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  1. jotartare

    Torula Yeast

    Actually, it's torula yeast, not tortula. Upon further research, it appears to be either related to, or the same as, "nutritional yeast." This does not appear to be off-plan, according to other threads. Though I could see why this would be more of a "sometimes food" - like nuts and seeds.
  2. jotartare

    Torula Yeast

    I just discovered that my Prather Ranch "Cowboy Style Beef Jerky," otherwise compliant and made with pasture-raised, dry-aged, local beef has this tortula yeast in it. Sounds like Robin is saying that it is OKAY... though others feel that it's not. I'm on Day 2 of my 4th W30 is this a yes or a no? Thanks!
  3. jotartare

    Night time eating

    I just wanted to say that I have struggled with this on and off for a long time, and find it to be especially true in the first week of a Whole 30. The three times I have done a Whole 30, this rears up with a vengeance in that first week. I am going to take the suggestions about black-out curtains to heart, and though I'm loathe to give up that morning coffee, I am warming up to the idea that I may just have to try. Thanks everyone for the posts.
  4. jotartare

    Beef Bone Broth - what to do with the solid parts?

    Compost if you can!
  5. jotartare

    Big, huge step forward!

    I understand what you mean and think this is really great!
  6. jotartare

    Day 8, questions and concerns

    Thanks again, everyone! I ended up restarting my Whole 30 on a minor bacon technicality (see the Applegate Farms Organic Sunday Bacon thread in the Can I have _____ forum). I'm on Day 2, instead of Day 11 now. It's ok, because I was planning to go at least 45 days anyway. Feeling lots better. No constipation issues, and the cravings for fat seem to have mellowed substantially.
  7. jotartare

    Applegate Farms Sunday Bacon

    You know, I'm disappointed to say that I will have to re-set my date and start again tomorrow. But I see the point that's being made here, and I will play by the rules. That said, my health is just ONE of the reasons I am doing this lifestyle. It is by no means the only reason, nor is it really the most important in the grand scheme of things. I agree with Laura B that sugar is BY FAR the lesser of evils that is under consideration when it comes to eating meat, especially if we are considering eating meat from Costco or BJs instead. But, again, a rule is a rule, and if I'm signing up for a program, it behooves me to play by the book. Onward!
  8. jotartare

    Applegate Farms Sunday Bacon

    I don't know - this is where I am confused. I have been eating Applegate Sunday bacon. While there may be some sugar in the brining process, it amounts to 0g of sugars and 0g of carbs on the label. That means it really is a negligible amount, right? Almost nothing. When you weigh that against the fact that other non-sugar brands of bacon (like the fore-mentioned one from Costco) do not come from pastured or organic sources, it seems like the overall best bet is to go with the Applegate. Right? Can a moderator weigh in on this? Maybe the answer will be that bacon is not acceptable on the Whole 30, in which case I'll have to start over , but it seems like the organic (and according to my allergy research non-grain fed) brand is the best all around choice.
  9. jotartare

    brain revolting

    I have been dying to make those meat and spinach muffins! I plan to do that this weekend!
  10. I don't know if this was helpful to the original poster, but this thread was very helpful to me! Thank you all!
  11. jotartare

    Day 8, questions and concerns

    Thanks again. I think these are really great suggestions and comments. I really resonate with the hydration point, Robin. I think that is definitely something I need to focus on. Also, what you said, Maeva, is really interesting. I think that I am craving those sweet, nutty tastes... perhaps to fill the carby-dairy hole. Last night was the second night I woke up about an hour after I went to bed STARVING. I ate a banana. Maybe I need to focus on getting more carbs in the day.
  12. jotartare

    Official Whole30 - August Check Ins!

    I'm on Day 8 and really loving it! Energy great, but still so hungry!
  13. jotartare

    Day 8, questions and concerns

    Thanks, everyone! Yeah - I just really love fat right now. It's scary to me.... I guess because I fear that I'm killing myself or something. Fat is still such a bad guy all over the American nutrition media! My instinct tells me I probably should go easy on the spoonfuls and try to just eat more at meals. And like Tom said, try for more rounded snacks - if I find that I have to snack. That seems like the most wholesome thing to do. I just don't know if this is one of those cravings that's coming from some deep, internal wisdom, OR it's coming from an emotional place (like trying to replace that dairy attachment). I loved what EllieBellie said about the "yoghurt and cheese shaped hole." I. Totally. Get. That. Honestly I feel like I could eat a can of coconut milk right now. Thanks lfjewel for the suggestion. I have had that experience of getting things moving with moderate exercise. I will try to do more of that.
  14. jotartare

    Day 8, questions and concerns

    Thanks for your response and perspective. Yeah - for me it seems to be part of my constitution? I have always worn my weight around the middle and struggled with digestion issues. I also have habitually eaten until I'm stuffed and have been a committed snacker. So a big part of this is learning how to eat....and to learn/respect my hunger and satiety cues. I'm definitely willing to hang in there. And maybe will consider taking a probiotic? But I do get a lot of probiotics with all the sauerkrauts and such. Or at least I thought I did. We'll see! Also, what do you (or anyone) think about my fat cravings? Is that normal? So many thanks! Jo
  15. I really appreciate this forum and have been enjoying reading it. Thank you all so much. I am on Day 8 of my first Whole 30 and am loving the increased energy, better skin, and healthier feeling. Some background: for the past 6-7 weeks I was doing mostly paleo/primal, but I was having quite a bit of whole fat dairy and the occasional miso/edamame/tamari. The immediate week prior to Whole 30 I went off the rails completely and ate sugar several times and had other very non-paleo ingredients like gluten (a few times) and corn. Since Aug 1 (Day 1) I have been very strict with my Whole 30 diet. So here is what's happening: I feel mostly great. Definitely an increase in energy and a better more cheerful mood, which I love. But I feel hungry a lot of the time and it's mostly for FAT! I find myself wanting to eat coconut oil and ghee off the spoon and have done so several times as a "snack." I also love love LOVE coconut milk. And find myself craving to drink it from the can. Is this okay? It seems to be my main craving.... and it's alarming, probably because I've been told all my life that fat will kill me. The second thing I'd like input on is constipation. This is something I've struggled with for a lot of my life. Both constipation and diarrhea, but mostly constipation. During this time, I feel like I haven't had a proper "full" b.m. that has emptied me out. It all feels - for lack of a better way to describe it - like there is more undigested food in my tract that wants to come out. And while I feel narrower in my hips and shoulders, I still feel "big" in my belly. Oh yeah - and I do eat fermented foods. Plenty of raw sauerkraut - love it. And lots and lots of veggies (micro-green salads and the cruciferous veggies are my favorites). And I do bone broths, though maybe could up the quantity of those. Other facts: I have some weight to lose for sure, especially body fat. I seem to be a water retention type of person too. My body wants to hold on to water and fat for dear life it feels! What do you suppose is going on? Thanks in advance!