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    Marceeruns reacted to Robin Strathdee in Don't over think this.   
    Welcome all newcomers, welcome back vets, and for those of you who never left...welcome to this post.
    I just wanted to pop in here and remind you all to take a deep breath before you dive into all the questions about what you can and can't have. The program guidelines are clear on what you can and can't have (grains, dairy, W30 muffins), but things get a little grey when people start talking about what you should and shouldn't have. Please don't over think think this. You don't have to address every food related issue you have, break every bad habit, and shun every food that gives you comfort to succeed with your Whole30. If you need to you can always extend or repeat the process, and things will get better each time you do. My advice to you is this:

    Stick to the rules like they are your port in a storm (really, they will become that).
    Take the Moderators responses seriously (we know what we're talking about).
    Take community members suggestions as advice from those who came before, but keep in mind they are not the rules and not the Mods. Everyone here is well-meaning, and everyone here wants to see you succeed, but everyone here is at a different place in this journey.
    And finally, take comfort in these words (from Melissa Hartwig, on another forum post):

    Here's the thing (and this is an interesting discussion)... there are Whole30 "rules," which are strict, clearly outlined, and very well defined. No grains - and here are all the things we consider grains. No dairy - and here are all the dairy items excluded. No Paleo-fied food choices, and here's what those look like.
    Then, there are Whole30 suggestions for success. They're not part of the official rules, but they're things that we've seen really help (or harm) people as they move through the program. Fruit smoothies for breakfast - not a good idea. Skipping breakfast - not a good idea. Eating every two hours, all day - not a good idea. These things won't necessarily affect your Whole30 results (although they might), but if we can give you additional suggestions that will make your transition and your program easier and more effective, we're going to give them to you.
    Keep Calm and Whole30 On.
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    Marceeruns reacted to GLC1968 in The crazy things people say   
    I have to post this. It's not really something stupid that was said - rather the opposite. Nothing said and nothing stupid...for once.
    I've been paleo since Aug of 2011. I've been to see my parents (they live in FL, I live in Oregon) about 5 or 6 times since my switch because I travel to their area for work twice a year. I've been to see them three times now while on a Whole30 (I even put copies of ISWF in some stockings at the holidays this year!). Every time, it's a food battle with my mom and mostly because she likes to question me and my motives (not because she disagrees that my food is healthy). Every visit, I try to be as non-confrontational as I can and I often buy and prepare my own meals or dishes on the side.
    This past visit, I arrived and she immediately pulled out all the stuff she'd bought for me: a big container of baby greens, organic apples and blueberries, compliant chicken apple sausages, a new bottle of olive oil and avocados!! My parents don't eat ANY of these things (except olive oil). I didn't ask her to prep anything either. She just got it all right, without having to ask. All these visits and what do you know...she was paying attention!
    For dinner that night we had grass fed lamb chops, roasted veggies (in olive oil) and a greens loaded salad (my dad skipped the greens - he can't eat them for medical reasons...don't ask). No sugar. No bad oils. No grains/legumes/starches. I didn't even have to ask.
    AWESOME. Truly. (plus, they loved the dinner and are eating more like that even when I'm not around!)
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    Marceeruns reacted to Connie H in The crazy things people say   
    While I realize that the purpose of this forum is to poke fun at "other" people who say stupid things, I must confess my own bent towards stupidity. Before starting my Whole 30 (I am on my second one; I relapsed pretty badly ) I realized how insane and pompous my behavior towards certain "unhealthy" foods was too. For instance, "Oh no, I don't eat avocados. They are too fattening. I'll just have the queso with my chips, thank you very much!" Or how about this one: "No bananas. They are too high in carbohydrates and are bad for you. I'll have a cup of ice cream instead. Oh, make that ice cream and Fritos. Yeah, that's better!" Fortunately one day, I heard myself say these things (out loud ) and then looked in the mirror and said to myself "You're an idiot".
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    Marceeruns reacted to Renee in The crazy things people say   
    We can blame the media for twisted body image, but society (friends, family, acquaintances and even us, sometimes) needs to take some of the blame. I feel very discouraged seeing how a unhealthy relationship to food starts at such a young age.
