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    trezkholl0806 reacted to 1Maryann in Random Rants and Musings from my Post W30 Life   
    The first couple of garden pics were from a few weeks ago.  This one was taken this morning.
    Front row:  L-R  carrots, cilantro, beets, broccoli
    Second row:  Green Buttercrunch (Bibb) lettuce, swiss chard, lacinato kale, red Bibb lettuce
    Third row:  Yellow bell pepper, gold hybrid cherry tomato, red bell pepper, eggplant
    Back row:  Heirloom tomato (pink brandywine), zucchini, heirloom tomato (mortgage lifter), sugar snap peas.
    This weekend I plan to build the second bed and raise the climbing frame for the tomatoes and zucchini to grow on.

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    You are going to think I am crazy and this seems counter intuitive but I have read and have had really good results from taking a tbsp raw apple cider vinegar in a 1/4 cup of water.  I can't give you any science behind it and there really isn't much to be found but there are theories.  Here is some information about it   I hope you find some relief and it sounds like you are doing good things by drinking bone broth and keeping to a bland diet.  Take care of yourself and hopefully this will pass soon.
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    I love your musings on potato chips! A friend of mind just posted today that she found hot dog flavored potato chips and was mixing them with ketchup flavored potato chips.  YUCK, just have a friggin hot dog and ketchup with chips on the side.  I simply cringed. 
    And yes!  Teeth are so much healthier when we follow this kind of lifestyle.  I did my first W30 in June, shortly after my hygienist was taken aback by the change in my teeth.  I have been battling tooth decay and gum disease due to fear of dentists and not going for many years.  In the last 6 months the health of my mouth has improved dramatically.  Then with the addition of FCLO I have reversed cavities.  Congrats on your healthy check ups
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to 1Maryann in Random Rants and Musings from my Post W30 Life   
    Observations at Walmart:  You are bombarded from the moment you enter the store with junk.  It is impossible to reach the pharmacy, the cleaning products, or most anything else without running the gauntlet of snack foods.  Everything is there--chips, candy, cookies, etc.  If you are entering the store hungry, it could be almost impossible for a 'normal' person to pass by all this crap without throwing something in the cart.
    And what's with the weird flavors of potato chips?  I understand sour cream & onion, or barbeque.  Those are flavors you would normally find in dips.  But is there really a reason for "Parmesan Garlic Bread"?  Or "Chicken and Dumplings"?  Seriously?  If you have a hankering for chicken and dumplings, why not eat the real food?  It still isn't by any means 'healthy' what with all the processed flour, but at least it contains a protein and it certainly isn't a totally chemical concoction manufactured to taste like chicken and dumplings.  Have we gotten that far away from real food that we could down a bag of those things and be satisfied because we tricked our brains into thinking we ate an actual meal?  I can't think of any other purpose for them.
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    FYI, I made the cranberry sauce from the Whole 9 Thanksgiving (with figs and apple juice) and it was really good! Not nearly as sweet as traditional, but I don't know if I'd like that anymore. The only problem was having the rest of the figs around -- they are so sweet and delicious!
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    I've been meaning to start this blog for a while, because I can never find a suitable place for my observations and revelations.  So here goes:
    This was my first ever completely free-range, grass-fed, organic Thanksgiving.  I even bought arrowroot to thicken the gravy instead of flour.  It worked great, the gravy was delicious, but it was much darker than usual and shiny like Chinese restaurant sauces.  It got a few crosswise glances, but once everyone tasted it, all was well. 
    I made no mention of my W30 lifestyle, I just cooked.  I think dinner was half over before anyone realized there was no bread in the stuffing.  Desserts were no temptation, but I did decide to have cranberry sauce.  That was a deliberate choice, but I don't have a sugar dragon, and cranberries, like rhubarb, are far too tart to eat without sugar.
    After a few days of leftovers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (the stuffing makes a fine base for my sweet potato hash--just sausage, apple, celery, and onion) I can't wait to have a big old kale salad for lunch tomorrow.  Who ever thought I'd one day crave kale?
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to missmary in Ideas for packable snacks   
    Is that 15 minutes intended to be a lunch break? or is this just a snack time and all the other meals happen outside of work?
    If all three meals are already covered, I would encourage you to go without. It takes a while to learn to eat enough at meal times, but once you do, you really will not need snacks and it is very liberating to get to a place where you just don't need or want to nibble on stuff throughout the day.
