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  1. lgt2013

    meal subscription plan

    Blue Apron is partnered with Whole30 until the end of February, but they only offer 2 whole30 meals a week and only on the 2-person package.
  2. lgt2013

    Filipino Whole30 Eats

    I forgot about this thread! I might have to try spaghetti squash pancit this week!
  3. Question about the gluten reintro -- the guide says to have whole wheat bread for lunch then whole wheat pasta for dinner -- is there a reason for the whole wheat? I'm unlikely to ever eat whole wheat pasta unless forced to . Regular pasta is more likely to make a reappearance in my diet down the road (not at home, but I do have a favorite restaurant that makes their pasta fresh).
  4. lgt2013

    Where To Go? (and what to eat)

    Well thank goodness the carnitas is okay, because that's all I've ever had at Chipotle! Of course, I used to have it in a burrito with rice, beans, and cheese. Is there a significant difference in the effects of rice bran oil and canola oil? (since canola oil is allowed for purposes of dining out).
  5. lgt2013

    Where To Go? (and what to eat)

    As far as Chipotle goes, according to the website, neither the carnitas or barbacoa have soybean oil -- all the other meats do, as well as the fajita veggies. So a salad with either of those and salsa and guac are compliant. It's my go to when I'm on the road.