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    Marceeruns reacted to Roz Griffiths in The crazy things people say   
    My mother-in-law has numerous allergies & sensitivities, including (but not limited to) dark chocolate, bananas, washing powder, hayfever, damp & strawberries "that have gone over a bit". She's recently been suffering from an all-over itchy fine rash, which she's attributing to excess washing powder deposits in her clothes. I casually remarked that sometimes an underlying & not-immediately-obvious sensitivity to wheat or gluten could make the immune system overworked & unable to fight off other allergens, "fascinating" i said... She smiled at me blankly & said "Yes, i think i'm just going to buy a new washing machine"
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    Marceeruns reacted to Kirsteen in The crazy things people say   
    Went into an in-store cafe to treat myself to a black coffee. Was served it and then had the following conversation.
    Server : Is that all or can I tempt you with one of our cakes or muffins.
    Me: No thanks, that's fine.
    Server : Oh, ok here then and puts shortbread type cookie on my saucer.
    Me : No thanks, don't waste that. I won't be eating it.
    Server : But it's free!
    Me : (thinking to avoid an argument) It's ok I'm gluten free.
    Server : Oh, no problem I can get you a gluten free one.
    Me : (wishing I'd never brought it up) No thanks, honestly don't bother.
    Server : Oh you people that stick to your new year's diet.
    Me : I'm not actually on a diet.
    Server : What! You're not on a diet and you still don't want this even though it's free??
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    Marceeruns reacted to Suzy in The crazy things people say   
    A co-worker who has severe central obesity, PCOS, and horrible mood-swings: "Wow, Suz! You look so good! Your pants are baggy you've lost so much weight! And your skin looks incredible. What are you doing to get that way?? I wanna lose weight!"
    I went into the Whole30 and how much I love it, but then I said, "I respect that you're a vegetarian. You can actually modify your diet to make it a little more compliant without eating meat. You would have to give up grains and eat a lot of eggs."
    Me, a couple days later: "I can't tell you how happy I am doing a Whole30. Have you given any thought to it? We can do it together!"
    Her: "I'M NOT DOING YOUR STUPID MEAT DIET! And I think it's really boring to talk about weight all the time!!!"
    Who brought up weight? She did. I just left it alone after that. However, I heard that she's been giving her own version of the Whole30 around my workplace and has gotten several people to think of me as kind of a food nut. Whatevs. I lead by quiet example now, as Melissa has suggested.
    Another thing that bothers me is the people that are really worried that I'm depriving myself and that I can't sustain this kind of effort for long. Soon, they think, I'll binge on cream horns. I'm not saying I haven't slipped, but I've kept my weight off and inflammation down for the most part. I'm learning new things and getting better every week. I love my lifestyle, and that's what counts.
    For the road: Mom: "So there aren't very many foods you can actually eat." Says the woman with only broccoli and spinach in her veggie repertoire.
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    Marceeruns reacted to NMR in The crazy things people say   
    I'm shocked by some of the facebook posts on the Whole30 page. Before committing to a diet, wouldn't you want to read all about it?
    Someone on the diet posted, "I can have natural peanut butter and rice cakes, right?"
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    Marceeruns reacted to GLC1968 in The crazy things people say   
    Yeah, when I was paleo before I'd heard of the Whole30 (for those that don't know, the paleo diet has been around for more than 10 years - it's only been mainstream since the crossfit world got a hold of it!) I used to get really annoyed when people would make the assumption that just because I was paleo, I was into the caveman thing and that I ate paleo pancakes every morning. The true paleo diet, the way it was meant to be, is almost identical to Whole30. Of course, Melissa and Dallas have a MUCH better way of presenting and explaining it. I never gave anyone a copy of Loren Cordain's Paleo Diet or Ray Audette's Neaderthin, but I did give away two copies of ISWF over the holidays this year.
    But, just because you can google a paleo dessert doesn't mean that's indicative of the actual diet. To really understand any particular way of eating, you have to go to the source and unlike Whole30, there is no clear source for paleo. It's a mess, for sure. M&D own 'Whole30' so they can define it and control it. No one owns the word 'paleo' so it's a free-for-all. Honestly, I can't tell you how many times I'd wished there was a clear cut definition of what I thought paleo should be that I could just point to when people asked me. Of course, now there is with Whole30. If anyone asks what the paleo diet is, I just tell them to come here. All other definitions pale in my mind.
