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    SpinSpin got a reaction from Kaleidoscope in What A Serving of Eggs Looks Like   
    I like spinach and mushrooms in my scrambled eggs, and I typically use frozen, chopped spinach that I toss in the pan either frozen or, if I happen to think about it the night before, put some in a dish in the fridge. Lots of times, I don't even slice my mushrooms anymore, I just pop the stem out, break in half, and then break the cap into rough chunks. Add fat of choice (usually ghee with eggs) saute my veg until nearly done, toss in my eggs, scramble, scramble, scramble, and slide onto plate. Most times, I serve with a side of tomatoes or maybe left over roasted sweet potatoes, and some avocado or olives. Yum! 
    I have a very active 3 year old, so I totally understand not having time to get things together! 
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    SpinSpin got a reaction from jkh0710 in Grab-and-go Breakfast   
    I would greatly suggest a breakfast casserole-- http://www.marksdailyapple.com/primal-breakfast-casserole/#axzz2pSK2YAcR or http://www.marksdailyapple.com/sausage-egg-breakfast-bites/#axzz2pSK2YAcR they taste great and travel great and are good warm or cold--I make these for my husband who is a local mass delivery driver and I cut them into cubes and they do very well for him PLUS you are getting some veg too! 
    Or for hard boiled eggs what about this? http://www.marksdailyapple.com/mini-breakfast-meatloaves/#axzz2n0BGDZJM Rather tasty too! There are also a variety of 'egg muffin cups' that are like mini crustless quiche that you do in muffin cups that you could grab and go. 
    What I would suggest is trying out one of these items and then pack additional veg either as carrot and celery sticks, sliced cucumbers and grape/cherry tomatoes with a W30 dip or olives OR a salad and see how that works for your breakfasts. You can pack it up the night before and grab it as you run out. You could even pre-pack the casserole or egg cups and take them with you on Mondays like you did the old frozen breakfasts and have them there waiting for you. 
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    SpinSpin got a reaction from DeeRT in Why is any kind of pork product ok?   
    The china study has been debunked and the Okinawans eat a lot of pork, are part of the blue zones, and they are even more long-lived then the Japanese.  
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    SpinSpin got a reaction from angiemjohnson in Coconut oil from Costco tastes too much like coconuts   
    Like Rebe_J said, I use some salt when I cook with unrefined coconut oil, because it really does take out the taste of the coconut. But I tend to use coconut when roasting veg, curries, stir fries while I use ghee for eggs or other lighter oils. 
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    SpinSpin got a reaction from PaleoInMalta in Eating too many nuts   
    After my first go around with the Whole 30 and my disastrous relationship with a can of Mac nuts-- At least, it was over in a DAY, nuts were banished from my island. Nut butter doesn't have the same draw, and my jars of almond butter, tahini and sunflower butter sit in the fridge twiddling their thumbs waiting for me to come by. I guess it is the lack of crunch that nut butter has. I use them in recipes or the occasional stuffed celery for my fat WITH a meal. 
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    SpinSpin got a reaction from mrae84 in Let's talk about Salad   
    I use a mix of greens -- romaine, the kale salad mix that kruddock mentioned, the power green mix from Costco (kale, spinach and chard), baby greens, spinach.... I basically look in the fridge and toss in what ever veggies I have available -- broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers, cucumber, roasted veggies, snap or sugar peas, green onions, celery, mushrooms... I usually toss the greens with a spoonful of olive oil -- not enough to drown them, just to give them a bit of a sheen, and then top with egg salad, tuna salad, chicken salad. 
    If I do an asian inspired salad, I do shredded romaine, chicken, cabbage or broccoli slaw, sunshine sauce or a compliant riff on Applebee's oriental chicken salad dressing -- mayo, applesauce, coconut aminos, toasted sesame oil, some apple cider vinegar (raw). I toss in carrots, broccoli, bell peppers, cucumber. 
    Taco salads are a big favorite - top chopped romaine and sometimes cabbage with taco meat, tomatoes, avocado, olives, green onions, bell peppers...what ever you like on a taco. Salad topped with steak or grilled chicken is wonderful too!
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    SpinSpin reacted to cayenne in Fat cells screaming for rebound weight gain   
    This is what I have been dealing with for YEARS-and any overweight teenager anywhere. Up and down, up and down. Some days the cravings are less-sometimes more. The closer I get to where I want to be-my body tends to tease me.....look ahead at that healthy, calm, beautiful place of self acceptance--NOT SO FAST, fatty!!! I fear I will be fighting this battle in my next life.
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    SpinSpin got a reaction from jmcbn in Fat cells screaming for rebound weight gain   
    I read a study several years ago -- a decade or more now -- that had been done in Sweden on former obese people who had lost weight and kept it off, and it can take 8 years or longer before former fat cells can be re absorbed into the body. Of course, that study, as I said was more than a decade ago, so findings might have changed since then. But I know the feeling. 
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    SpinSpin got a reaction from ultrarunnergirl in Whole30 fail ... made it 4 days   
    Hubby bought me a spiralizer last week and I have been spiralizing every veggie I can get my hands on, and I have been having spiralized salads for breakfast and lunch and zoodles and more spiralized noodlie goodness. Maybe go for something like that, rather than just eggs? I have meat either in my spiralized salads or along side. I am also a big one for leftovers for breakfast. Spiralized veggies even taste different than just sliced or chunked up veggies. 
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    SpinSpin got a reaction from Vilandra in breakfast "burrito"   
    What about tucking your 'burrito' fillings into an omelette?
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    SpinSpin reacted to MeadowLily in Clif's Kit Bars?   
    Compliant jerky will travel anywhere.  Load your suitcase and carry on with jerky.  Stash it everywhere.   Drink water and green tea.  Break the bar habit and you'll never miss them again.
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    SpinSpin reacted to MeadowLily in Clif's Kit Bars?   
    It is a candy bar.   Here's the lowdown.. a Snickers bar for comparison.  The Snickers bar is actually the better way to go if you're looking for less sugar.  Neither one of them are worth two hoots if you want a successful Whole 30.
    Serving Size 1 bars (34g) Calories 160 
    Servings Per Container Varies Calories from Fat 70
    Amount/Serving %DV* ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Total Fat 8g 12%     Sat. Fat 3g 15%     Trans Fat 0g   Cholest. 5mg 2% Sodium 85mg 4% Total Carb. 21g 7%     Dietary Fiber 1g 4%     Sugars 17g   Protein 3g    
    Vitamin A * Vitamin C * Calcium 2% Iron * * Contains less than 2% of the Daily Value of these nutrient(s).
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    SpinSpin reacted to Carlaccini in Can I have Psyllium Husk?   
    Honestly I cannot see why you would need this as vegetables and fruits contain tons of naturally forming fiber.
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    SpinSpin reacted to jmcbn in Full Tilt Boogie   
    So I'm sure I may have mentioned this in the past but my maternal grandmother was born on Conneticut, and so some of my family were able to get US passports on her birthright, and one of my cousins spent quite a bit of time in the US during her high school years staying with some other cousins who moved out there with my aunt when they were little...

