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  1. lgt2013

    Meal Delivery? Cooked-Concerns

    Thanks for doing this review! I'm looking forward to using this service in the summer when things get super busy for me.
  2. lgt2013

    Whole30 Ketchup Recipe

    I just came across this recipe in the Whole30 book as well, and 1/2 cup of vinegar does seem like a lot. Has anyone had luck making this and reducing the amount of vinegar? I need an alternative to Tessemae's, it is soooo expensive!
  3. lgt2013

    Chosen Foods Avacado Mayo

    Where is this?!? At that price I would have bought all of it!
  4. lgt2013

    Suggestions for Lame Meals

    ^This. Or Primal Kitchen's ranch or chipotle lime mayo.
  5. Eh, I would totally join you for the food part, but I'm not willing to give up wine. Had 2 glasses last night with no side effects, even slept through the night.
  6. lgt2013

    Compliant Whole30 Cookbooks and Sites?

    Regarding the "knock-offs", I avoid them at all costs, even if they have whole30 recipes because stealing is lame. I love love love nomnompaleo.com, although not all recipes are whole30, she has an index for whole30 and frequently includes whole30 exceptions in other recipes. Also, if you have instagram, the @whole30recipes feed features different paleo/whole30 food bloggers, usually for a few days at a time, and I've discovered some new favorites including @paleorunningmomma, @primalgourmet, and @iheartumami.
  7. lgt2013

    Blue apron

    I agree! A few of the meals were good and introduced me to new (to me) ingredients, but some were totally boring, especially this week -- roasted half chicken with veg and baked cod over tomato sauce -- two recipes that I will just throw away once they're made because they don't even require a recipe. I will say that I liked not having to think about four meals for the week during my January Whole30 (I'm single, so I'd get a dinner and next day's lunch out of each meal). Now that my Whole30 is officially over, I may switch to Sun Basket's paleo plan which are close to Whole30 anyway.
  8. I actually just discovered I had a similar reaction to butter (didn't bother with any other cow dairy since I know I can't handle it). I almost immediately had congestion/mucus in the back of my throat after one meal with butter and it lingered into the next day. I only had butter with breakfast and lunch because I hated that feeling so much. It's ghee for me from now on!
  9. lgt2013

    meal subscription plan

    Blue Apron is partnered with Whole30 until the end of February, but they only offer 2 whole30 meals a week and only on the 2-person package.
  10. lgt2013

    ground turkey texture

    The ground turkey I use is very loose and messy (from Costco, Plainville farms I think is the brand). I batch-make my turkey sausages and freeze the patties on a baking sheet lined with parchment. Once they're completely frozen, I pop them into a ziploc in the freezer and thaw one or two overnight for the next morning. But I do hate how messy the whole process is!
  11. lgt2013

    Alternates to Beef Sticks

    My favorite Epic Bar is the chicken siracha!
  12. I'm going to a girl's night tonight and I made Nom Nom Paleo's Asian meatballs. They're so good I had to throw them in the freezer last night to stop me from eating them all!
  13. lgt2013

    ideas for compliant mono meals?

    If you're on instagram @primalgourmet recently posted a whole30 shepherd's pie recipe. I always like shepherd's pie more the next day and day after that!
  14. lgt2013

    Hives please help!

    My hives weren't too bad, so pretty quickly from what I can remember. Like within a day or two.
  15. lgt2013

    Hives please help!

    I can't say it's the same thing, but I found I developed a histamine intolerance a few years ago and had to back off high-histamine foods like eggs and shellfish (and wine outside of whole30). I started breaking out in hives and had never had them before in my life. (I didn't even know what they were, thought maybe they were bed bug bites or something, haha.) After talking to a doctor who gave me no help, just a prescription cream, I did some research myself and histamine intolerance was the closest I could get to my symptoms. And considering I was eating eggs for breakfast everyday, not just on the Whole30, but for nearly a decade, it seemed plausible. So I quit the eggs, and since then, no more hives! I still eat eggs from time to time, I'm not allergic, just not everyday anymore. Hope that helps!