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  1. rozamu

    So much gas. So smelly.

    @ladyshanny I haven’t had any nuts on the whole30, so no problem there. The problem is I’m only really hungry for breakfast, somewhat hungry at lunch, never hungry for dinner but eat it anyway and add a snack a bit after (not hungry for that snack either). Talking thru my problems usually helps me a TON. I’m beginning to think it’s too much fat and too much protein, FOR ME. And not much variety for carb choices. I tend to not do well when I eat certain things over and over and over (sweet potatoes have been a problem previously). I also find I need carbs at every meal. There aren’t a ton of great carb choices for the whole30. I actually want want to quit my whole30. It took me a year to get my weight and muscle where I was happy and now it’s all disappearing in front me, so quickly! I don’t feel that great (my stomach is upset most of the day, the horrible gas ...). I already broke the habit I wanted to break, which was ice cream, chocolate, peanut butter and wine EVERY night. Problem is I agreed to do the Whole30 with my Boyfriend. I would feel terrible quitting on him. I don’t know what to do at this point. I do do thank you greatly for all your advice.
  2. rozamu

    So much gas. So smelly.

    @ladyshanny no real new foods that I can think of. I ate a big variety of foods to start with, a lot of healthy foods too. I do not usually have this much fat or protein tho. I’m afraid if I cut those out I’ll starve! The gas seems to start as soon as I eat food period. I’m going to take a look at the article you linked right now too. Thank you for some guidance here!
  3. Hi all. Having such a problem with gas! And it SMELLS. I (and my friends and family) need some reprieve! Hoping someone can help. I know you like to see what we’re eating, so here goes. This weeks breakfats has been: about 1 cup of arugula tossed with say 1/4 cup mayo (egg less as eggs cause stomach issues for me), 1/4# seasoned ground beef and 1/2-3-4 of a plantain cooked in ghee or coconut oil. I also salt all of this. Lunch has been: a medium sweet potato cooked in ghee or coconut oil, chicken, olives, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, pesto and mushrooms. (Liberal with the cooking oil and pesto) Dinners have ave been pretty simple: meat (steak, cod, chicken and turkey on different nights) and sweet potato with green beans or broccoli or bell pepper or cauliflower rice, always cooked with plenty of oil I’ve had an issue getting enough calories in just the 3 meals so I added a banana and a half and half coconut butter/coconut oil (about 3 tablespoons). I am am taking probiotics and digestive enzymes they’re aren’t anything new for me my body definitely needs them off and on I think my meat has been about 6 oz at each meal (I’ve done a lot of calorie counting previously so I think my guesses are pretty accurate). The veggies are probably about 2 cups at each meal. I am thin (and can visually see I’ve lost weight in the 17 days I’ve been doing this) I don’t have the weight to lose and want it back! But I also need this GOD AWFUL gas gone! Thanks in advance for any advice!
  4. We have the Whole30 fast and easy cookbook! Obviously I need to look closer! We also have well fed and we’ll fed 2 so I will take a closer look at those too! Thank you for all the ideas!
  5. Thank you for the search ideas! I will be searching and reading!
  6. Any one have some helpful hints on how to make food easier and fasterwithout making it even more expensive? We’re spendig so much time on food making that it’s making life way too stressful. We go to the gym 2 days a week, go indoor rock climbing 2 nights a week, fixing up a house to sell, own 2 dogs and a cat and we aren’t willing to give up any of these things. That may sound awful but we need to get rid of this house, we need to be good pet owners and working out is so good emotionally and mentally, we need these things.
  7. rozamu


    Thanks! I always worry about sodium levels so this is a great read.
  8. rozamu

    Eggless recipes for canned salmon?

    SpinSpin: thanks for that recipe!
  9. rozamu

    Overate! Have to share . . .

    Tallulah - thanks! This is a HUGE improvement for me as I usually would've beat myself up about it for days and tried to restrict to cover it. Instead I just jumped right back in today! Kind of proud of myself right now
  10. rozamu

    Overate! Have to share . . .

    Today will be a good day! 3 meals, carbs purposely included and no binging! This is a process. It takes time to change habits. 1 binge like that in 10 days? Not too bad.
  11. rozamu

    Overate! Have to share . . .

    I think it was just the amount. Feeling better this morning and am even hungry! How that's possible with eating so much I'm not quite sure. I wasn't purposely adding carbs, no. I just kind of ate whatever veggies sounded good. Most times I only end up with a serving or 2 of carrots or acorn squash and that's about it for carby foods. The difference on workout days vs non is something I just was noticing. Thanks for your reply. I feel a bit ridiculous; like I sabotage myself whenever I'm doing well.
  12. rozamu

    Overate! Have to share . . .

    I did it this time. And now I'm sitting here and my stomach hurts. After dinner I just kept eating, craving carbs! This isn't the first time I do well at something for a bit and then it seems I sabotage myself. I jist dont know. I ate 3 sweet potatoes, almost a pound of canned pumpkin, half an apple, a few tablespoons of palm oil and a few table spoons of sun flower seed butter Thinking back on my meals since starting the whole30, I don't think I get enough carbs. The days I feel and sleep the best are my workout days because I have a sweet potato with post workout. I guess I need to make a habit of including a sweet potato daily and see how that goes? Anything I can do to help my tummy now? And what should I do when breakfast time rolls around? What if I'm not hungry?
  13. rozamu

    Overate! Have to share . . .

    Maybe I'll double up on the small drumsticks. Zoodle - I guess it's kinda silly lol
  14. rozamu

    Overate! Have to share . . .

    Good to know! I really thought I ate too much. After I cut the meat off the bone, I thought it looked like a palm sized amount of meat . . . I will increase the protein then since all my servings of protein are about that size and I tend to do 1 serving since really crave fat if I don't get lots I ate mostly healthy and paleo before the Whole30 so it kind of surprises me to see such a change. I guess all those random, small amounts of chemicals or soy make a huge impact!