    If we are really talking about a very quick meal here (actually, even if this is just a snack and you aren't ready to go without yet): think about this food as fitting in with the meal template. A meal will have a palm or two of protein, 2-3 cups of veggies and a thumb or two of fat. A snack, ideally, would have a similar ratio but smaller portion. For my most portable meals (meal #1 for me), I enjoy raw bell pepper strips, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, cold roasted sweet potatoes, cold steamed broccoli or green beans, hard boiled eggs, clean lunch meat (roast turkey or roast beef--check labels to be sure there is no carrageenan or sugar), thin sliced roasted london broil, cold cooked chicken breast, meatballs, etc. etc. A little container of homeade mayo or guacamole would be nice for fat and dipping.
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    trezkholl0806 got a reaction from sjosey77 in Why wait? Starting now!   
    I started today as well! Go us! And I purchased Well Fed 2 yesterday Looking forward to trying & sharing new recipes.
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    trezkholl0806 got a reaction from sjosey77 in Why wait? Starting now!   
    I started today as well! Go us! And I purchased Well Fed 2 yesterday Looking forward to trying & sharing new recipes.
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to cmccoy in Why wait? Starting now!   
    Kicking off my Whole30 today! I was planning on waiting until January 2nd but when I woke up this morning feeling unhealthy, gross, and just plain sick & tired of being sick & tired I decided why wait? What better way to ring in the new year than in a healthy way? Just because I've always consumed copious amounts of alcohol & fried foods before doesn't mean I have to do it again this year!
    I attempted a Whole 30 last November and made it 12 days.  I quit on purpose because I didn't want to head into Thanksgiving dinner consuming dairy, grains, sugar & alcohol and get sick.  However, even in those 12 days I lost weight, started sleeping through the night and felt better all the way around.  I'm looking forward to the same positive impact this month including re-introducing foods the correct way.  I've also gotten "Well Fed 2" and look forward to trying out some new recipes.  I'm going to make 2014 my healthiest year yet!!  
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to Kirsteen in Any vegetarian/vegan success stories out there?   
    I'm one of them. I used to be vegetarian when I was young, drifted away from it and then went back about 5 years ago. Doing nothing by halfs I became vegan (with the exception of honey) and then a raw food vegan. I had a whole shelf of raw food books. I studied and studied it. I swore by Boutenko and Wigmore. I juiced, I sprouted, made bucketfuls of green smoothies and was convinced my diet was the healthiest it could be. The trouble was I didn't feel that way. Everyone kept telling me I could take years to fully detox so to stick with it.
    The crunch came when I was diagnosed with a really aggressive breast cancer. For other reasons I'd been scanned head to toe, two years previosly and not a trace of cancer. Now, after two years as a raw food vegan, I'd a large cancerous mass which had already spread to 12 of the 14 lymph nodes in my arm. Everyone in the raw food movement went on about how chemo was poison, operations would merely spread the cancer. Cancer could be cured by diet, stick to that. I was frustrated and angry; I'd been on that kind of diet when I devoloped it, what confidence could I have that it would cure it.
    I opted for conventional treatment, radical mastectomy, lots of chemo etc and basically ate what I could keep down, still mainly vegetarian, lots of quinoa, hummus and loads of fruit and veg etc. Afterwards I still tried to follow cancer protocols, lots of juicing etc. I kept reading, as I still believed food has to be the basis of all health but i felt paralised about making the right choices.
    I came across Mark Sisson's Primal Diet and was intrigued, I searched other paleo sites and came across this one. I read the book and couldn't argue with the logic - it made sense. I'd had the odd bit of chicken and fish but going back to eating red meat took a real leap of faith. I decided, with much trepidation, to try it for 30 days. I simply moved all my grains and legumes aside so that I could go back to them if this didn't work.
    Well I'm now on day 52 and there's no going back. It hasn't all been plain sailing, it's been a bit bumpy in patches but I know this is how I want to continue eating. It's hard to explain but my body feel like it's being nourished and yesterday my oncologist discharged me with nothing more than yearly checkups and she was absolutely delighted with how well I look. I think that took her by surprise.
    I know none of the above is what you wanted to hear; ethically I'd much rather be a vegan but, healthwise, it just doesn't do it for me. I'm still extremely fussy about what meat I eat. I've become friendly with one of the farmers at the local market and have extensively questioned them about how their animals are raised, how they're looked after and how they're slaughtered. I won't eat factory farmed meat, not just for health reasons, but because I want no part in colluding with the animals suffering.
    Whether this can be done as a vegetarian I really couldn't say but I'm sure others must have tried it. Good luck whatever you decide.
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to HelenBlackburn in Veggie Burger Recipe   
    I hope it's OK to post recipes here.
