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  1. thanks! I have been doing some reading on sulfur and am going to try taking that as a supplement. I've heard it works wonders for getting rid of allergies and if I can eat regular paleo now that I'm done my Whole 30 and take sulfur and be seasonal allergy free I think I might just be the happiest person out there! 


    If the sulfur doesn't work and my upcoming allergy testing... well then I will go for a AIP W30! 

  2. It's also important to consider that a plan like Whole30 can help your body control its reactions to allergens, but if you are consistently exposed to a significant allergen at high levels, your body is bound to react.  

    yes I definitely realize that. I am working on getting tested for allergies because I definitely can't live like this all the time! 

  3. Pre-Whole 30 I used to drink almond milk (the store bought with carrageenan) and agave nectar. It wasn't ideal for taste but I know dairy, particularly cream and milk is not good for my body, and I was trying to have a more natural sugar. 


    Now it's post-whole 30 and I've had very little coffee in my life and I really want to reintroduce it and find a way to enjoy it. 


    I think I'm going to be one of those people that needs to do a low-histamine diet, so my post whole 30 right now I'm trying to avoid nuts and seeds, and obviously less strict than the whole 30 I want to be able to meet up with friends, and having dinner with family... stuff like that without it being a BIG thing. 


    Day to day, I want to be paleo/mostly whole-30. 


    But there's my coffee, something that is so enjoyable to me I just want to find a way to enjoy it again.


    During the whole 30 I made my own almond milk and had it dates a few times. It was okay, but my allergies really flared up.


    So.... ideas on how I can love coffee again? I definitely cannot do straight up coconut milk - I had one sip of that attempt. 


    How can I achieve that creamy coffee without almond milk, or a way to make the coconut milk better... it just has such a weird consistency for coffee.


    Would having agave be so bad in the mornings post-whole 30? Maybe I can try it black with agave? 



  4. I can understand, somewhat, how you feel with regard to the lbs/inches thing... it really doesn't always make sense. But, I had the same thing happen to me in January. I only lost a measily 5 lbs., but lost a total of 16 inches overall! There's a blog article that GFChris posted for me that really was a eye-opener. This lady started working out/eating healthy, and her before/after pics are phenomenal... guess what... SHE WEIGHS THE SAME! She lost absolutely no weight. Put the scale away :D

    Oh awesome, do you have the link to that post??

  5. I am sorry you didn't get the results you wished for regarding your allergies. I can understand not wanting to do the low histamine approach. I am currently following the autoimmune protocol and it just makes me plain mad!

    I have to say I am floored by your disappointment in your body changes and your attachment to a scale number.

    The fact that you lost ELEVEN inches should be reason enough to prove to you that the scale is a waste of time and you should not be focusing on scale weight loss. What does this scale number mean to you? Why were you looking to be at a certain scale number or lose a certain amount of scale weight? For most people losing scale weight equates to being smaller. You are ELEVEN inches smaller!! So in light of this, what importance does a certain number on the scale hold? Can you see the irrelevance of the scale? Body composition is much more important than a number on the scale. When you focus just on total weight lost you run the risk of losing vital muscle, bone and organ tissue.

    You most likely added some muscle, bone and/or organ weight while eating an appropriate balance of macronutrients and lost a lot of fat


    Thank you, I think it's just coupled with the lack of relief from allergies, I was just expecting a big number after measuring myself.


    I have always struggled to get the number on the scale down, but you're right. If I'm losing inches, that's really the only thing that matters. People notice inches - they don't know the number on the scale. I think it's just surprising that I lost 11 inches, and didn't lose a significant amount of weight. It's hard to wrap your brain around. I guess in the same way it's been hard to wrap my brain around the fact that eating fat is good! 

  6. I have really enjoyed reading It Starts With Food. This has been a pretty crazy journey for me and I have sorted through some of my personal attachments to food. 


    I was compliant for this whole program aside from a few spice mistakes with sugar in the first week and some less desirable oils on nuts in the beginning. 


    My main struggle I came into this challenge with was allergies. I am sitting here today still sniffling and sneezing. I am going to research low-histamine foods and look into booking an appointment with a natropath. I'm not going to lie, I'm frustrated that just the Whole 30 didn't make my allergies disappear, as it was my main motivation to try this.


    I've never been a good sleeper, and throughout the Whole 30 I did start to sleep better; however I still had some really off sleeps. This week has been much better though. 


    My energy has actually been laughable. I took naps last week, which I haven't needed or done in awhile and I know that has been my stress.


