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  1. Yup. Haven't had one since. On Day 22
  2. Ok, thanks! I'm going to pay more attention to that today. My wife also reported a headache, so it made me conside the "part of the process" factor a little more this morning after posting this. We need to bake a whole dish of sweet potatoes or something! R/ Chad.
  3. Day 5 had steady, strong energy, no cravings, after the energy slump in 4. It was good. At the end of the day, around 9PM a mild headache set in, and carried over to this morning. I generally only get headaches with a hangover, and not frequently. This one is similar, just a little less noticeable. I woke up around 5AM (which would have been normal given DST shift, even though I wasn't thrilled about that), and downed a glass of water. I'm holding off on Advil to see if I can identify the source. Yesterday's meals: Breakfast: Coffee with 2-3 Tbsp's coconut milk, assorted berries, two slices roasted pears, scrambled eggs, and almonds (no veggies), some crispy bacon. Lunch: leftover prime rib (probably 5-7oz), it had sauteed veggies on it, I added broccoli cooked with Tbsp of clarified butter. I dipped into some of the guac I made my wife. Dinner: One of MDA's sausage and egg to go (, with a cup of canned spinach, and small handful of black olive. I went to Starbucks later to read, had a decaf and brought about 3-4 Tbsp coconut milk with me and stirred it in. I sort of reintroduced coffee that day, but I was only off it a day. I was suspect of the Decaf, the headache set in shortly after, but that seems too convenient of a culprit. Plus the headache lingered through this morn... The last meal was early, but I was banking on the coconut milk in the decaf for calories. Hidration seemed alright to me. Any thoughts? Too little food? Just a normal Day 6 thing? I'm holding off on the Advil until after breakfast sets. Another MDA sausage / egg, with a cup of frozen broccoli pan fried with clarified butter. Thanks for your time! R/ Chad.
  4. twomore

    Reading All The Things! (Board Jargon)

    Yeah, I tried it today with a stick blender. It's ok. There are certainly worse ways to have your coffee However, after Whole30, there will be full fat cream in my coffee again! Nothing really replacese that Lactose was never really a problem for and nachos, on the other hand? :-/
  5. twomore

    Reading All The Things! (Board Jargon)

    Actually, I just noticed the resources link, and it's pretty concise: Now maybe just a key on the forum for some of the jargon and newbs are all set
  6. twomore

    Reading All The Things! (Board Jargon)

    Thanks. I am looking a lot more at MDA now. Great reference. Bulletproof executive was just a little too bulletproof for me currently, as far as discipline in the diet I'm interested in butter/coconut coffee. Trying it out tomorrow. R/ Chad.
  7. I'm finding a moderate hill of jargon around the boards here. That's expected in any community, but translating abreviations ("BP coffee," "MDA," etc) is leading me through to a wide range of resources...some that I'm re-visiting and others that are new. Any comprehensive list of reading that someone has put together? ...a large list of Friends of Whole9, maybe? I'm half into the Hartwig's book. Over the years, I've enjoyed many others from Atkins, Eades (the original legume argument imo), Sears, Formby, Cordain, Ferriss, Wolf, and even some of the vegetarian authors. Let me know. R/ Chad.