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  1. Bit of a rescue mission for me I am afraid! I started a CB just before Christmas - it's just a small one - it came with two small mothers and I set it up with a mix of green and black tea. the first draw was lovely and it remained the same for a couple of weeks. Formed a lovely white creamy looking healthy Scooby on the top which is over 1cm thick ... but then it went very vinegary! I tried starting again but the result is the same. Do I have too much Scooby now between the two that came with the kit and the new one, is that why they are turning sour very quickly (by day 4 there is no trace of sweetness). Should I make a hotel or throw out the original two mothers and just brew with the new Scooby(starting from scratch with a little of the vinegar and new tea and sugar?
  2. Ysabell

    Mayo fail

    I moved from being an oil drizzler to all in one method and it works really well and it is so quick. Worth a try if struggling with the drizzle oil method. http://sallyww.wordpress.com/2013/07/28/speedy-mayo-aka-woollynaise-recipe/ is where I got the original recipe from but I tend to just make it up as I go along now
  3. Ysabell

    nose runs when eating!?

    Same here, never been able to find a reason for it and I can never tie it down to certain foods either. Tom's explanation is very similar to what I have heard previously and I have come to accept it as one of those things now
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    Started 1st November, intro & commitment

    Oh Liza thats a shame you didn't see the results you hoped but a week ago you were seeing the positive results so that may be worth re-reading as often we can forget the changes that have happened as the weight overshadows it all. Strange as it seems it is often that we eat too little rather than too much when we eat real food. Hopefully you can post some things and the experts can offer some suggestions. I finished with a 6lb loss, there is improvements with my psoriasis but I think the AIP would help, I am dropping nightshades as those seem to show the most reaction. I have raw milk coming on Wednesday which we are going to use for our Kefir - I will closely watch how that goes. I also have a continuous Kombucha kit on its way too so plenty of probiotics for the family! Ultimately I don;t feel I did the template 100% correctly as I struggled with the veg but it was a massive improvement on my normal veg consumption - I will still endeavor to get the 3 cups in per meal! Thanks for the support and hope to catch you all on another round!
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    Started 1st November, intro & commitment

    Those food pics look amazing Day 26 here, still clinging on - I am very conscious that sometimes I am not fully template (sometimes not the full 3 cups of veggies) but happy I have been compliant (if that makes sense). I have seen an improvement in my skin condition but its still experiencing times of itching. I am definitely going to do a specialised W30 in January - probably excluding the items mentioned on the histamine and AIP shopping list, possibly even the FODMAP as well because OH has a clear issue with high FODMAP foods. It will be strange losing the Clarified Butter and eggs but manageable for 30 days I think! I'm happy I am now including Kefir and Kombucha each day (even if it is in a smoothie which is in addition to template breakfast) as I think it is helping OH and son greatly. One of the first add backs in December will be raw milk (predominately for son I think) as I hope that will be easier with the kefir as my coconut milk one just gets too thick! When I did an elimination type diet previously the raw milk seemed to have no negative effect so it will be interesting to see if the same applies now. Hope everyone else starting on 1st are still going well as this has been a very quiet board
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    Critique meals please

    Onions and cauliflower do this to me if I have them in excess and it is normally noticed when they hit a certain point in digestion, so I normally get pain around the abdomen later in the day, I rarely get an instant reaction. FODMAPS is really worth looking into, you may not need to totally eliminate everything, it may just be a case of being mindful not to have too many high FODMAP foods in one go or too close together to avoid a cumulative effect
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    Started 1st November, intro & commitment

    Still going full steam ahead here too I did have a minor food mishap this morning as I tried to cook some sweet potato in my waffle plate to see if it would be quicker (and I love the brown crunchy bits that I had heard would be more of in the waffle plate) but it was a sticky disaster but luckily I had plenty grated up to make the normal hash! Still no boundless energy here but skin seems to be improving slowly with only occasional itchy moments. I am still considering doing a AIP Whole 30 probably in the New year now as an experiment to see if it helps. However I am being mindful of the things I do eat and make sure that I don't overload on the usual AIP culprits. Good tip about the View New Content as I hadn't picked that up yet
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    Started 1st November, intro & commitment

    deleting random half a post lol
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    Started 1st November, intro & commitment

    I will ask her when I see her this weekend. I think its is pretty much chopped aubergine, courgette, onion, peppers and sometimes celery pan fried in olive oil then tins of chopped tomato added. Plenty of garlic as well then it just simmers on the stove. Its not the very traditional one but it seems to keep for ages in the fridge. Sarah it does feel odd not weighing but hopefully when you start to feel better it will become easier. Keep strong all, nearly halfway through now Day 14 almost halfway through - did have some random food dreams which mainly centred on me eating cake and then being upset I had failed the 30 days! Very bizarre I have had some days when the template has not quite been there through meal timings being completely off but I have been trying to ensure the elements are there even if I just grab some chopped raw veggies to eat with the protein and fat. My trousers do feel a bit loser but my skin is still not 100% - will be interesting to see what evolves. I have just ordered some kefir grains so I am currently trying to find the best coconut milk locally to grown them in as I think the probiotics will be very helpful to all the family - contemplating making a coconut milk and frozen berry smoothie to share between the three of us with breakfast each morning (my own little actimel is what I will tell them lol).
  10. Ysabell

    Started 1st November, intro & commitment

    Just a quick check in. Hope you are all doing well, day 9 already! Things trundling along nicely here, still not really in a ready for anything prep state but getting there slowly - the main issue is including plenty of veg Skin seems to be calming down a little but OH is still a bit windy so I am going to be more mindful of FODMAP for him. Time to head back out to the kitchen
  11. Ysabell

    Started 1st November, intro & commitment

    Health is primarily my reasons for doing this with weight loss a bonus. I've been following a real food lifestyle for some time but I find its good to try a different approach and having come through a really stressful few months I think a good session of healing may helped me considerably. Excellent event surviving skills there Sarah, I do believe coping with these get easier over time. I'm envying the Hubby that cooks Jackie, I cook for my other half and my 13 year old son - but to be fair they just have what I make, my son does still have some dark chocolate and almond milk hot chocolate which I whisk coconut oil into but don't tell him as he is getting a bit fat phobic thanks to his 'herbalife' dad! Currently suffering with my psoriasis and a bit of a breakout but I am hoping that is a detox rather than a sign I may need to consider the more AIP approach! Enjoyed the batch cooking (especially the batch of ratatouille that my mum made me when she was babysitting last week!). I have added a food processor to my Christmas list as I can only see sweet potato hash being even better without grated fingers. Nicola
  12. Ysabell

    Started 1st November, intro & commitment

    I started on 1st November also and I am in South Wales although would much rather be in London as I am sure I would have far more food choices - even Abel & Cole won't deliver to me!