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  1. redchickn

    Does anyone have Celiac Disease?

    How do you feel so far?
  2. redchickn

    What do I eat for breakfast?

    Why does it say in the book that people with auto immune conditions should avoid eggs for 90 days?
  3. Hi, I have Celiac Disease (also IBS and fibromyalgia and maybe CFS). Just wondering if there are other Celiacs out there, people who are doing the auto-immune plan. Laura
  4. redchickn

    Anyone doing AIP right now?

    Yes. Well, I start tomorrow. I have Celiac Disease, which is auto immune, and I also have fibromyalgia and (possibly) chronic fatigue. So I guess I can't eat eggs. I don't think I react badly to eggs but I guess I should try the plan. Without eggs or nuts or soy, it's going to be a lot of meat and fish eating. Wow.
  5. Hi guys, I'm starting tomorrow (Thursday). If you can't eat eggs, or nuts, what do we eat for breakfast, and on a regular basis? I would like to eat eggs, but I read that the Whole 30 program instructs people with auto immune diseases (I have Celiac) not to eat them. Nuts are out too, no? What do we eat for breakfast? thanks! Laura
  6. I'm new, so I don't have authority with Whole30. But I have Celiac Disease and a Fibro diagnosis and have bad periods of fatigue. One thing for sure is that probiotics -- in very large amounts -- are very important to heal or improve these kinds of conditions. Maybe you are already on them, but I just wanted to mention it.
  7. redchickn

    Calling All November 18 Starters

    Does anyone know where the recipe for sweet potato salmon cakes is? I can't find it. Thanks! Happy Day 2!
  8. Hey, Isn't there a recipe on here for sweet potato salmon cakes? I can't find it.
  9. Hi, thanks. It's true -- I really need to get off the sugar. Because it does stay alive, even eating a lot of fruit. I should probably try to avoid fruit for the first week to get the craving out of my system. Dairy really worsens my sinuses, as well as sugar and probably grains. Rice is the easiest of the grains on my body, as well.
  10. redchickn

    Calling All November 18 Starters

    Hi everyone, I'm Laura. I've had a few false starts, but now I'm serious about doing the month and think it would be better to do it in a group. I have Celiac Disease, so I already don't eat gluten grains. But I have a big sugar and chocolate habit, and chips, too. Hoping that this diet change make me feel better, reduce pain, increase energy, reduce sinus and digestive problems, etc. Laura
  11. Hi there, After several false starts (reset, reset, reset!) I'm starting the program today (well, I guess Day 1 will be tomorrow). I have Celiac Disease, so I'm already gluten free. But I'm really struggling with giving up sugar and chocolate and chips -- I go to sugar and chocolate when I'm tired, which is often, and I realize I'm making the situation worse. Beyond the weight gain, I want to try to reduce inflammation. I have fibromyalgia and a fair amount of pain and fatigue. So, I'm just looking for buddies for support as we do this plan together. Laura