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    Pipi got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in Starting April 7th for "spring cleaning!"   
    Hi @LadyLisbette and @Elizabeth33
    hope you are both doing well? Hard to believe it’s been nearly 3 weeks! I am still shocked at the amount of washing up I’m producing but otherwise things are becoming pretty normal which is fortunate given I’ve months to go.
    ive had my twin granddaughters here this weekend which has been glorious and ludicrous. They are not converts to whole30 so I’ve been cooking double meals all weekend!
    @LadyLisbette I’ve become a convert to hash as well. My mum used to make it and we called it bubble and squeek. 
    Healthwise im really feeling benefits - more steady energy and mood. I had one allergic reaction to kiwi fruit which was nasty - and I’m very sad to add kiwis to my nogo list. But better to know and I will retry in 6 months.
    i am still trying to get back into exercise but I find work, life and this eating plan is using up my will power. I’m hoping the more habituate I become the more space I have to tackle other issues.
    all the best for week ahead
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    Pipi reacted to Jim4884 in Psyching Up For a December Whole 30 Graduates   
    Here's some of my discoveries from two rounds of re-intro's and maintaining an "almost" Whole 30 diet all the time:
    Legumes: any beans in their whole form gave me mild gas (sorry if TMI), but during my second whole 30 I realized I did not miss legumes at all, so never did that re-intro.  Hummus was more benign, and I like it OK, but if I must "dip" into something, I prefer ranch dressing made with homemade mayo, and when I discovered chipotle mayo, wow, there is NOTHING that doesn't make better  So I honestly cannot remember having legumes since my first Whole 30 re-intro - which was August of 2017. Non-gluten grains:  I did not discover any ill effects from non-gluten grain re-intro's, and the second time I tried to go a little overboard to see if I could get some reaction, and didn't notice anything.  However, the cumulative health benefits from doing my first Whole 30 were so dramatic, and by that time I had discovered and gotten pretty good at making different kinds of cauliflower rice, (I always loved real rice), that I just use cauliflower rice anymore.  But if I ever go out to, say, a spanish restaurant, I can order a big dish of paella with impunity   Dairy: Again, mild digestive issues.  I've found cheese in reasonable amounts doesn't really bother me, so a small cheese plate or something like now and then is in my diet, but I try to keep it to a minimum.  And generally speaking, anything that I used to use butter in, ghee works as well so I'm good there.  Gluten: Along with sugar, the main cause of inflammation that made my arthritic ankle impossible to run on (and several other inflammatory issues).  Diet change fixed that/those.  I RARELY eat any gluten now - xmas dinner with my family I had some of my mom's recipe mac and cheese, and maybe it's in my head, but my ankle is more sore than it's been in months.  Still, it was worth it, ONCE   Sugars: I don't have the sweetest of teeth, but I can binge on sweets, so I mostly avoid sugar, especially in the more obvious places like desserts.  I mentioned the jerk seasoning I use, it is SO good, and there is such a small quantity of sugar in it, and it does not trigger any binge tendencies, so I don't worry about those types of added sugars.  Yet I still make my own breakfast sausage, since I only recently found a brand that has no sugar (Pedersen's) and it is kinda pricey.  I've found my balance on putting in the extra effort to eat cleanly, and having a maintainable lifestyle - since I eat my breakfast sausage pretty much every day (along with scrambled eggs, my roasted potatoes (similar to home fries), Trader Joe's Salsa Autentica (no sugar, totally complaint, and oh so good!) and avocado), it's worth the extra effort.  OTOH, I eat ketchup like once every 3-6 months, so I don't make my own.  An occasional paleo dessert is enjoyable, but I find if I don't start eating any sweets, I don't miss them too much.  Soy: I cannot point to specific results from re-intro's, but I somehow feel fairly certain that soy was messing with my body chemistry so I avoid it completely.  It's taken awhile for me to get used to the coconut amino versions of soy sauce - it really doesn't taste the same, but it's good enough since I was never a huge Asian food aficionado anyways - so soy is out for me. Alcohol: This is in the interest of honesty, moderate amounts of alcohol don't seem to have much of a short term negative impact on me.  However, and it's a BIG however, I sometimes have a hard time finding the off switch once I have a drink, so I am mostly abstinent.   I don't wish this on anyone   Sorry for the length, but as I said, I've been experimenting with balancing optimal health and culinary enjoyment and cooking effort for quite some time now, and have found a place I'm comfortable with.   And I am enthusiastic about others experiencing some or all of the benefits I have.
