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  1. busymommy

    Sweet potatoes - not loving them

    what are ideas on way to prepare beets?
  2. busymommy

    Starting October 30th! Anyone want to join?

    so as I mentioned before I slipped up last week and went on a bad downward spiral but I got right back on things and this is day 5 after the restart. still hanging in there. bummed that it could be day 15, that would have felt so much better. crazy how days 1-3 on the restart felt totally easy but then yesterday I really struggled again. ate a bunch of nuts just b/c I wanted to eat so bad. so I know that was wrong but at least it wasn't sugar
  3. busymommy

    Starting tomorrow, i need help

    really bad unfortunetly I did one small mess up and it sent me in a 3 day downward spiral this is so typical, I will do good for about a week and then completely go overboard the other way. the thing is when I eat sugar (which is what I went on a downward spiral with) I get the worst headache ever and get so tired and u think that would be enough to keep me away from it but no. I am still paying this morning so doing horrible yesterday afternoon. I told myself maybe I shouldn't go at this extreme approach where we cut out so much b/c it makes me want it more but really it is the approach I need I just don't know why I always have to fail. I can never be strong enough. I don't know how everyone does it. I need to succeed at this!!!
  4. busymommy

    Starting October 30th! Anyone want to join?

    by the way does anyone know where the link to the goal sheet is? I can't find it and I would like to print it and make it visible and see if that helps!
  5. busymommy

    Starting October 30th! Anyone want to join?

    I can't believe this you guys...I failed today, I gave into temptations. I had dates and I think their sweetness sent me over the deepend. I am surrounded by candy here and I have reisted thus far and finally gave in and I feel physically ill and I am beyond disappointed in myself. I can't believe I failed again, just like I do every other time. my bloat had gone down now I have to start all over. urgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. busymommy


    oh crap I ate a bunch yesterday. ran stuck had, needed food, them with raw nuts. had way too many. so yummy figured they were not the best b/c of the natural high sugar content. I won't do it again BUT I don't have to start all over do I?
  7. busymommy

    Sweet potato fries

    i bet that is what it means....not prepackaged ones. thanks
  8. busymommy

    Sweet potato fries

    I just read in my daily email that I shouldn't have sweet potato fries...what? that has been one of my go to's. I just cut up a sweet potato, put coconut oil, sea salt and cinnamon on it and bake it and I have it with a meal of protein and healthy fats. what is wrong with that? I love it and am hoping I don't have to give it up.
  9. busymommy

    Food prep

    so for your egg muffins are you just mixing eggs with various veggies and spices and baking them?
  10. busymommy

    Fatty snacks?

    i remember reading that we can have unsweetened shredded coconut. this would be considered a fat right? did i ruin things by having a couple handfuls of that yesterday on its own and not part of a meal??
  11. busymommy

    butternut squash

    I have never seen red kuri, kambocha, buttercup or carnival before. hmmm...wonder if we just don't have them around here or where I can find them.
  12. busymommy

    butternut squash

    so that I what you do for an acorn squash right? never tried on before.. I always get nervous about spending money on new things when I am not sure I will like them
  13. busymommy

    Starting October 30th! Anyone want to join?

    oh and did you guys realize that with starting on the 30th, our last day is Thanksgiving! that will be tough! lots of yummy temptations that day but at least we know we can have turkey and we can make something good with sweet potatoes.
  14. busymommy

    Starting October 30th! Anyone want to join?

    man, today has been tough! anyone else struggling. I am still avoiding sugar but I just want to put food in my mouth. I love food so much and am already bored of protein and fruits/veggies. I want some crackers or peanuts (besides the usual sugar) I want more crunch. I am going to do this, just want to see if I am alone in struggling?? I also had a couple snacks again today. I know we are suppose to do just 3 meals and pre post workout BUT I figure having a healthy snack is at least better then eating junk right....I hope!
  15. busymommy

    Starting October 30th! Anyone want to join?

    i had 2 snacks yesterday, i was such an all day grazer before. they were both allowed food - some nuts and some unsweetened coconut but i was still upset that i had them. need ot make my meals bigger i guess. i am a stay at home mom so i have always found it hard to be surrounded by food all day long and the ability to eat any moment i want. oh and i had a dream last night that i had candy and i woke up really mad at myself until i realized it wasn't real