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  1. Dutchie

    Is my body telling me AIP

    Oh yeah,I hear ya regarding the conventional medicine mishaps.:/ You'll probably come a long way with Whole30 also. .....bc as you've already noticed,your body is capable of sending messages with natural foods as in what it favours. Good luck to you!
  2. Dutchie

    Is my body telling me AIP

    Oh yes,I know it's not on the AIP list,but I thougth you were still wondering on doing it. As said,in that AS Low Starch/No Starch group there are quite some people who did Whole30 too but found no relief with it,or little relief and according to them it's bc there are still a lot of starchy foods allowed. Most people with AS have this type of gene that's correlated with the Klebsiella bacteria in the gut which feeds itself mainly on lactose and starch. They can probably explain the science behind it better than I can. Also there's this forum Kickas.org that has a lot of info on AS in general and diet correlated to it. Best of Luck.
  3. Dutchie

    Is my body telling me AIP

    The thing with Whole30/AIP is that it still contains quite some starchy foods and overall allergenic foods (such as eggs and nigthshades as you've already mentioned). Now,I don't have AS (I've been diagnosed with MS) but there's this closed FB group I'm part of that's for AS sufferers in particular and most of them have succes/seeing relief with adhering to a no-starch (NSD) or low starch diet. (apparently based on a book by Carol Sinclair) So,you migth want to research/take that into account when you're gonna do Whole30/AIP. In case you're interested,this is the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/470884762984762/?fref=nf
  4. Dutchie

    hungry and weak, very weak

    I know sweet potatos are a big thing in the paleo scene,but regular potatos are fine too. You could make your own fries with coconut oil or a potato salad. I for myself seem to notice that some potato (usually in the form of cold left-over fries) a couple of times not only increases my strength but also my endurance&stamina. They're a nigthshade and I generally avoid nigthshades,but some potato/fries seems to be the least harmfull....maybe bc most of the solanine is in the peel.
  5. Dutchie

    Carb Intolerance?

    Does fruit give you similar symptoms or other peculiar symptoms? bc it can also be bc sweet potatos contain quite some fructose(&sucrose),regular potatos are mostly starch/glucose and virtually devoid of sucrose&fructose. So,it necessarily doesn't have to be nigthshades especially if bell peppers don't give you problems.
  6. Dutchie


    Resurrecting this old topic with a question. I'd like to give making Kombucha a try,bc I can't stand the alcoholicy taste of waterkefir no matter what recipe I tried. Recently I've gotten some pure BCAA powder,which I'd like to start using but it tastes really horrible with plain water! So,I was thinking of mixing it possibly with Kombucha to mask the taste? Does anyone know if this is possible,or that the fermentation process/bacteria have a negative effect on the BCAA's or something else? (Or migth the BCAA be better absorbed&used bc of the probiotic bacteria?) I also read that after the basic fermentation,you can do a second fermentation with fruits to add flavor to it and some more sparkles?
  7. Dutchie

    1 year, 3 months in...

    It could be that once you give these up,you migth lose some more weigth/fat bc these three foods are known to be inflammatory in people though they usually don't cause such severe prominent reactions like gluten or dairy can. It's more of a low-grade inflammation.
  8. Dutchie

    Paleo, Whole30, PMS

    This is interesting bc I've read,in a fitness related article,that it's actually the other way round? Roughly the first two weeks of the cycle,a woman can burn carbs more efficiently,while the last two weeks of the cycle she's better at burning fat. I too am dealing with annoying hirsutism symptoms and I find that the closer I get to my period,the worse I seem to become in handling carbs and also I become more sensitive to food. It's really annoying.
  9. Dutchie

    Really need to start AIP, anyone else?

