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  1. Best wishes to the Irish's here. Have an awesome weekend. School for me tomorrow. I am starting this little thing for a friend and her daughter, I will cook for them lunches and dinners, paleo/whole30 style, and I am very excited for it, it will help myself to stay on track wohooo. My first delivery will be on Sunday evening, so Sunday will be a cooking day for me. Ready, set, goooo Stay active the weekend, that is the one thing I do not like on my school days, all day sitting, sighhhh. So I will do my extra effort and move extra today. Love you all!!!!!!
  2. Welcome back Dave, Lily Meadow thanks for keeping the group alive. I have been so busy with my new job and activities, that I flew away from here for a while but not from the Whole30 lifestyle, most of the days, minus the weekend I got a bad cold and ate a handful of dates (a no brake food to me). But keeping it real and healing my bladder and my whole being in general. Best to all of the group, Laurie & Steve, Higs, Miki, Lily, CC, Dave, Cottage Queen, GrannieD, and all the other names that I cannot remember now. Weill do my best to stop by more often. This is the best dirty 30 group!!!!! Love y'all!
  3. good morning, Best in the surgery to Dave, in my prayers and busy working from home and doing chores all at once! Hello and happy weekend Miki, CCLaymon, Meadow, Tonia great Story! Hi Laurie, Highs, Tulip, and every one else I may be missing. Scrambled eggs with lots of veggies for my breakfast and bpc, I have been using almost every day my slow cooker for different meats and chicken, and good salads with salmon and tuna for dinners. Simple, yet delicious. I went yesterday to the endocrine doctor and they weighted me in and told me I am 5lbs lighter than in November, yayyyy forgot the scale here for a while, my levels of thyroid hormone just a little out of range, so he adjusted the T4 med down and kept the T3 same, good blood pressure, doctor said that I seem like another person more enthusiastic and active, and I told him that amen of my bladder problem (I feel it is healing too) I was feeling my best since 2012. I feel like myself again, I have been walking, doing some weight lifting, whole30 wonders that give me a peace of mind place, working from home kept me more active than ever, doctor said he thinks my previous job was making me sick too, and that was a reason hehehe, I feel in a good spot at this moment, and I am going to enjoy it and keep moving forward. We got this. Thanks to all of you for your motivation, for helping me being accountable, for being there, for your great stories, for sharing this journey! :-) Have a FANTASTIC weekend, I am going to school tomorrow. Have fun, enjoy life that is short and too complicated to don't enjoy it! Love & Peace!
  4. Thanks you so much, that was so sweet and opportune at this time. I am in a time of changes for the positive and I am enjoying this moment. I love to share with this group and with our queen Lady Meadow Lily, you refresh and enlighten our souls. Thank you again
  5. hello folks! I got laidoff on Jan 30th, and I started a new job from home last Friday, and it is a lot of accommodation, done around my home office and my practice office, learning new things too, and so happy to be lucky enough to find something else so quick, :-) I am beyond grateful. In the meantime I have stayed strong with the Whole30 and went a little stricter, in the 2nd part of it, 30 plus days into it, and avoided most fruits, only some berries not too often. And no nuts at all, that is a tough one, but it is giving me an allergy so no choice there. Finally weight seems to be coming off, I see it in my face and in my clothes. Dave congrats to your wife and best in the surgery. I have think so much about you, being home this week has allowed me to take care of cleaning things, and I think that helps in the weight loss progress and my OCD seeing finally things good enough to my clean standards, my hubby I think it is loving it. Have a wonderful day everybody, I missed to be more often around here :-)
  6. I got hungry with your pictures Meadow Lily... better grab a cup of BB ;-)
  7. Hello everyone. I have been away for personal reasons but doing great with food. A lot of bone broth. Chicken and beef. What a relief to have that in my life. Best to all of you and I will check back as soon as i can
  8. That is a great list Lily, thank you so much for sharing it, you are so resourceful :-)
  9. I think you need a little more protein on you Bfast, maybe a little ground beef or buffalo? I read on the Bulletproof diet book that the best time to add the carbs is during dinner, a concept I still cannot incorporate too good because of old beliefs. Go figure... Maybe eliminating the dark shadows foods help more with bloating (eggplants/tomatoes/peppers) and others I cannot think of now, potatoes????
  10. We are on the same page Laurie, I need the Whole 60 Day 27 for me today. And I had reduced significantly nuts and fruits, I think for the 2nd part I will just avoid it all together... I need that kind of control. Feeling better physically, I am a work in motion. Blessings and best to you. xoxoxox
  11. Best wishes for Dave's recovery. He had the surgery, right? I know he is still looking around and asking us to go clean something. In his honor I am deep cleaning my blinds this evening :-) Day 26 for me this time around and going for Whole60, I need it for healing purposes and for killing that sugar dragon that still chases me from time to time. It has been easier this time, third time and we a wohoooo. I am feeling better overall health wise, and convinced that my 2 batches of BB has a lot to do with that. I need to experiment with chicken bones next time. Maybe get a full chicken and cook it in the slow cooker for dinner, then deboned and use the carcass for a broth... Will see. Rough days here at work, considering moving on, but still considering it. Lily I love your posts, hi to all of you out there, Miki, Laurie, Highs, Granny, Tulip Girl, Commited to cook :-) xoxoxoxox
  12. congratulations to all of you who are almost done with the whole30 Plan. I am on day 26 but will extend it for 30 more days... I need it :-)
  14. I grew up eating weird stuff so it does not surprise me. But like Laurie it just freaks me out these days. I am taking baby steps. I put in mine 2 egg shells. That is a start.
  15. Busy busy with doctors appts and work here. Day 24 for me. If the Ecoli is not clear from my body doctor said he would hook me up to an IV for stronger antibiotic, which I hope it does not happen. Will see in a couple of days. I send everybody hugs and virtual xoxoxoxoxo. Will be back tomorrow! :-)