    And even after apologizing for length, I'm going to post the cumulative health benefits I've reaped, since I mentioned them, and  I'm pretty sure it's not a repeat for all:
    I went from pre-diabetic, (with a busy Kaiser doctor e-mailing me personally to let me know how serious it was), to completely normal blood sugar I reduced my blood pressure whilst getting off of meds for it Triglycerides went from 3x normal range to normal I mentioned the improvement in my inflamed arthritic ankle - the immediate lifestyle improvement of that cannot be overstated I lost 40 pounds without increasing exercise or limiting portion sizes (I never felt hungry) mild lifelong eczema gone modest improvements in mood (specifically: depression, anxiety and anger) and sleep rejuvenated my enjoyment of cooking, and learned to love vegetables.  Veggies used to be (mostly) toppings on pizza and sub sandwiches for me, no lie All of these gains have been maintained for well over a year (16 months) now.  I still occasionally tease my friend who predicted I would start gaining that weight back within a month
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    Pipi got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in Starting April 7th for "spring cleaning!"   
    Happy week two everyone! And week 1 @Elizabeth33 
    im feeling very positive but totally knackered. I was reading about day 10 being a roadblock for many people- and I get that the novelty of endless shopping, prepping, cooking, cleaning up and eating is wearing pretty thin but having said all that I feel determined.
    i spent an hour or so plotting out my reintroductions which take me all the way through to October. Its a long haul but it does mean many weeks I get back a food. Right now I'm hanging out for May when fingers crossed I get back eggs, butter and cheese- omelette time!
    thanks @LadyLisbette for salmon suggestion - it's a good idea which I will follow up. I'm eating a lot of avocado and olives which seem to be more filling 
    all the best
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    Pipi reacted to mywholelife___ in AIP day one tomorrow 8 April 19   
    I'm like this, I even take food in my suitcase when I travel with work!!
    Make sure you're eating enough to keep the hunger at bay
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    Pipi reacted to mywholelife___ in AIP day one tomorrow 8 April 19   
    Hahaha "weird shite I'd eaten on final day" you aren't the first person to do that and you won't be the last
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    Pipi got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in Starting April 7th for "spring cleaning!"   
    Morning everyone!
    its Saturday in my part of the world and I couldn't be more grateful for the weekend. Really looking forward to the space and time to do a bit more reflecting and planning.
    similar to @HopingtoHeal I'm struggling with the meat. I have ethical concerns with factory farming and the whole industrialisation of animals. Living in the middle of a city means I can get ethical meat but it's sooo expensive so I only eat it occasionally. My fall back has always been eggs and cheese - both banned on AIP. So three meals of meat is going to break my bank balance or my morality
    yesterday was a bit of a fail for me. I had grandkids in the early morning (my daughter is a nurse) and then took the day off to care for a friend in final stages of cancer. I was vaguely organised foodwise but in the hurleyburley of it all I lost my appetite and motivation. Ended the day on couch with project runway and leftovers- not such a bad Friday night!
