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  1. Alison_jane

    Hysterectomy + Whole30

    Hello ladies :-) I'm scheduled for a hysterectomy next week, to treat chronic, debilitating period and ovulation pain. I'm curious to know if anyone has avoided a hysterectomy by following a Whole30/paleo diet? I'm 37, have well and truly finished having kids after my 3, and have a window of time whilst I'm not working, which makes this an ideal time for surgery. However, there's a nagging question in the back of my mind regarding the potential to treat these issues with a While30 diet change. I don't plan on changing my mind about surgery, but I'd still appreciate hearing about other ladies' experiences.
  2. Alison_jane

    Any other Australians?

    @lesley2014, if you find one, please let us know what brand and where - I did find one at Woolies, only to get home and realise that the preservative is a sulfite!! @LauraJS - I'm certainly no expert, but I do believe that if it's fermented sugar it's ok, because the sugar has effectively 'evaporated'? What's the sugar level on the list of ingredients (I think if it's fermented, it should be very low??) What brand is it, I'd love to know!! I much prefer to buy locally, of course, and I have found an online seller who has Red Boat Fish Sauce and Coconut Secret coconut aminos at , and also has the coconut aminos, plus heaps of other great products, with minimal shipping to Aus.
  3. Alison_jane

    Any other Australians?

    Hi Lesley - you might want to double check the Ayam fish sauce, it has sugar in the ingredients list, sorry to be a party pooper!!! I know some of you have found coconut aminos, have you been able to find any without sugar (even coconut sugar, which isn't Whole30 compliant?). I found Niulife brand locally, but it has coconut nectar syrup and coconut sugar. If there is one thing I learnt during my first Whole30, it was how vigilant you have to be in reading ingredient lists!!
  4. Alison_jane

    Day 1-Oct. 22

    Hi Ladies :-) Yep, I started on Oct 22, down here in Australia! So far, so good, which kind of concerns me, because I've not usually been able to stick to anything like this!!! I can say without question that I have managed to stick to the program, as far as food content goes, I have snacked on some nuts, fruit and raw veg a little, but am getting out of that habit. I'm surprised at how not hungry I've been, and am becoming very aware of my eating triggers. Day 1 was the absolute worst for me - I went on a sugar/junk food bender before Whole30 (not even going to justify it), and had a wicked headache on Day 1, which I expected. Didn't really feel too much of the hangover effects on Day 2 & 3 as I expected, just tired, but not actually any more than usual - they were actually pretty normal days compared to how I've been feeling lately (which is rubbish, hence the Whole30 for me). Bacon appears to be banned for me for Whole30, as I cannot find sugar-free bacon anywhere in Australia. So meat will basically be beef, chicken and fish (I don't eat pork), and I'm trying to include it in every meal. Without bacon, I'm struggling to do that with breakfast so far, only because I haven't had a chance to pre-prepare some cooked meat to just pull out in the mornings. I plan to pre-cook some beef and chicken mince (ground beef to you guys!), and some chicken thighs and then just incorporate them into breakfast. Really glad to find someone on the same timeline as me :-)