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  1. cmccoy

    Compliant pickles?

    I bought Bubbies but was super disappointed because they were soft. Totally defeats the purpose when you want a crunchy pickle.
  2. cmccoy

    Brand of bacon??

    Pederson's bacon is compliant. Can find it at whole foods, or any organic food store.
  3. I read somewhere on this forum that Whole30 does not prohibit medicine, only supplements. I believe it was from the moderator, Tom.
  4. cmccoy

    Who's made what from Well Fed 2!

    Just made the Cincinnati chili and I LOVED it. I liked it much better than the chocolate chili. I even did half ground beef, half turkey because that's what I had on hand and I wasn't up for heading to the store. Also made the gingered zucchini soup and it is to die for. So creamy and perfect for these cold, winter nights.
  5. cmccoy


    I found compliant mustard ones. I also bought plain ones in olive oil but have not tried those yet.
  6. cmccoy


    I found a recipe that had bacon, avocado, and sliced red bell pepper wrapped in turkey and I thought it looked fantastic for lunch. I wasn't trying to not eat real food and I'm sure there is a meat out there that would work for this recipe and would be WHOLE30 compliant.
  7. cmccoy


    Can anyone explain why this is so bad? I'm just curious. I see it even on products that claim to have no preservatives listed as "Carrageenan (derived from seaweed)" as though since it is from a plant it can't be considered a preservative. I've been trying to find lunch meat without this and it's been impossible. I've looked at my local organic food store, Whole Foods, Turnip Truck, & Kroger to no avail. I'm wondering if Boars Head meat might be compliant? I can't seem to find an ingredient list for that.
  8. cmccoy


    Hi! Just looking for some ideas on what to eat sardines with. Previously, I always ate them on crackers. I tried them plain last night and wasn't a fan. Any ideas? I was thinking maybe cutting up some bell papers in a "cracker" shape and trying that.
  9. cmccoy

    Why wait? Starting now!

    Kicking off my Whole30 today! I was planning on waiting until January 2nd but when I woke up this morning feeling unhealthy, gross, and just plain sick & tired of being sick & tired I decided why wait? What better way to ring in the new year than in a healthy way? Just because I've always consumed copious amounts of alcohol & fried foods before doesn't mean I have to do it again this year! I attempted a Whole 30 last November and made it 12 days. I quit on purpose because I didn't want to head into Thanksgiving dinner consuming dairy, grains, sugar & alcohol and get sick. However, even in those 12 days I lost weight, started sleeping through the night and felt better all the way around. I'm looking forward to the same positive impact this month including re-introducing foods the correct way. I've also gotten "Well Fed 2" and look forward to trying out some new recipes. I'm going to make 2014 my healthiest year yet!!
  10. cmccoy

    re-intro phases

    Does it matter the order of re-intro? Was thinking of switching them around some...
  11. cmccoy

    Trying to drink coffee

    I take a bit of Ghee and a bit of coconut oil and then whip it up with my generic "Magic Bullet". It comes out really frothy and tastes yummy...good luck
  12. cmccoy

    re-intro phases

    What about sugar? any day or time?
  13. cmccoy

    Starting re-intro early?

    I completely understand. I was planning on finishing up my Whole 30 and heading over to my brothers for Thanksgiving for a feast of everything from wine to mac n cheese to pumpkin pie. However, I freaked out after reading about people getting sick so I stopped a couple of days ago to give myself some breathing room. I'm now doing 80/20 trying to figure out what makes me sick and what doesn't. So far, I've realized gluten and dairy are not my friends so I'm going to need to bypass the mac n cheese. I'm hoping for another WHOLE 30 in January and a re into the right way.
  14. cmccoy

    re-intro phases

    I don't have the book - can someone help with the phases of re-intro? I love wine, so does that have its own category? Also, what to do it something makes you sick. Thanks!
  15. cmccoy

    Christmas panic

    Here are some pictures of the compliant bacon - I just went to the Green Hills location today on my lunch break to get a salad from the salad bar so thought I'd take a pic