    @LadyLisbette your comment made me laugh! I'm a psychologist but can never get hypo and hyper right in my head which has lead to some pretty confusing conversations  but yes way too much cholesterol. Unfortunately it's a genetic problem in processing fats. A few years back I did try 6months of a paleo diet with the support of a nutritional medicine doctor but my cholesterol results just kept climbing and eventually I had to accept that for me paleo/AIP/whole30 etc sill needs to be low fat and more from avocado and olive than meat. The rest of my family are on medications so staying under clinical threshold is my goal.
    i did like sound of your fridge @LadyLisbette - it has motivated me to spend tomorrow shopping and preparing. And right now I'm going to Bunnings- if I can't drink coffee and eat croissant I can buy flower seedlings 
    all the best to everyone on this journey!
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    Pipi reacted to HopingtoHeal in Starting April 7th for "spring cleaning!"   
    aw @Pipi sorry to hear you are feeling the hangover too! I felt truly awful all day yesterday! Thankfully the headache has passed but my body still feels tired and sore. I am struggling a bit with lack of appetite, nothing seems all that appetising, it's not that I'm craving non-compliant foods, I just don't feel I want to eat much at all? I am also feeling a bit of meat-fatigue... I am very much a meat eater and can't imagine being vegetarian but meat or eggs with every meal feels just too much!!! I think I might need to start trying to have fish more often? Anyone else feel worn out on meat and eggs already?!
    @LadyLisbette, thankfully cramps subsided very quickly but headache and body-soreness persisted. My body has been through an awful lot lately so it's not surprising really. Glad to report I have seen a huge reduction in inflammation already and I am excited to see how it continues and how my body continues to heal!
    how is everyone else doing?
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    Pipi got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in Starting April 7th for "spring cleaning!"   
    Yep @HopingtoHeal I share your day 3/4 rubbish-ness
    went home with thumping headache yesterday (day 3) and pretty bloody ordinary today (day 4) although I seem to have lost my appetite which is a relief 
    bring on the good stuff!
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    Pipi got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in Starting April 7th for "spring cleaning!"   
    Yep @HopingtoHeal I share your day 3/4 rubbish-ness
    went home with thumping headache yesterday (day 3) and pretty bloody ordinary today (day 4) although I seem to have lost my appetite which is a relief 
    bring on the good stuff!
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    Pipi reacted to HopingtoHeal in Starting April 7th for "spring cleaning!"   
    Good morning all!
    Lovely to log on and catch up with how you are all doing! Sorry to hear about the hunger @Pipi and @megbeveridge!
    I'm suffering from the Day 2-3 "hangover" but aware that might also be period related, but in any case, I feel pretty rubbish!
    Yesterday's meals went well and I am just making breakfast now for day 3. I'm definitely looking forward to the part where it starts to feel worth it! 
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    Pipi reacted to HopingtoHeal in Starting April 7th for "spring cleaning!"   
    @LadyLisbette sounds like you are off to a great start! I'm just starting day 2 with a lovely omelette - ghee, bacon, garlic, mushroom, tomato and spinach with 3 eggs. Delicious! I use the perfect sausage recipe from the whole30 book - keep it simple and find them utterly delicious!
    I think I'm going to find today a challenge - I have started my period, only my second since ectopic surgery, so after a 7 week cycle it's bloomin' painful! I'm focussing on fuelling and nourishing my body well - it's been through a lot and needs a bit of TLC! The sun is shining here so I would like to get out for a walk but I have a workman coming to fix our washing machine, so not sure if that will happen! 
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    Pipi reacted to megbeveridge in Starting April 7th for "spring cleaning!"   
    Hi all!
    Today I am ravenous! I ate roasted vegetables at lunch until I couldn't eat any more, but like clockwork I was hungry 2 hours later. I hate it! 
    @HopingtoHeal I did a tour around the highlands. I'm so jealous you get to live in a place with a plethora of hairy coos! I just wanted to give one a big hug! 
    @LadyLisbette I think I'll mostly be eating leftovers for breakfast this time to avoid the horrid egg situation! Some people say they started eating eggs every day on Whole30 and love it, which is something I will never understand. Today I had steak and that is so much better than eggs!
