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  1. Hey fellow Boochie Koochies, just checking in to say my slow start has resulted in fabulous kombucha. I'm very pleased with the scoby I got from Kombucha Kamp. I didn't realize how well it was really going until I read through Len Porzio's website http://users.bestweb.net/~om/kombucha_balance/ . Or search on Kombucha The Balancing Act or Len Porzio. This has all the info I was wishing for!
  2. I have added a quart of tea to the brewer... 1T of Hannah's tea, two black tea bags and one green tea bag (organic all), steeped extra long. That oughta make 'em happy!
  3. Thank you missmary! Hannah uses 1 cup per gallon. I will cut that in half next time. in the meantime, I am going to add some unsweetened strong tea to the current brew. I assume the tea is doing something with the wee beasties as well, otherwise kombucha would be water based. I have a refractometer on order since my taster loves sour... Braggs apple cider vinegar tastes like honey to me... need an objective measure of sugar! I can see I'd better get with setting up a second brewer to give a longer brew cycle and still have daily booch. Thanks again.
  4. I posted a while back in great glee because I had a kombucha kit coming for Christmas... it came in time for Christmas to be tasting day, day 8. I tasted it, and it had just a hint of sour - way too sweet. So I waited until New Year's Day - same-o. Three days ago I bottled some even though it still tasted too sweet. Just today, it tastes right out of the bottle (still sweeter than what I want, but equivalent to store bought). The brew is kept right at 80 degrees F, and I am using the tea sent with the kit from Hannah at Kombucha Kamp along with both scobys sent. I am surprised at the length of
  5. Ladies and Gentlemen, count me in. My hubby gifted me with a complete continuous brew system from Hannah at Kombucha Kamp (http://www.kombuchakamp.com/) -- Merry Christmas indeed! It arrives tomorrow and I am oh so excited. I've been making our own sauerkraut for years in Gartopf crocks (indispensable) and before wheat left the building I kept a rockin' sourdough starter. So I know to trust the fermentation cycle. I've been drinking GT's booch for years and never could bear to let go of those sturdy glass bottles so I'm set for bottling. But I absolutely have opening night jitters!