    So that's a long-winded answer to why I thought my friend's comment was so odd!
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    Marceeruns reacted to GLC1968 in The crazy things people say   
    I suppose I can see the turn off to 'paleo' and that lifestyle, but the comment makes little sense since Whole30 is like the strictest form of Paleo. It would be like saying "I'm going to go follow Atkins, but I'm NOT interested in a low carb diet".
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    Marceeruns reacted to Fenderbender in The crazy things people say   
    At a New Years party this year...
    " Michael,you must try my mothers humas! "
    I reply..... " sorry I'd love to but I don't eat beans or legumes of any kind".
    ...... " there aren't any beans in humas! My mother will be very hurt you didn't try it!"
    ...... " we'll I would be hurt worse if I did eat it .... My resolution is to be a selfish bastard" !!!!
    ( I wonder why I never get invited a second time anywhere ..... LMAO)
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    Marceeruns reacted to Breanna Smith in The crazy things people say   
    Yesterday, I went to a Christmas lunch party at my boyfriend's work. I wasn't expecting to get to eat anything, but they had bbq, so I just had brisket with no sauce.
    My boyfriend's coworkers, who I'm also friends with, said, "Awww, I'm sorry you can't have dessert."
    Me: "That's okay, I'd feel like crap if I ate it anyway."
    My boyfriend, who is very supportive, said: "Before you get too down on her diet, Cristina (coworker), you should know she had ribs for breakfast." I made them in my crockpot. Delicious. Thanks, PaleOMG!
    Cristina replied, "Oh, so you fatten up around Christmas too, just in a different way, right? *chuckle*"
    Me: "Haha, Actually, I've lost about 10 pounds in the past two weeks."
    Her face:
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    Marceeruns reacted to Dominique in The crazy things people say   
    Roomates who eats pizza or pasta every single day: so you don't eat dairy right?
    Me: That's right.
    Them: Well then why do you eat eggs everyday??? (in a tone like they've caught me cheating"
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    Marceeruns reacted to Carlaccini in The crazy things people say   
    I was at a party on the weekend. I had a conversation with an aquaitace.
    A - You've lost weight - you look good! What are you doing?
    Me - Thanks! I'm eating only plant and animals these days and I feel great!
    A - Oh wow! I could never do that. I enjoy my food too much!
    Me - Politely smile while thinking - what?! you don't think I enjoy my food???
    Same party - my very good friend who I left a copy of ISWF - Are you going to eat anything?
    Me - No. I really can't.
    Friend - Come on, you can break your diet just once can't you?
    Me - No. I can't (Besides all the pizza, pasta, and fried stuff did not even remotely even appeal to me - not to mention the effects it would have)
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    Marceeruns reacted to Renee in The crazy things people say   
    Thing is, people don't identify things like whole grain bread, soy milk, oatmeal, low-fat cheese (etc.) as "processed, artificial, homogenized, hydrogenated, chemical-laden, or hormonally imbalanced imitation food products do you consume". They see those things as healthy. Heck, some people even believe that "grain-fed beef" is natural!
    And you can bet that when the medical community will realize they've made mistakes, they'll be the last one to admit it. So a good percentage of people will continue to believe that the Food Pyramid is actually a good template of what they should be eating...
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    Marceeruns reacted to MJam in The crazy things people say   
    My husband incredulously as I was heating tallow to make my breakfast
    him: "You are eating pure fat and still getting skinny?"
    me: yes darling
    He's just mad my boobies shrank
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    Marceeruns reacted to Austin in The crazy things people say   
    At a birthday party last weekend:
    My wife's aunt - "So Paleo is working for you huh? I did it for a month and did't lose a single pound"
    Me - "That's strange, I wonder why"
    My wife's aunt - "Do you cheat though? I cheat all the time" (Eating something in a sandwich)
    Me - "Erm................."
    My mother in law - "No it's because you're old, it's hard to lose weight when you're old"
    Me - "...................what?