    I just finished Day Four and wanted to share this recipe for Tofu Veggie Burgers with others who are doing a vegetarian Whole30.  I used organic sprouted firm tofu, but I would bet you could use tempeh as well if you wanted to stick to the "best" rather than "better" portion of the approved legumes.  I adapted this recipe from:

    and made the following adjustments:
    Instead of bread crumbs, I used 1/2 a cup of processed (meaning food processed) raw cauliflower.
    I also doubled the amount of cashews to avoid using sunflower seeds.
    Instead of dijon mustard (I have no idea what that has in it, maybe it's ok--I just didn't have any in the house), I used 2 Tablespoons of water and a teaspoon of dried mustard.
    Instead of soy, I used coconut aminos.
    Rather than putting them directly into the skillet, I baked them (in formed patties) for 30 minutes to firm up the tofu.  Then I cooked them as directed.  
    They were delicious.  We had them topped with avocados, red pepper, greens, and some spinach coconut sauce that a friend of mine recommended (1lb spinach, I can organic coconut milk, 1 clove garlic, salt, pepper, lemon juice to taste). 
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    Old habits do die hard, then they come back. Years of using food as reward and punishment will not go away overnight. It is necessary to become mindful during the time of binging so we can learn. You may not be able to find a trigger food, you said, due to the volume. I can honestly say, for me, I don't have a trigger food but a huge trigger MINDSET. The moment the not good for me food enters the mouth, the mindset changes and all bets are off. But I sure can feel a physical switch with sugar and grains-not so much dairy. So I know that if sugar/grains are ingested-shit will hit the fan with bloating and joint pain etc.
    You may be in the all or nothing club for a while-maybe a longer W30/whatever to actually stem the tide. Remember-YOU are in control of what goes in your mouth. It doesn't help the processed food out there is just as addicting as crack but at the end of the day, no one is putting a gun to your head to eat it. We have to prioritize what we want-I want to run and be active MUCH more than I want that chocolate/muffin etc. I know that the two will not live together so I choose to run. Period.
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to Physibeth in Reintro Fail   
    It might be worth your time to look back over these weeks and examine not just what you ate but why you made those choices. What are the triggers? Knowing what triggers the bad choices can help you make a plan of attack next time around. For example I've noticed that the majority of my offroad eating these past 2 weeks has been fueled by laziness and a state of chaos in my kitchen. I have plenty of good food to cook but I've just felt tired and lazy about cooking and cleaning. Knowing this means I need to be more mindful about storing up good quick options for when I don't feel it and keep a running list of what they are. I also need to be more mindful of cleaning as I go so my kitchen doesn't get out of hand.
    What is it for you? You mentioned self sabotage...but that is a symptom of a root issue...dig into what the root is.
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to scrapstitching in Whole30 bloggers   
    I have transitioned from what I called my "fatass blog" and a Weight Watchers focus (lost 55 pounds) to my Whole30 experience and foods. A couple of friends not on W30 are wondering what I eat and if it tastes worthwhile. So far so good!
    I'm glad I found this topic. I'll be reading along. I learn a lot from others' experiences!
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    I did my first w30 this past fall, while training for a century ride and half marathon.  I made a really yummy Gatorade replacement out of apple juice, baby food sweet potatoes and a bit of salt.  Apple juice is super high in potassium, one of the main electrolytes you need.  It's deLISH!!!  Even without the sweet potatoes, diluted, its a good idea - carbs and electrolytes.   I also tend to make my own larabar type thingies, adding in "lite salt" which has potassium.  

    I restarted W30 yesterday (12/29) and I'm training for a marathon in April.  The salted apple juice is also good to avoid my water bottles freezing, since it's so frigid here!
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    Hi Caryn!
    I've run three half marathons in the past year+ (first one was eating a conventional wisdom diet of low-fat and lots of whole grains; second and third were eating low-carb paleo).
    My favorite on-the-go fuel are pitted deglet noor dates.  I don't really use them for training runs, just during races for an extra boost.  I start eating them around mile 5 or 6, then eat a couple every 2ish miles).  I take along my fuel belt with a mix of water, juice from 1 lemon or lime, and some sea salt to help replenish.  I've completely sworn off Gatorade, Gu, Hammer Gel, etc.
    Best wishes with your running!
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to praxisproject in Need ideas for January W30 with Hubby!   
    I wonder if you could make sweet potato hash in muffin cups, so it's more portable?
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to MrsL519 in Need ideas for January W30 with Hubby!   