    For breakfast,the last couple of weeks,I usually eat some cut up frozen Alaskan Pollock scramble it in coconut oil with chopped zucchini. (I scoop the inside/seeds of the zuchinni out before chopping it up). Then I add some Dill and Curcumin in the wokpan as seasoning. After when done and transferred to my bowl,I season it with a mix of Himalayan and Celtic Seasalt to taste.
  10. On the other hand.......Matt Stone over at 180Degrees Health has a theory,that basically if one craves sugar it indicates the person is probably too low in carbs?
  11. Dutchie

    Pickling Questions

    Well I made the pickles,but substituted the 1/3 apple cider for water and I added some Dill. They were delicious,not really heavy sauer bc of the water substitution I guess.....but still nice flavor to it. So,thank you for the recipe I'm thinking about trying ginger for which Rice Vinegar most commonly is used.
  12. I recognize a lot of this,also lots of anxiety,food cravings&falling off the wagon more frequently and harder everytime. I'm even too anxious to eat 3meals a day,though i wouldve loved it to see it as a great adventure.the anxiousness also has a lot to do with fear of becomimg fat again&still have all these eat/food issues,as im currently underweight i guess. I know for me,it has a lot to do with hormonal imbalances&energy patterns,gutdysbiosis and lyme&funghi(which are also things that steer one to the wrong things,bingeing,mood/hormonal disorders/stress etc. I also notice that high fructose and in a lesser matter fructans&cheese send me over the edge eating till my stomach hurts:( According to matt stone a high everything diet,especially carbs,should restore ones metabolism&hormones. However due to past experiences with 'common dietician' and their foodcalculation,paleo with the carbs,IF,keep on moving etc.....gave me so much food anxieties,that im basically became scared of everything too much carbs/root (eggies/fruit(though there isnt much fruit i could handle except for highcarb ones such as banana&plantain),too much fat in combination/pufas from skin of poultry which i like the best. Especially when i sitdown i can go on&on eating and also easily derail by wanting to go out to a buffetrestaurant especially for the icecream! Yet i try to keep anxiously moving during the day,i recently started a stronglifts kinda program with like no weight at the moment. In another thtead i posted a link to a videodiary of food from a girl whos not officially paleo but kinda similar.....i really like her enthusiasm regarding healthy eating,naivety when it comes to macro quantities and foodgroups such as (veggies&root veggies,dairy,sweetener,proteine and fat and also bc her meals look tasty to me and easy to make for a cooking noob such as myself and she basically just has enough inspirati9n to think up easy tasty meals herself. I really really long to find a good therapist specialized in treating HSP people and paleoish nutrition to help me off all these issues regarding macros/quantities,categorizing foods (good&bad even whole foods),binges etc. Bc i think due to all unsubconscious extremities and years of suffering from Lyme&Co, i keep on distrusting my body....that its trying to trick me into packing on the fatpounds again. Especially bc it seems like more&more studies show up in regard to formerly chubby/obese persons seem to gain back all the weight eventually,which scares me even more. (i keep seeing myself as that fat tired girl who loved all kinds of food,before my chronic cardiodays). Yet,i cant find a good therapist:(
  13. Dutchie

    I'm so burned out on the foods I can eat

    To be honest boredom is the kinda feeling I also get reading what most people eat on here. I basically mainly see dishes with egg,avocado,chicken breast,turkey and some beef,avocado,nuts,mayo&olive oil and for fish mostly salmon&tuna(which i personally always call the lowfat fatty fish) Now i havent got nor read the book,so it might be stated as forbidden and why....but what about trying some more alternative things to keep it interesting? For instance ive read on a site that yo7 can make a wicked chilisauce by taking some red palmoil&mixing it with some garlic(powder) as a dip for baked green plantains.(havent tried it myself yet) And what about other proteine sources such as liver or other organmeats,veal,herring,mackarel,eel,trout,game meats(duck,deer/venison,boar,rabbit,pheasant etc.)?
  14. Dutchie

    Balsamic vinegar reduction sauce! WOW!

    I know people also regularly talking about reducing through cooking bonebroth to make it more gelatinous,but I always wonder how people get fluids thickened or in other words how to reduce fluids? After almost 2years I'm still a cooking noob and usually everything doesn't come out the way it's supposed to or just plainly fails. (like making mayonaise,fermenting veggies,my meat/liver sticks to the pan(though I kinda like the burned scraps and always scrape them off the pan as much as possible to eat. Which really frustrates me and after a couple of times fermenting for instance I gave up and just dont feel like making it anymore. Thats why I'm also kinda hesitant to try pickling though I'd really love the idea of various delicious homemade pickled&fermented stuff especially finding unusual experiments)
  15. Dutchie

    Autoimmune- So what CAN I eat?

    Actually regarding eggs and auto-immunity....it's usually the eggwhite one reacts to,the yolks are usually fine.So you might wanna experiment with that?