and I train pretty intensively, so I don't think eating some fruit is a bad thing for me, and it's not like I am not eating tons of veg as well. When I did my first w30 last month, I really struggled with a lack of energy and all my training just went out the window because I can't risk injuring myself, some of the things I do can be somewhat dangerous, I need to have enough energy so I don't fall off a piece of equipment, not something I want to do several meters off the ground or while spinning in my giant metal wheel that if I fall out of, I need to be able to react quick or risk getting whacked in the face/head/body with 15kg of metal! I also found over the last month that I have to eat a lot of starchy veg like sweet potatoes/squash on top of the leafy greens and other veg, and now I pretty much cook everything with animal fat (coconut oil is out for me as I'm allergic to coconut, although I did manage to find some avocado oil for cooking), as I found if I don't do these things then I will pass out! So I kind of think that eating fruit is not such a bad thing for me personally, if I wasn't so active then I think maybe it would be best to steer clear of fruit. Plus my diet is so restrictive as I am allergic to nuts, I always tended to avoid seeds because of the nut allergy, so not eating those either and trying to do the autoimmune protocol, so I've not been eating nightshades or eggs, so it would be nice to have some more variety, with something that isn't going to affect me medically. Plus when not on the program, if I want a treat, I'd much rather go for some jelly than gluten/soy/dairy laden things that will make most likely make me ill. I've never actually made jelly with gelatin before, so will be an experiment, but my plan was to blend some fruit (rather than juice), add some water and the gelatin, and also chuck in some whole berries - so I'll still be getting some fibre from the fruit this way, and I bet it'll taste better than the store bought jelly full of additives and sugar.
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to GFChris in 2nd Whole 30--Jan 1 2013   
    Be sure to add vegetables to your breakfast going forward. Don't let fruit push vegetables off your plate. Aim for 1-3 cups of vegetables per meal. Fruit is allotted to 1-2 servings per day. 
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to Rebelle Engineer in Gelatin   
    Gelatin comes out of the bones when you make bone broth (so you don't add it as such, you use apple cider vinegar to help leach it out of the bones), you can also buy Gelatin in sheets or powder form - and this is often used to make things like jelly/mousse/panna cotta etc. But you don't need to buy this to make bone broth, you just need to get some bones from your butcher
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to mykidsteacher in 2nd Whole 30--Jan 1 2013   
    Day 1 Wrap-up (numbering these according to goals):
    1)Weighing--weighed and measured and then put away the scale and tape.
       Breakfast--2 sausage (ground pork, ground venison, spices), blueberries, coconut whipped cream, black decaf
       Lunch-mega salad with organic canned chicken and homemade olive oil/red wine vinaigrette; 2 apple slices.
       Supper--pressure cooked round steak, tri-color peppers, onion, zucchini, carrots; 1/2 sweet potato; 1/2 banana.
    3)Exercise--10 minutes of stretching before bed.
    4)Sleep--9 hours
    5)Control computer/kindle use--went a little over an hour, but not too bad. Watched a little tv before bed.