    Last week that cousin opened an American Candy shop in the main Shopping Centre (that's a Mall to you people!) in our town and we dropped in today to say hello.... First off I was outraged at the prices.... then I was outraged at the ingredients with HFCS being the top ingredient on MANY of the products that my kids were looking at. They only get these kind of things as an occasional treat, and since it was my first time in my cousins shop we had to buy something but oh my word.....!!! She was saying that she's been trying to bring in Mountain Dew but that customs don't allow it because some of the ingredients are banned here. We do have Mountain Dew in the UK but it's obviously not the special kind you have there & even that is off limits in my house!

    Amazingly she's been busy since she's opened, and people have asked her if she'll be stocking grocery items (breakfast cereals, biscuits etc) too as well as candy. There was NOTHING in there I would have bought for myself.

    My boys came away with smiles on their faces as my mind was occupied thinking of how much quality beef I could have bought instead with my hard earned cash...
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    SpinSpin reacted to MeadowLily in Full Tilt Boogie   

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    SpinSpin reacted to MeadowLily in Full Tilt Boogie   
    Resolution Roadblocks



    Are you stuck in rut? It may take longer than 30 days to turn that around.


    It can take longer than 21 days for unhealthy food habits to eat your dust.  


    Increase your quality of life.  Get excited about creating a real change and new thought patterns about food.  The Whole 30 is totally doable.   Real change is possible. 


    The Whole 30 looks at the WHOLE YOU. 


    You have to break yourself down to build yourself back up.  


    Look at every detail, nuance, multi-facet.  Get to know all about yourself.   Learn how to create your own personalized positive food management plan. 



    It's the right way.   


    It's the only way I know. 

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    SpinSpin reacted to MeadowLily in Full Tilt Boogie   
    Short term stress can actually suppress your appetite.  Long term stress is a completely different story.  When stress builds up and doesn't let up, your brain takes over.  The brain tries to put the brakes on anxiety at the expense of your health.
    If you manage the stress and can move on, you're fine.  If you can't, this can be a root of thrill and binge eating.  Stress affects your entire body and brain.
    Redirect your stress into something positive.   Accomplish something of your own that's constructive.  
    Comfort foods are not your friends.   Play foods are enablers.  If you don't learn to manage stress, you can come undone on Day 31.
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    SpinSpin reacted to ladyshanny in Mayo troubleshooting help   
    It's possible you are taking too long to pour in the oil. If your food processor tends to get warm after running for 5 minutes, that heat can effect the mayo. Also, it is possible to over blend which would also start to break down the emulsification. Try speeding that up a bit, around 2-3 minutes should be plenty?
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    SpinSpin reacted to Zyriel in Mayo troubleshooting help   
    @SpinSpin advised me that to get thicker mayo, add more oil. Maybe you're eggs are larger than what was used in the recipe. Maybe try a cup and quarter? It's my understanding you can take the mayo you have and add the additional oil (maybe a 1/4 cup in this case) to it as though you were still in the initial making.
    On another note, I found that when I used avocado oil and sunflower oil, my mayos were not thick. When I used olive oil, it was as thick as grocery store stuff. It could be the olive oil you've selected is a component of the density you're getting.