    My stress has been a factor throughout my whole30. I have been more stressed than usual as we are buying our first home, and it's been far from a smooth process. I imagine I'd have different results if I had been less stressed.


    Then there's my weight. Something I've always struggled with losing. I didn't exercise as much as I wanted to this past 30 days, and again, I probably would have had better results if I had of. I'm frustrated. Yes my clothes fit a bit better, but I was disappointed when I stepped on the scale and only lost 4 pounds. That's almost laughable. I feel like people fluctuate 4 pounds in a day. It's just frustrating when I see all of these amazing results, and I only lost 4 pounds. I did lose 11 inches overall, and while yes I can see the positive that those are good results, I am still so confused how  you can manage to lose 11 inches but only lose 4 pounds. I feel like it doesn't add up. My attachment to the number on the scale obviously didn't change. 


    So where do I go from here? I'm not sure. I really want to kick my allergies to the curb, but I'm not ready yet to try the low-histamine Whole 30. It's so limited that I feel like I'd really struggle. I think I want to go to a natropath first. So we'll see. I plan to keep eating mostly whole 30, but I have a bowl of popcorn calling my name first (really the only thing I've craved this entire process). 

  7. I started the Whole 30 with hopes of getting rid of my 'seasonal' allergies (and a hope to lose some weight). I say seasonal loosely because I have them year round. 


    I'm on Day 20... and it seems they're worse. My boyfriend just told me that the Whole 30 isn't working for me, and that I've had the worst allergies the past two weeks. I know it's a bad time of the year with the wet weather and leaves composting outside...but I have honestly been through a box of kleenex and sneezed at least 70 times today. I am at the end of my rope on allergies and I really hoped that I would be one of the ones that would rave that my allergies went away from Whole 30.


    I'm on Day 20... is there still hope for me? I'm starting to think about going to my doctor to get allergy shots because I can't live like this anymore!


    Anyone out there that had their allergies go away? When did it happen for you??

  8. OMG I made this for dinner tonight - and did cauliflower rice and instead of yogurt and cream used coconut milk. It was the best chicken tikka masala I've EVER made! My boyfriend agreed (not doing Whole30) that the cauliflower was better than the rice, as he munched on naan bread (been gluten free 1.5 years and still miss that one). 

  9. for two of us (he only eats the veggies at night)


    a big thing of baby spinach

    2-3 cucumbers

    1/2 bag of carrots

    4 zuchinni 

    2-3 peppers

    1 onion

    8-10 sweet potatoes

    2 celery roots

    fresh dill, basil 

    container of sprouts

    6 or so avocados

    1 bulb of garlic


    this week I also had a spaghetti squash and have confirmed I just don't like it


    fruit this week was kiwis, plantain and clementines


    I love jicama but I think it's out of season here because I cannot find it anywhere

    I also get tomatoes, celery occasionally. 

  10. What about chia seeds? I drink about tablespoons of chia seeds with about 1/4 cup of pure fruit juice and water. It's not the most pleasant way to drink them, but they're so good for you.


    Also - if you go down this route, drink immediately... they're like aloe when and absorb water - they get gelly, which is what will help cleanse your gut. 

    I swear by them!!

  11. Sorry I posted my comment right as you posted yours.


    Hopefully the dinner at home was just as nice!


    Thank you!! It was very good, we made lobster tail and a big salad! and then we decided to go to the movies after dinner!

  12. Yikes, I can't believe how much of a debate this turned into!


    I actually ended up telling my boyfriend it wasn't worth going out for dinner and asked if we could make dinner at home, which we did. 


    I'm not going to lie though, asking a simple question seemed to get out of hand pretty quickly and this did turn me off from the program quite a bit. 


    This program isn't black and white. There are a lot of 'technically's' in there, and I've seen many people that have asked about eating one thing by accident and whether it meant you had to start over, sometimes it did, sometimes it didn't.  


    I get the making a simple mistake versus a conscious decision. Which is why I opened up the conversation to this BEFORE I ate potatoes. 


    This came off as pretty rude. Answering a simple, "yes it would constitute a start-over" would have sufficed.


    I tend to agree with AdriannaJean though. 


    Also... I get that potatoes are nightshades... and as my original post stated I RARELY eat white potatoes, because we simply prefer sweet potatoes. However, arguing that because they're nightshades... is not a black and white answer either since there are other nightshades that are allowed in the Whole 30. 