    Had a headache today--menstrual migraine.  Plus I wanted chocolate.  Tough to start this with AF knocking on your door.  But I held strong. Even when the girls got out the Puppy Chow when we were watching tv. Good thing they were on the other couch.  Supper was later than I intended since we stayed longer visiting friends (another potential minefield since she is a good cook and had peanut butter/chocolate fudge, plus several kinds of chips set out.  I had a cup of hot tea and nothing else--go me!).  I was STARVING and the bag of chips was still on the table from the kids' lunch.  I had about 10 almonds to give me the salt I was wanting, and a handful of baby carrots for the crunch.  Made it through!
    Onward to Day 2.  Will be working at the theater today building set, so that might count as my exercise.
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to Lizzard77 in cleaning...   
    I keep a jar of vinegar in my cupboard and when ever I have a lemon rind I drop it in there.  After sitting for a couple of weeks I have a fabulous lemon vinegar cleaning solution.  The combination smells wonderful and cleans sooo well.  I simply spritz it on the stove top and counter tops when cleaning up after dinner, quick wipe and everything is under control.
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to Vian in How long does bone broth keep in the fridge?   
    Once mine is cool, I put it in ziplock bags in 1 cup portions and lay them out on a cookie sheet and freeze them. Then i just pile the frozen baggies in the freezer. When I need some broth for a recipe, I pull as many out as I need and run them under warm water to loosen up the bag, then put the frozen chunk into a saucepan and turn it to high heat with a lid on to thaw completely.
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to Nadia B in How long does bone broth keep in the fridge?   
    Ditto. 10 days is the max I've figured too. I like to freeze broth in ice cubes trays. Label them and try to use it up in a month. Easy to portion for drinking or cooking (I'll trow couple cubes in my kitchen sink skillets or add to the single serving soups). 
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to Tom Denham in How long does bone broth keep in the fridge?   
    I have drunk 10 day old bone broth, but I think that is pushing it.
    The trick is to drink 2-3 mugs of bone broth per day when you have it to get through a pot of it within a week. Note: I make a lot at one time. I don't cook with bone broth much. I simply drink it like coffee or tea.
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to Tom Denham in Gelatin   
    Stay focused on the bone broth. The gelatin is not a problem, but consuming fruit jelly is a problem. Even without added sugar, fruit jelly is a concentration of sugars. And jelly is an echo of a food that we want you to move beyond during a Whole30. It would be best for you to focus on other foods during your 30 days and not produce a healthier version of an old food. 
    One of the hardest things for me to accept when I began my Whole30 journey was that vegetables were far superior to fruit and that I would do well to minimize fruit consumption. I kept reasoning that fruit was real, whole food and that anyone who pushed me to move off eating a lot of it was crazy. It took me almost a year before the message started to sink in, but I finally got it. Walking around Whole Foods Market where they post the ANDI scores of fruits and vegetables really helped. All vegetables have exponentially higher ANDI (nutrition) scores than any fruit. 
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    trezkholl0806 got a reaction from Wynne Jones in Whole30, I need you in my life. Log #2   
    That's literally what it is I baked a bunch of sweet potatoes just on a foil lined sheet at 450 degs for 1 1/2 hrs or so, or until they are really soft... then I mash them up and keep in container. Scoop out, mix in some coconut milk, lots of cinnamon and sometimes I top with some sliced almonds. It's so good.
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to mykidsteacher in 2nd Whole 30--Jan 1 2013   
    Starting a new log for my 2nd whole30.  First was done June 2012 and it was a bit underwhelming and a lot frustrating. Hoping this time goes better.

    Allergies to dairy, eggs, cashew, garlic and sunflower. Intolerant to wheat--symptomatic, doesn't show up on allergy testing.  I do good avoiding dairy, eggs, and cashew, not so good on garlic, sunflower and wheat.  Need to eliminate all of them.

    Didn't set goals the first time around, and didn't even start a log until almost 2 weeks in, so going to be better about that this time.  Here are my goals:

    1) No weighing--I weighed through my first whole30 and it definitely takes the focus off the good stuff that's happening when the scale isn't moving.

    2)30 days compliant, no cheats, no excuses.

    3)exercise--I'm a slug, I never exercise. I'm going to begin teaching dance in a few months again, and need to get in shape. So 3 days a week of ballet bar of at least 30 minutes, plus stretching before bed every night.

    4)Sleep--at least 8 hours 5 nights a week.

