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  1. Hey fellow Boochie Koochies, just checking in to say my slow start has resulted in fabulous kombucha. I'm very pleased with the scoby I got from Kombucha Kamp. I didn't realize how well it was really going until I read through Len Porzio's website http://users.bestweb.net/~om/kombucha_balance/ . Or search on Kombucha The Balancing Act or Len Porzio. This has all the info I was wishing for!
  2. I have added a quart of tea to the brewer... 1T of Hannah's tea, two black tea bags and one green tea bag (organic all), steeped extra long. That oughta make 'em happy!
  3. Thank you missmary! Hannah uses 1 cup per gallon. I will cut that in half next time. in the meantime, I am going to add some unsweetened strong tea to the current brew. I assume the tea is doing something with the wee beasties as well, otherwise kombucha would be water based. I have a refractometer on order since my taster loves sour... Braggs apple cider vinegar tastes like honey to me... need an objective measure of sugar! I can see I'd better get with setting up a second brewer to give a longer brew cycle and still have daily booch. Thanks again.
  4. I posted a while back in great glee because I had a kombucha kit coming for Christmas... it came in time for Christmas to be tasting day, day 8. I tasted it, and it had just a hint of sour - way too sweet. So I waited until New Year's Day - same-o. Three days ago I bottled some even though it still tasted too sweet. Just today, it tastes right out of the bottle (still sweeter than what I want, but equivalent to store bought). The brew is kept right at 80 degrees F, and I am using the tea sent with the kit from Hannah at Kombucha Kamp along with both scobys sent. I am surprised at the length of time it's taking to eat up that sugar. I'm wondering if I should grow a new scoby from an original GT bottle and add it to the vessel. Any opinions?
  5. Smilee, no you didn't say that! Tom, we appreciate your stance as Defender of the Kingdom here. I don't have the book in question yet so don't know what it actually says. I'm energized by the many new voices saying very similar things about our food supply and our physical needs. ISWF is not the only voice out there, and I haven't stopped reading because I've read it. But so far in my extensive reading, it is certainly the gold standard for the sciency-stuff!
  6. Oh Smilee I am a sucker for the science-y stuff. I just ordered my book and it should be here Friday (I love that Amazon Prime thing). Er YEAH, protein is stored as sugar??? Awk! I have been a protein fiend all my life. Maybe I just found out why. Renting a house on a river and kayaking all day sounds like a large slice of heaven. Will you be taking a break from our forum? If so let's get back together when you are back. Yes, the exact same agenda on my part... I want to segue into the whole 30 and just wake up one day saying, good lord I've been compliant for x days now and didn't even notice!!! Sardines! I eat 'em with steamed kale, not raw. The olive oil they're packed in serves as the dressing. Just snip up enough cooked kale to make a good lookin' mix of fish and greens. A little salt if you like. Take a tentative bite... I think you'll love it!
  7. PS posted that before I was really finished! Smilee, while I am doing my January Segue, I will try curbing cravings with extra fat per your suggestion. I got the Good Fat message about three years ago, and we eat duck fat, all-the-caveats lard, all-the-caveats tallow, coconut oil, EVOO that we order from Morocco, and now avocado oil. Also I love butter, but I sure do not love Pure Indian Foods ghee. Have made my own in the past, will do so again. And when I score all-the-caveats bacon I save and freeze the fat, mmmm. Plus I really think that having my own kombucha will make a big difference. I have been drinking a pint a day of the commercial stuff for the last several days, and it tastes very sweet to me so I believe it will satisfy the sweet cravings. I look forward to making my own a little more sour, imagine that. My batch is working, my first taste will be Christmas day, I am very excited!! Nicky, I didn't mean you SHOULD post on the post-30 forum, staying right here and chatting is vunderbar, and the three of us have formed a lovely and useful camaraderie. Ladies, we are all going to be reading the same book now! Let's stay here and compare notes on THAT as well!
  8. Nicky Wahoo YaHooodie!!!!! I'm so tickled that you had that glass of red, the one thing you planned to add from the start. Bet it was the sugar from the cake ("I may have had a piece of cake", haha) that made you feel bleh. Laughed at the Pavlovian response to the Daily #31: DING!!! Time to salivate! I'm doing a January not-quite-whole30, and my hubby is doing it with me. The not-quite will be additional starches in the form of potatoes and rice... other times when we've dropped those, he's been continually starving and doesn't want to go back there. Also in my weeks of experimenting I've found it works better to weigh our food than measure it (weight not volume) to find the sweet spot on how much to eat. That also makes proper proportions easier. Smillee, are you comin' along in January? I'm relieved to know I hadn't lost my mind and forgotten about it Cravings are gone, but they are gone because I went ahead and ate those weird things - not caring about them returned about the second or third sample. I will be watching the craving feeling like a hawk in January. That was really strange and felt like I was actually going to be worse off after doing the 30... and I absolutely WOULD have been cuckoo if that had happened!!!! Nicky, are you going to keep posting as you find your balance? Are you going to start a Post-30 thread? We are lovin' following your progress!
