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  1. roseann0461

    Brine Recipe?

    Thank you!!!
  2. roseann0461

    Brine Recipe?

    Looking of a brine recipe without sugar?
  3. roseann0461

    100% canned pumpkin recipes?

    Looking for recipes with pumpkin.
  4. roseann0461

    Feel awful

    So true felt sooo good to be back on track!
  5. roseann0461

    Feel awful

    Actually I am a good month and half past my first whole30 and have been easting pretty clean with the excpetion of an occasional drink. Yes I did have a little of everything (including wine) did not over due it at all but still feeling plain awful today. I am going to stay complaint for at least a week or so before entering any off track foods. I have a couple of trips coming up and think I will do another whole 30 when I return.
  6. roseann0461

    Feel awful

    Out to dinner to celebrate my husband's special birthday. First time having tastings of cake and pasta. Really feel bad today. Back eating on track today don't like feeling this way.
  7. I gave up weighing myself trying to get over my obsession with the number on the scale. Come to find out the test I have coming up for my husband's insurance measuring BMI height and weight and judging if your overweight!!! No wonder why people (like me) are obsessed with the scale. I am ready to argue my point with them. I feel great. My clothes fit and am able to run better. But according to "their" chart I know they are going to tell me I am overweight.
  8. roseann0461

    Great uplifting quote for the day

    Thank you for sharing... I am going to share with my Facebook friends.
  9. roseann0461

    Reintroduction - Alcohol

    First drink after 48 days ... Nice margarita! Let's see how I feel tomorrow... Sure tasted good!
  10. roseann0461

    Can't stay off the scale!

    Thank you all for great advice! It is always good to hear from others what you are trying to convince yourself. I am going to set some personal goals for fitness and forget about that darn thing with the numbers!
  11. roseann0461

    Can't stay off the scale!

    Renee I know I know...I need to get rid of that darn thing!
  12. roseann0461

    Can't stay off the scale!

    Thank you that is exactly what I needed to hear!
  13. I am well past 30 days (more like 45) I feel great, I feel like my clothes fit better but I am still haunted by that number on the scale. It will not move past the initial 7 lbs I lost very early on. I stopped snacking on nuts and working out at least 4 times in the week. I need some re-enforcement to stop getting on the scale. I would like to loose about 6 more lbs.
  14. roseann0461


    This sounds great... If I do not have grass fed short ribs should I wait until I do?
  15. roseann0461

    Lunch ideas?

    Thank you all!!! Great suggestions.