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  1. goSonja, I will give those a go! I have all the ingredients so it shouldn't be difficult to make them. I was at Whole Foods last week and found coconut butter individual packets and cashew butter packets made by Artisana. Anyone familiar with them? I thought they'd be pretty good because they're individual servings and can travel with me like gels/gu. I will be on Day 30 in 3 more days! I did go off a bit on Christmas, but I'm pushing forward instead of starting over. Less than two weeks to the Dopey Challenge to go!
  2. Thank you Vian! I bought some pitted dates and looked at the baby foods, but none of them stood out to me really. As for training this past weekend? HAHA. Forget it. I did a 3 mile walk and that was it for me. My body wasn't into it and I didn't want to push or do anything that might bring me over the edge. I will attempt it again this weekend. I'm on day 9 now and going strong!! Yesterday was the hardest yet by far. I've had chia seeds before, I used to mix them into oatmeal. I don't see why I couldn't try them in fresh oj for prerun/walk boost.
  3. cristy

    tikka masala

    Emily T, thank you THANK YOU for the recipe! Last night I was looking through a paleo cookbook and my husband commented he wished there was a recipe for tikka masala. And then I find one here. woot!! I know he'll be thrilled. Will switch up the chicken dish I was planning on making Friday night for this instead, along with the cauliflower rice.
  4. cristy

    Fizzy water?

    This makes me very happy. I love seltzer water so much and it satisfies cravings for soda or even night time munchies.
  5. Good to know about the nuts and baby food, thank you! I'm anticipating terrible time/energy this weekend and am also probably goofy for attempting it when I shouldn't be since my body is adjusting. I'm definitely doing the 4 on Friday and will see if I think I can do the 10 and 23. If I feel like there's no way it's happening, then I'll do those distances next week when I"m further into the program.
  6. Thank you both so very much! I've been using Gu's every 5-6 miles, so I was thinking of replacing them with some nuts. Do you think that would help any? I will try pitted dates too. I'm willing to try anything that will help me out w/o going off of Whole30/Paleo approved foods. I've never felt so committed before and am definitely going to push through! This week I have a 4 miler on Friday, a 10 miler on Sat and 23 on Sunday. That's a heck of a lot, but I'll load up on sweet potatoes, parsnips and fruit. I anticipate it being rough since it's week 1 of whole30, but I put off the distances last week because of the holiday and cannot delay the training any longer. I don't know if I'll ever do more than one full marathon in my lifetime, but I want to be able to finish this one upright! Thank you again for the welcome, I'm happy to be here!!
  7. cristy

    On Day 12...I did an Ironman

    Wow!!! Congratulations, you're an inspiration!
  8. Hi there! I started Whole30 today with my husband and am in the midst of training for the Dopey Challenge at Disney in Jan. (anyone else here doing it?!) In the past I've fueled with gels and recovery drinks and want to knock those resources out of the picture completely. What do you runners/walkers here recommend for fuel pre/during/after the run? I have never done a full marathon before and I'm really excited about it, especially knowing I'll be more than a month into this by then and my body should be well on it's way to using fat for fuel. Thanks! Cristy