    5)Moderation--limit computer play and Kindle time to 1 hour per day on weekdays, 2 on weekends.  Electronic devices OFF 1 hour before bedtime.
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to Lena Bean in Why wait? Starting now!   
    I did the same thing!  I had foot surgery and was going to wait until after the New Year when I'm cleared to work out again, but there is always going to be another reason so I figured lets start it now.  I'm also just got the Well-Fed 2 book and look forward to breaking in my new Vitamix with it.  Hope all of you are doing well heading into Day 2!!
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to Lisa L in My Very First Whole 30   
    Here it comes. My very first whole 30. 
    Hi, I'm Lisa and I'm addicted to sugar. Not just mentally but physically. If it's around, then that's all I think about. Then I eat it and I feel tummy hurts and I get a headache. I still eat it. I have a small sensitivity to chocolate (not quite allergy)...I still eat it. I wake up with a food hangover on almost a daily basis. It's that bad.
    I start Sunday December 29th because if I push it off any later, I will eat all the sugar I can find because "I can't have it ever again." I know that's not the truth but I digress. I'm practically falling asleep as I type this, I'm so tired. I know the first few days will be awful with headaches from sugar withdrawal but I will persist. I'm writing out dinner ideas and my grocery list. I deserve to be good to myself for 30 days (at least). I have been working out consistently for years and have done nothing but gain body fat due to my poor diet. I will lighten up on the weight training for about the first week as my body adjusts (more walking, less weights). Then I hope to see some results. 
    My goals:
    Wear my wedding ring again
    Fit into my "fat pants" (they are too tight right now)
    As I surpass those goals I have a few more on the back burner. I also filled out the goals worksheet but don't have it in front of me. Something about sleeping at least 7.5 hours a night, eating slower (and not in my car), promising not to weigh myself and spending more quality time with my kids. 
    Two more days...I cannot wait!
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to SadToSexy in Need ideas for January W30 with Hubby!   
    Collard Greens as wraps make a great sandwich bread alternative. The trick is to wrap them tightly & then they're quite portable. Baba Ganush makes a great hummus alternative, which can act as a "glue" to keep all the veggies & protein inside.
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to Eugenia Allen in Things to do with Tessemae's Whole30 products   
    I like mixing the italian one with equal parts homemade mayo, and adding a dash of italian seasoning, to make my own creamy italian dressing.
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to Physibeth in Reintro Fail   
    Totally agree with Cayenne...most of my triggers are not food related but emotional/mental things. While I certainly have foods with no brakes what starts it usually has nothing to do with a craving for a food.
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to 1Maryann in Random Rants and Musings from my Post W30 Life   
    Decided to do another W30 reset with my W100 crowd from last year.  Once I made that decision, all bets were off!  I am eating more crap this week than I have in the past year.  Now I really NEED that reset.
    Things to work on this coming year:
    1.  better sleep habits.  I have gotten into a rut where I am so exhausted when I get home that I wind up dozing off in front of the tv for half the evening, then I'm up until well after midnight and 6 am is very hard.  Then because I didn't get enough sleep, I'm dozing the next night.  Vicious circle.
    2.  More overall discipline.  In addition to food, I need to put some limits on other parts of my life.  I need to get back on a written budget instead of winging it.  I need to get back in a routine of house and yard work instead of putting out the worst fires and calling it good enough.  I need to go make friends with Flylady again.
    3.  Exercise.  I need to dust off the gym membership and just do it!  But first I need to get other pieces in place.  If I don't get the sleep habits under control, getting up an hour early to hit the gym will be counterproductive.
    4.  Add another item or two to my "never again" list.  January 1st, it will be one full year since I've touched alcohol, diet soda, or corn.  At this point I don't see ever adding them back.  Soy has only snuck in when I was too lazy to bring coconut aminos for sushi or Chinese food.  That one can go, easily enough.  I figure if I add a couple of things to the list each year, eventually I will be totally compliant without too much trouble.  In some ways it is easier to eliminate foods completely than to flirt with 'just a little'.
    5.  Organic/grass-fed eating.  I've got my organic veggie garden started, so eventually should be able to grow most of my own for a good portion of the year.  Planting avocado trees, so that should help, too.  The goal is to go totally clean, but grass-fed meats are so expensive!  Hopefully, the $60-70 a week I'm saving on produce will go a long way towards paying for meat.  And hunting.  Have to get out and get me a pig or deer for the freezer.
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to 1Maryann in Random Rants and Musings from my Post W30 Life   
    Hi, Trez!
    SFG is raised bed gardening taken a step further.  I was looking for a small space/high yield form of gardening when I stumbled on this.  Essentially, you block out a raised bed 4'x4' and about 8" high.  As you can see from the pics, I used cinder block because they were cheap, readily available, and won't rot in the humidity.
    You clear the vegetation from the area, and put down your bed.  If using wood, you can put a bottom on it, but I used 1" newspaper to keep the weeds from coming through.
    The trick to growing so much in such a small space is not using soil.  Instead you use "Mel's Mix".  Mel was the inventor and he says use 1/3 sphagnum (peat) moss, 1/3 coarse vermiculite, and 1/3 organic compost with manure.  I found all three very cheap at local garden stores, or some places carry Mel's mix.  I just stirred it up in batches in my wheelbarrow and dumped it in the beds.  Then you make a grid so you have clearly defined one-foot squares.
    Because it's all nutrients and no 'dirt', you can crowd a lot more in than conventional gardening.  Big plants like tomatoes, peppers, and zucchini are one per square, but I have 6 kale and 4 bibb lettuce in other squares and 25 sugar snap peas because they only require 2" spacing.  I planted the zuke in the back row with the tomatoes, as I plan to train it up the trellis with the tomatoes instead of letting it spread out.
    You can get some good info online, although the original website is down for 'improvements', or you can probably find the book on Amazon.
    So far it is easy as pie.  The other thing is it uses much less water.  You only water the roots, like you would potted plants, so I do the whole bed with less than 1 gal/day.  And no further fertilizing is needed.  When something is finished, you can just plant something different (not the same) in that square.  Next year, just top dress with more compost and perhaps a different type of manure.
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    trezkholl0806 got a reaction from SpinSpin in Breakfast Ideas without eggs   
    I bought compliant bacon from Whole Foods - the package actually says Paleo Bacon or Paleo approved or something like that. For sausage, I make my own! It is SO simple and you can either have it crumbed, make patties, muffins, meatballs, etc. Recipe below... I've already completed one Whole30 and have finally gotten over the fact that breakfast doesn't always have to be "breakfast foods". Sometimes I will have whatever leftover meat and whatever veggies (crockpot shredded chicken, roasted brussels sprouts, baked sweet potato mash).