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  1. ARamstead

    Seattle Whole 30 places

    It's not very fancy, but when I was at the Ram last, I saw that they had salmon baked with olive oil on the menu. That and veggies, and you should be golden.
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    Fair enough!
  3. ARamstead


    I'm willing to follow the rules and that's fine - no wine reductions and kombucha is okay (I love kombucha, but I feel like the slight sweetness and the bit of a fizz would make it a soda SWYPO for me, so I think I better let it go - that's one nasty monkey I want off my back!!). I just still feel that it's a bit arbitrary.
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    Hang on.... just a couple threads above this one is a discussion of wine reduction sauces where it was stated no alcohol whatsoever - even the minimal amount in a reduction sauce or dijon mustard. But here I'm seeing that the alcohol in Kombucha is okay because "it's naturally occurring from the fermentation." I'm no brewer, but I'm pretty sure that's where the alcohol in wine and beer comes from too! I've actually heard that in some areas you can get pulled over for having kombucha in your car because it's considered an alcoholic beverage. This seems really contradictory to me.