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    Marceeruns reacted to Carlaccini in The crazy things people say   
    Renee - how about everything in moderation - including moderation!
    Yep I think we've all heard about doing things in moderation. I usually ignore that comment and walk away. Clearly I'm speaking to a brick wall.
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    Marceeruns reacted to Renee in The crazy things people say   
    Carla 1#/week is actually a great average, congrats!
    When I talk about the Whole30 program, I often get negative response from people who think it's too restrictive. Their answer to health and weight loss: Everything in moderation.
    I have two problems with this:
    1: Everything: Everything? Really? So a moderate amount of cocaine is alright? How about arsenic? Sure, these are obvious things, but there also are less obvious things. Bread in moderation doesn't work if you're sensitive to gluten. Milk in moderation doesn't work if you're lactose-intolerant. There are also MANY signs of inflamation that are much more subtle than all of this. And you don't know until you self-experiment. Eating everything in moderation won't teach you anything about your body.
    2. Moderation: There are no "guidelines" for moderation. If I eat sushi once a month, most people would say that's moderation. If I go to a restaurant once a month, that's still moderation. Same thing for candies, for baked good, cheeseburger, fries, chocolate, ice cream.. But if I add all these up, it's not moderation anymore. Nobody knows what "moderation" means to their body until they remove some foods from their diet, then reintroduce. Then again, we're back to W30/strict paleo.
    And just by the way, I've never seen anyone improve hormonal response, improve their digestion, their sleep, etc. just by eating everything in moderation. Health is NOT just about weight, people!
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    Marceeruns reacted to Carlaccini in The crazy things people say   
    Back story: My father has only been nagging me for the odd 26 years to lose weight. Convincing me that I should be excersising more, should be eating more fish, cut out bread [not a bad idea - I think he was onto something here!! ].
    I spoke to him over the weekend and reported that I had lost roughly 18lbs since July 1st. (I last weighed myself mid October somewheres) and that I had averaged losing about 1lb a week. (July first was my first step into Paleo type eating, and October 1st was the end of my whole 40. He had heard via my brother what I had been undertaking and thought it was a very good move on my part.
    His comment was - That's much too fast! you must not be eating healthy at all!
    The man would fall off his chair if he would see how MUCH food I am eating and yet still losing (on avg) a pound a week. (We'll see what it is after my second round is finished)
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    Marceeruns reacted to Austin in The crazy things people say   
    Keep hearing so many great ones! At a work party last night....
    "I need to give paleo another try. But i'm Jewish and don't you HAVE to eat bacon?"

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    Marceeruns reacted to SPerigny in The crazy things people say   
    -Have you lost weight, with your paleo thing?
    -Scale hasn't moved yet but (being interrupted here)
    -I knew it! (end of conversation)
    Scale not moving could not possibly be due to the fact that I'm doing crossfit twice a week and that I'm adding about 5-10 pounds per week to my weightlifting? That I used to be unable to do a single chin-up, even with rubber bands but that I now can?
    Continue eating your white bread and beans and not do exercise. We'll see who outlasts who, in the end.
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    Marceeruns reacted to RVT in The crazy things people say   
    I just find the whole concept of ANYONE commenting on my food, life choices or decisions ALWAYS just plain rude.
    I do not, HAVE NOT, and WILL NOT ever feel the need to make a comment about a person's decisions - food or otherwise
    What is it with people who don't have a "basic courtesy valve" in their mouth..there are plenty of them
    I actually see it as more a case of them feeling attacked for what I have chosen to put on my plate - like it somehow reflects badly on them, therefore they feel the need to lash out with a statement that backs up their position.
    If anything, it makes me more determined - I sit there silently losing weight, gaining control over my eating while they plunge headfirst into the abyss..enjoy the trip, peeps!!!
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    Marceeruns reacted to Andrea D. in The crazy things people say   
    "So what are you NOT eating now?"
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    Marceeruns reacted to SPerigny in The crazy things people say   
    My mom's GF:
    "It's just a fad like so many other diets that came around and that nobody remembers anymore"
    Me: "Well, yeah, I guess you're right. T'was a "fad" for 2,5 million years straight."