    @Pipi Hello fellow hungry monster! I wish I had that much food with me at work, I'm dying!
    @Elizabeth33 How did you make your own sausage?? Sounds complicated!
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    Pipi got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in Starting April 7th for "spring cleaning!"   
    How's everyone travelling? 
    I hit the hungry monster stage today. Despite eating two lunches I was famished by 4pm. Fortunately I had my dinner with me as I was going out after work so it became afternoon tea and I had to do an emergency dash to the supermarket for dinner.
    during my fourth meal at work my boss asked if she was imagining things or had I been eating all day. Yep pretty much
    i don't eat enough fats to stay full but I have genetic hypo cholesterol and just can't risk pushing it further so I just focus on fibre and protein - and eat a lot!
    Anyways I hope everyone are feeling like whole30 superstars 
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    Pipi reacted to Lorna from Canada in Day 27 - Waving the White Flag   
    So - Day 27 - yowza. I remember 3 days in saying to me hubbie (quite feebly actually) "Look, we're 10% there!! yea us" but it felt like an eternity was stretching in front of us and I was SOOOO hungry and tired and, probably, a bit cranky - mostly because I was missing my wine. I knew 30 days wasn't very long but, from that vantage point, it seemed like forever!
    Fast forward to yesterday. I was suggesting to my very best BFF (40 years worth of BFFing) that she do a Whole 30. She was in a devastating car accident 4 years ago that ended her brilliant career and has left her with so much pain. She's still fighting with insurance and is up to her armpits in the lawsuit and, frankly, it's a bit of a mess. Meanwhile her weight goes up and down like a yoyo while she vacillates between extreme dieting and bingeing. I tried to describe what the Whole 30 is doing for me - it's hard isn't it? The weight loss results are obvious - my face is thinner than its been in years - but the rest of it is so amorphous. How do you describe it? So, after trying for a few minutes I said,
    "I feel like, for the first time in my life, I've come to a truce in my weight loss battle."
    A truce. There's a truce. It's not an actual written, signed agreement - that would be weird. But somewhere deep inside my mind and body have come to terms with what needs to be done moving forward. I'll keep feeding it well and it will love me. No fight - no frustration - no shame and anger and moments of wanting to beat myself up. Done. A truce.
    Now, like all truces, this needs commitment from both sides so I have to do my part to keep feeding my body the nutritious food it wants and needs. Right now, that means extending my Whole30 to a Whole40. I'll be travelling to Australia on the weekend - 3 flights, 24 hours in the air, 30 hours of travel altogether. I don't want jetlag to interfere with my reintroduction experience. So - I'm adding 10 days. I cannot even believe I am writing this...
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    Pipi got a reaction from megbeveridge in Starting April 7th for "spring cleaning!"   
    Hi Folks
    i too am starting on 8th which is tomorrow being as I'm in Australia 
    I'd be keen to be in touch with others who are  starting around same time - I know from having done this before that's sharing the ups and downs makes it easier.
    i'm feeling positive and keen but whenever I go off grains I have a few very rough days of fatigue and irritability - so a bit nervous too
    so good luck everyone I hope it's a joyful journey and not too many bumps along the way!
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    Pipi reacted to HopingtoHeal in Starting April 7th for "spring cleaning!"   
    I am planning to start a round roughly at the same time as you! I am away with work until the 6th and won’t be in control of my meals at all - it may well be the 8th that I start to give me time to recover from travel and get organised!
    This will be my third round - I completed my first in June 2017 and it was life-changing! I did a second in Sept/Oct 2017 and sadly got sick with Glandular Fever (Mono) part way through so although I stuck it out I never felt the benefits that time. I tried a third round a couple of times at the beginning of 2018 but with recovery and also starting a new job it just didn’t happen. 
    I’m wanting to do this round because my body is really inflamed: I have PCOS but I also had surgery for an ectopic in December so there’s lots of inflammation from that and I have also just been eating my feelings while we grieve our loss. 
