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    That's great, have just googled fibrous vege's and I am mainly eating broccoli, kale, spinach, mushrooms, peppers, tomato's, cauliflower etc so will definitely add more starchy. 
    Other than sweet potato and pumpkin both of which I already eat, can you suggest any other whole30 approved? My research is showing corn and pea's which I don't think is whole30??
    Oh and definitely drink PLENTY of water  
    Thank you!!
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    Lexy123 reacted to Lexy123 in Constipation - Please help!   
    Help me!
    Some of the reasons I am doing Whole30 is because I have experienced extreme constipation and bloating for the past 12 months. For the last six months I have been gluten and dairy free as directed by nutritionists and doctors. This made a difference to begin with and relieves some symptoms, but not the bloating constipation. 
    From Sept 27th, I have needed to take enemas or laxatives to have a bowel movement. Both of which are extremely uncomfortable and not fixing the problem. 
    I started the Whole30 as I thought it might help alleviate these problems. I am now in day 3 of my Whole30 and I still haven't had a proper bowel movement for 10 days. 
    I am a Personal Trainer so with my work and my dairy/gluten free lifestyle, the only major changes for me have been including meat at breakfast, removing my protein (pea) shakes, removing coffee and nuts, and removing snacking between meals, to 3 large ones. 
    So my cry for help is about the following - 
    1. Does anyone have any suggestions as to food/whole30 compliant substances that I can take to help me! I am willing to go extreme and have eaten a whole packet of prunes to help in the past! Have already tried magnesium (higher doses). 
    2. Sort of related, I sometimes have to start work at 5am and work gym reception so literally do not get a meal break until 11.30am. Most afternoons are spent with clients. Can anyone suggest what meal format I could follow on these days, as I am finding eating a full meal 1 at 4.30am difficult as it is not everyday I do it so hard to get into a routine. Previous to Whole30, I would have a green smoothie (kale, spirulina, antioxident powder, cucumber and sometimes coconut water)
    Some other points to note, I have increased meal size to try to fit to 3 per day and always include protein, fat and lots of vegetables. The concern is it's still in my stomach!!!!
    Any help or suggestions anyone could give would be amazing, as it is stressing me out. 
    Thanks in advance!