  9. Ooo, give that man a stick blender and stand back! Before you buy any oil for mayo, go read the thread "avocado oil for mayo?" under Cooking. Here's the link http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/14617-avocado-oil-for-mayo/%C2'>please read what I said about how "light tasting olive oil" is produced!!! You have me mystified - mental issues about the program - the only comment I can think of offhand was going for a calendar month next time instead of a 30 day thing... but doubt that a lack of fat would bring that on, grin - what are we talking about here?
  10. Hey Nicky it's your Day 30! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  11. Santa says Amazon has a couple that could arrive by Christmas… but hastens to add that at our house, a note under the tree Christmas morning gives Santa LOTS more time to deliver without expedited charges! The first is a brand I don't know but looks right: http://www.amazon.com/TSM-Products-31009-Fermenting-5-Liter/dp/B0065NRVV2/ref=sr_1_1/183-6946584-8619323?ie=UTF8&qid=1386715352&sr=8-1&keywords=fermenting+crocks The second is the brand I have, BUT!!! They were great when the Grandpa owned the company. Now the grandson has inherited, and apparently thinks quality control is a waste of money. We have two Grandpa-era crocks, and two Grandson-era crocks. We had to go through four “new†crocks to get two that were acceptable, and by acceptable, I do NOT mean good. Quite aggravating, and I can't wholeheartedly recommend them. http://www.amazon.com/Schmitt-Gairtopf-German-Fermenting-Crock/dp/B00BMHZL5Y/ref=cm_cr_pr_pb_t Search on Fermenting Crock and you may come up with more choices over the internet! I recommend getting a 5 liter, no bigger. How were the Rockettes? Frank asks if you are in New York??
  12. PS for more than you eeeeever wanted to know about what those viruses are doing in your body, check this out: http://serc.carleton.edu/microbelife/yellowstone/viruslive.html
  13. Nicky!!! We've been eagerly awaiting you! You crack me up (nudge wink) with your Nuts all over your Body. Yep, I believe it. Tuesday is your day 30, right? Congratulations! Getting sick again, phooey, but winter is famous for bugs galore. It continues to amaze me how people do not make connections about foods, bummer that your MIL makes bread and lasagna 18 months into you being gluten free. We spent a couple hours with friends on Thanksgiving - we told them we wouldn't be eating with them because grains and dairy were out for me. So when we showed up, they offered us cheese and crackers!
  14. Lol, two of a kind... I just took a morning probiotic in your honor! Yes I ferment my own veggies, and I've never had a bad batch because I use a fermentation crock - incredibly easy. Getting the crock itself is a pain but forever after you'll have great sauerkraut. Kraut needs to be anaerobic, so the crock has a trough on top for the lid to fit into. You fill this moat with water, and the kraut can burp out but the oxygen cannot get in. Soon the internal airspace is filled with cabbage exhalation and the batch stays anaerobic. I learned to make the kraut itself from a very amusing YouTube that we call The Cockatoo Lady. Bare feet to stomp the cabbage, a large and noisy bird housed in the kitchen, and an interested cameraman who can't stop asking questions. The one essential from her is to ferment with chunks of fresh horseradish. It keeps the bad bacteria from growing. And here I have to say, I *did* have one batch I threw out. It tasted fine but had a slimy texture... and that was the only batch I ever left the horseradish out of! Wow, you make okra sound tempting! I will look for it in the store and get back to you about how I did it and how it tasted! Have you started that daily food journal? I think recording how things taste on the day is brilliant. Should give a clear picture of how our bodies are healing by how the tastes change. Here is the first (of 3) Cockatoo Lady video - 2 and 3 will pop up on the side - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0l0joPdfV7E
  15. Ha, not one typo for you. Whereas I, with a whole computer keyboard at my disposal, managed to say “comfortably ON our bodies†instead of IN… go figure. Okra! Holy guacamole batgirl, okra… okay, I will have to try it. Tell me how you fix it – raw of course is slice and chomp, but any other ways? I have heard it is not slimy if you cook it whole but have never been brave enough to try. So far, I make my gumbo with file (sassafras) and nooooo okra. You and I seem to react to foods the same and have the same instincts – no sweet veggies, not much for fruits, don't like sweets, do like meat and potatoes, dinner for breakfast, luuuv ACV, wow. This is really interesting. And wow, I have never heard that the need for probiotics goes up when you cut out gluten. That might put me in a huge deficit for probiotics. So you are right, the gut is always right – my gut is telling me more probiotics! While I am learning to eat sauerkraut and getting my kombucha going I will try to take some pill-form probiotics. I am the world's worst at taking pills. I know how to buy ‘em… just cannot remember to take ‘em! I have not read Primal Body Primal Mind, since you found it useful I will get it. The books I have found useful in getting to It Starts With Food are Loren Cordain's The Paleo Diet, Robb Wolfe's The Paleo Solution, Natasha Campbell-McBride's Gut and Psychology Syndrome, Elaine Gottschall's Breaking the Vicious Cycle, Wm Davis's Wheat Belly… I remember liking Diane Schwarzbein's The Schwarzbein Principle, the Jaminet's Perfect Health Diet and Graham & Ramsey's The Happiness Diet. Can you tell I love reading about food??? All these people are saying much the same thing, eat real food and heal your gut. That's our holy grail!