    JJB - that meatloaf sounds DELICIOUS. I'll have to try that! Good to know it's tasty cold too! I have a feeling the veggies will be an issue for my Hubby too but I can load up that meatloaf and at least he'll get it that way.
    Karyna - good luck to you both as well!
    ErinL - I'll have to post what ends up working for him on here so we can help each other! If you have any ideas please feel free to share! We also will not be starting right on the first because I make home made Chinese food for NYE and there's usually left overs!
    SpinSpin - Next thing you know and we'll have our own tv show "The real trucker wives of the Whole30" bahaha    (Sorry, I had to!) I'm going to try making the sweet potatoes like you do. I just eat them cold (mashed) and I'm happy but that requires a utensil and Hubby agreed last night that's against the law as a truck driver 
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    My hubby and I have decided to kick off our 2014 with a whole30. I am trying to do my best until then but wasn't up for the challenge of being super strict during the holidays this year. Maybe next year.....  
    This will be my second whole30 but Hubby's first. I have the luxury of working at an office so I quite often have left overs that I can re-heat in the microwave and actually sit down to lunch. Hubby is a local delivery driver and quite often eats lunch in the truck. His usual go-to right now is sandwiches but that will obviously have to change. 
    I'm planning on buying him a thermos so he can have some warm soups with him but he will need more than that.
    If anyone has any suggestions for on the go breakfast, lunch, and snacks (in case he gets stuck delivering way past dinner which has happened a time or two), we'd both be very grateful to hear them! 

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    For me, Whole30 was my first venture into Paleo.  Prior to that I had been gluten-free for almost 7 years, so I wasn't eating the standard American diet. After completing my Whole30, I've also eliminated dairy, non-gluten grains and legumes at home because of the results I got on my Whole30 and during my reintro process. I also have much less desire for processed foods (e.g., haven't wanted a gluten-free roll at a restaurant, since after my Whole30).  So, aside from having quality dark chocolate here and there, I've ended up Paleo, even though that wasn't my original goal.
    FWIW, I don't see the reintro goal as returning to a standard American diet. It's more to choose more healthy foods over less healthy foods more often.  To that end, here's the Whole9 guide to Nutritional Off-Roading:'s-Guide-to-Nutritional-Off-Roading.pdf
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to melbournegirl in Does anyone ever NOT reintroduce and just stay on it?   
    I also only really found out about paleo after finding whole9 which I got to from researching adrenal fatigue... I was dairy, legume and gluten free already but also low fat high carb/sugar. After my first whole9 last year I have stayed 99% grain and sugar free as well... That's one treat every month or two, wow. When not whole30ing I have red wine, potato chips and dark chocolate. When I dont eat the junk I don't miss it unbearably. If I have junk a few times in a row my cravings come back and are hard to satisfy with real food. Even more telling my blood work is normal when I eat this way and low in iron, vitamin d, b and with elevated liver enzymes when I don't....
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to golden in Does anyone ever NOT reintroduce and just stay on it?   
    I felt so good at the end of my Whole30 that I *thought* I was going to keep it going forever. I reintroduced dairy and didn't like how I felt, so I didn't want to reintroduce anything else. Well over the next few months different things creeped back in here and there, which is fine, except my skin started breaking out and my energy suffered, and since I hadn't methodically reintroduced, I don't know what exactly was the culprit. So several months later, I'm on Day 4 of a new Whole30 so I can do the full reintroductions at the end, even though I intend to stick to this way of eating for the long run. Do reintros so you can have really clear knowledge about how specific food types affect you!
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to WunderHase in Does anyone ever NOT reintroduce and just stay on it?   
    Something that came to mind whilst reading this was the topic of habits. I'll try to be brief as I guess I'm off-topic.
    I have weened myself off all kinds of things, but when I face a situation where I'm used to doing something, it takes a lot of conscious effort not to go back to old patterns. I haven't smoked in years, but when I go to a bar, I smoke. I don't even like the taste! But I do it, just because. I think I would have to retrain my brain and go to bars more often and not smoke, to override the old habit. Same surroundings, different actions.
    So it's not necessarily physical craving, but just habitual, which can be very difficult to break as well.
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    trezkholl0806 reacted to melbournegirl in Does anyone ever NOT reintroduce and just stay on it?   
    You never know, I thought the same once. Now if I want the coffee and cake scene, I go to a local specialist chocolate cafe, have black coffee and a dark chocolate ginger truffle ( all hot drinks come with a free chocolate) or if I don't feel like the chocolate I get a wrapped one to take home and I don't feel deprived. PS after my first whole30 I did a 100 to kill my sugar dragon....