    After doing some investigating, in the pinned 'Before you ask Can I have?" there is a member that had asked about baked potatoes back in 2012, and they were told to start a forum. I couldn't figure out how to find the forum she started, but I looked again today.


    This her forum: 



    White potatoes are not harmful, but you can do better.

    People think of white potatoes as a meaningful vegetable when their nutrient density is rather low. And Americans eat more potatoes than anything else. Dallas and Melissa banned white potatoes from the Whole30 as a corrective. Instead of adding more pounds of potatoes to your annual diet, eat something different, something more nutrient dense.

    The people who are most successful doing a Whole30 add lots of new things to their diet. I made a plan to eat every vegetable I found in the grocery store. I have not made it to radicchio yet, but I will.

    I use turnips in place of potatoes when potatoes are the traditional choice. Turnip salad is actually quite good and turnips are much more nutrient dense.



    I do want to note that Tom you seem to have changed your answer/tone towards potatoes quite significantly. 

  13. Thanks for your responses and birthday wishes.


    I'm actually kind of surprised by the fact that I wouldn't be considered a member of the community for one decision, as I have read in posts in the past that many paleo still eat potatoes. I asked because potatoes are very different than asking if I can eat a loaf of bread. There's a line somewhere... and the reasons for not eating banana-egg pancakes and potatoes are different from gluten and sulphites. 


    I do know that they are gluten-free as I have been gluten-free for over a year and a half. I will likely get the vegetables instead. 


    I don't eat red meat, so ordering a steak isn't an option for me. 

  14. It's my birthday on Sunday, and I'm on day 11 (Sunday will be day 13). 


    I read in some of the forums why potatoes aren't allowed, because they're not the best nutrient wise, and because of the psychological side to what potatoes usually become (fries, mashed potatoes, etc).


    On Sunday my boyfriend wants to take me out for dinner - and one of our favourite places has a blackened fish with veggies and it's served with rice. In the past I usually ask for their roasted potatoes instead of rice.


    Now, yes, I can just ask for more veggies, but since it's my birthday I'm starting up a little pity party for allowing myself the potatoes...


    But, would eating one serving of roasted potatoes mean I need to start over? Or is it one of those things that technically not bad, but also not encouraged? I don't plan on eating them the rest of the Whole 30, we actually only buy potatoes when my parents are coming for dinner. I won't eat them if it'll cause issues that put me back at day 1.

  15. Are certain oils BIG no-nos?


    I am feeling really great on day 8 but I noticed that my nuts mix has peanut oil as the last ingredient


    I also noticed my sunflower seeds have soybean oil (which I'm guessing is probably the big no-no?) I've had maybe the equivalent of a 1/4 cup over 8 days here. 


    I cook with coconut and olive oil. 

  16. I know that I am going to get sick of eggs pretty quickly... I already am, so I need a few other breakfast options that are going to get me through the 30 days!


    Every single bacon I have looked at contains sugar, same with sausages. 


    I am not the type to have something dinner-like for breakfast, and simply cannot wrap my mind around that. 

    It seems there are a lot of people eating sausages and bacons, and turkey bacons in their Whole 30 - have they found sugar-free options, or is this some sort of rule people are by-passing?


    Help! I live in Canada, so I'm not sure if that makes a difference. 


  17. thanks everyone! That's really helpful! 




    I contacted them - and the structure of the event is actually much different than I thought!


    It is a mix and mingle with food stations throughout the room and there is no “real†seating! 


    So I can eat before and probably munch on some veggies :) 

  18. Hi everyone, 


    I'm on my first go of the Whole30 - and day 2. I feel pretty brave for starting this yesterday when we have Halloween next week, and my birthday is also during the Whole 30.


    On day zero I was feeling quite ready to go and super excited to do this... then it dawned on me. Next Wednesday (which will be day 9) I am going to an event that is a catered event for an award ceremony. 

    The tickets were $80 and I have no idea what to expect for food... or what to do. I am going with my entire family (my mom was nominated for an award) and... I asked my parents what I should do. My dad suggested I wait the week to start... but I said, if I wait another week, then there will be always something. 


    I am thinking that I will likely eat before I go... but when you're spending $80 on a ticket for a big catered meal.. I feel kind of silly sitting there while my entire family has some lavish meal.


    What would you do?  


    Before Whole 30 I was already gluten-free and mostly dairy-free, so I'm thinking about asking the caterer for a dietary restriction of dairy and gluten free and eating what I know will be safe on the plate. 

    Thoughts? Advice? Pep talk?