    I’m hoping for a positive experience, reduced inflammation and to regain a bit of control and self esteem. I’m going into this round with my mind set on self-care. My husband is currently saying he will do it with me this time too!!!
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    Pipi reacted to HopingtoHeal in Starting April 7th for "spring cleaning!"   
    VThank you both @megbeveridge and @Elizabeth33! I feel so worried that I won’t manage to stick to it - I think the failed attempts at round 3 last year have got to my brain!!!
    Whereabouts are you both? I’m in Scotland and I’ve found it can be hard to get compliant stuff here which means everything has to be made from scratch!!! When I did my first rounds we had a whole foods in Glasgow but it closed! do you have good access to whole30 approved and compliant foods?
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    Pipi reacted to LisaJaneJ in Starting April 7th for "spring cleaning!"   
    Hi everyone, I'd also like to start the Whole30 challenge April 8th.  I've never done this before, although I have been wanting to do it for a while now.  I'd say my eating habits aren't terrible, but I would love to give my body a break from any grains, sugar, gluten and alcohol for a month.  I'd like to check in with folks for inspiration when feeling weak, anyone interested in partnering up on this and holding each other accountable?  I know it might be weird since it's virtual but might help!  Let me know!  
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    Pipi reacted to kubak in Starting April 7th for "spring cleaning!"   
    Good morning. I am planning on starting on the 8th. I am a little nervous and over whelmed but I know I need to get my mind and body back on track. Any tips, tricks and advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Pipi reacted to megbeveridge in Starting April 7th for "spring cleaning!"   
    Hi all! I'm Megan and I'm planning my second round of Whole30 to start in two weeks. If anyone has been waiting for a sign that they should give it another go, this is it! I'm calling this my body spring cleaning. We clean our houses, our cars, our yards, but we tend to neglect our own bodies in this yearly cleanse.
    For background, I did my first Whole30 this past January and I've totally gone off the tracks. I'm a 25-year-old designer, climber, bike commuter (when it's nice), dog mom, and ice cream enthusiast. Prior to my January W30 I was a vegetarian for five years. If you want to know what that transition was like, I'll direct you to my log for that round. In short it was miserable. If you're thinking about transitioning from veggie to omni on Whole30, take this as your first warning. I'm super excited to do another round without going through that! My main goals are to find a sustainable way for me to eat well, incorporate more veggies into my meals, and improve my climbing. 
    Please comment here if you are joining me on this run, or if you just want to wish me luck (I could use it). I appreciate any and all input. 
    Happy spring, Northern Hemisphere folks! Those of you in the south, enjoy the cool days coming your way!
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    Pipi got a reaction from mywholelife___ in AIP day one tomorrow 8 April 19   
    It's a beautiful autumn Sunday in Melbourne (Australia) and I am on a tram slightly fixated on my last cappuccino for the next 30+ days.
    tomorrow I launch myself into the Auto Immune Protocol (whole 30 with few less things). I'm feeling pretty ready and actually quite excited.
    I have has anaphylaxis for nearly 40 years so familiar with food restrictions and have done whole 30 a couple of times but I have never been truely systematic about reintroducing foods - and have eventually found myself back at eating in a haphazard way.
    This time I have been strongly encouraged by a recent bout of sickness to get on top of my diet. I want to know how well I can be if I genuinely manage my diet. I have some autoimmune joint fatigue thing going on which I may need to accept as ongoing condition but I really really don't want to until I know I've done everything I can do.
    as well as diet I've committed to 30 mins exercise a day, taking prescribed supplements daily, good sleep, and regular relaxation 
    from my rough calculations it will take about four months to methodically reintroduce foods. I'm hoping to be sorted by spring!
    in the mean time eating and drinking and coffee are huge part of my social life so I'm making plans for recreation that involves art, film and nature