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  1. NannyD


    Good morning and happy Monday you Keto-Whole30 family. Survived the weekend! wohoooo. Day 8 here. We made a compliant chili yesterday and it was DELICIOUS! I started a broth bone marrow last night in the slow cooker, and this morning smelled so good that I took some of the bone meet I put on it with veggies and stock and brought it for lunch. I also have a pork roast in the slow cooker for tonight's dinner w/Italian herbs and garlic, yummy. Day 8 M1 BPC 3 scrambled eggs w/herbs M2 Soup with bone meat and veggies, 1 pear M3 Pork pulled with green beans Have an outstanding week! :-)
  2. NannyD


    Day 5 and staying strong. I am starting to see and old (5 months) allergy in my face to start fading yay!!! I need the positive feedback.I am doing GREAT, I am in WONDERFUL Health!I am happy. Have the best weekend. School day for me tomorrow, so most likely will reconnect Sunday or next Monday. Let's stay strong. We got this! M1 - BPC 2 Cups M2 - Salmon, Avocado and steamed veggies M3 - Tuna Cake or Croquette per LeaC recipe + Broccoli
  3. NannyD


    M1- 3 scramble egss Eggs, w onions and garlic, 2 cups Green beens, BPC M2 - Pork loin with a salad: lettuce, red peppers, avocado/lime juice, 1tsp EVOO, marine salt, pepper, 1 pear M3 - Baked Sweet potato w/compliant sugar free bacon, ghee, cinnamon and pepper Thanks to all of you for the support
  4. NannyD


    A lot of good information here. Thank you. Special thanks for that list Kirkor :-) M1- 2 scramble eggs w/broccoli and onions, BPC M2- Ground turkey breast taco seasoned, w/peppers, garlic, onions - left over cauliflower rice M3 - Pulled pork with veggies in the slow cooker, I left it cooking this morning - I can't wait to get home to that delicious smell.
  5. NannyD


    For the probiotics it would help some fermented foods like sauerkraut, or even compliant pickles, the fruits are a no-no to fight tummy bacteria and candida. best to you! We are on the same boat!
  6. NannyD


    ketosis is a fairly new concept for myself, however the preferred diet method of my husband. I do not agree with his weekly cheat meals, with a lot of fast food and nasty processed stuff. But needing to clean my diet from evil sugar, in the form of fruits, I am doing this whole30 Keto type. So far so good. I thought I would not feel any tiredness or sluggish, but here I am mid afternoon and sleepy. I got up at 3:30 am this morning too, so that maybe have something to do hehehe. Thanks for the invitation here Kirkor! I will stick around!