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    I've been doing an egg white fried in coconut oil and a teaspoon of almond butter with a black coffee for pre workout (it's just a little snack but I feel like it helps before a 6am gym sesh, cos I train quite early I only have half an hour to digest so don't want to eat too much. 
    Then I've been having my post workout + breakfast combined cos I'm quite short on time and need to have something portable I can eat at work. That meal usually consists of some pre-made egg fritatas (2 - 3 eggs with asparagus, tomato, baby spinach) and a piece of fruit like an apple or mandarin.
    Does that work? 
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    Nuts are generally harder on your stomach than egg yolks. The majority of the great stuff in an egg is in the yolk, so you'll get more of a nutritional bang for your buck if you just eat the whole egg. Plus you won't be wasting the yolk.